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How to Use Third-Party Shipping

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If you are trying to ship internationally from the United States to your home country and can’t find a cheap way of shipping, you came to the right place. Third-party shipping is when you buy from a store in the United States, and then, use the service from a private shipping company (third party) to do the international shipping. There are several reasons why people nowadays use third party shipping, and that is because you are faced with limited options and high shipping rates when you are trying to buy products using direct shipping. I will try to prove it to you in words first, and if that doesn’t convince you, you can try watching our video that is linked down below. The video guide below will show you all the proof that you will need concerning third-party shipping, and it will also teach the essential steps so that even you can use the cheapest method of international shipping from United States to your home country.

Why Use Third-Party Shipping?

There are several other reasons why people use third-party shipping, but among those reasons, limited options and high shipping rates gained the most popularity. First, when you are trying to buy products from an online store, you are faced with limited options since that store (in our case, Amazon) doesn’t have the shipping services for its whole array of products. Since Amazon can’t ship all of its products internationally, it automatically restricts your options based on your location. Since most electronic devices have tracking devices on them, Amazon can easily know where you are located, which means it can automatically restrict your shopping options to products that can ship internationally. In short, you are faced with limited options and even no option by using direct shipping (shipping directly from Amazon to your home country) from Amazon.

Next, you are faced with high shipping rates by using direct shipping since Amazon uses limited options for its shipping services. Since there are few major shipping companies known worldwide (such as FedEx or UPS), they charge high shipping rates since those two (maybe more) monopolize the areas related to shipping. Since these major shipping companies have been in business for a long time, Amazon has lent its international shipping services to them due to its long-time bond. Now, you can either not trust my post and just continue on using direct shipping, but I am here because I have already used it first hand. Since my home country is South Korea, I needed to have several things delivered, and the first time (and the last time) that I have used direct shipping is when I forgot to take my official document (student visa) back home from the United States.

Using Third-Party for International Shipping

If you are an international student or a government official, you probably know the importance of this document, so I needed to have it delivered and quickly. So my friend in the United States used one of the major shipping services and the cost amounted up to $200! I was outraged of this delivery price, and I finally decided that I need to try out other options such as third-party shipping. I am happy to say that the result turned out for the better since the first time that I have used third-party shipping was when one of my family members wanted a toy that was exclusively sold in the United States. Even though the weight was probably more than a piece of paper, it cost me $20 to ship that toy from the United States to South Korea. Also, the delivery time of third-party shipping (least expensive method – $20) took less time than the direct shipping (least expensive method – $200).

Time and time again, I use third-party shipping to ship from the United States to my home country since it is the least expensive option, and you also can have the same benefits as a shopper that is located in the United States. Now is the time that I introduce the company that I use, and it is called After signing up on this website, you will be given a US location for your account. After buying your products from the online store (set the location settings to the United States), you will set the shipping address to your US location (given by, and you will also set the shipping preferences (in your account) to your home address. If you follow the steps above, the product will ship to the location of third-party shipping company (, and it will automatically charge the shipping fee (depending on your preferences), and it will ship your product to your home country.

Now, you might be confused with all the above steps, and if you are, please use the video guide posted above since I have provided all the necessary information in that video guide. As always, stay safe, and please come back to visit us again!