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NTS Scholarship (2021)

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In order to establish a national standard for academic achievements, NTS (National Testing Service) was established in Pakistan to meet the needs of the Pakistani Government. As time went on, NTS began to produce its own curriculum that became the nation-wide standardized exams of Pakistan. Nowadays, institutions for higher education, colleges, and universities began to use NTS exams for its admissions pre-requisites and for its scholarship requirements as well. Due to an increase in demand for NTS, many people began to invest their money in this company that produces quality standardized exams just like the SAT or ACT in the US. Because of its increased funding, NTS Scholarship was established to award Pakistani students who display academic talent but lack the financial means to continue their education.

Eligibility Requirements / Coverage of NTS Scholarship

Since this scholarship is awarded by NTS, the Pakistan Scholarship Committee narrowed its pool of applicants to only students who are trying to study in NTS Associated Universities, which currently amount to 32 institutions in total. Not only are you limited to which type of institution to apply, but you are also required to be admitted to any NTS Associated University since you need to pass the minimum academic requirement of NTS. To further prove your academic prowess, you need to actually take an NTS test to receive a passing score, and last but not least, you also need to meet the financial requirement in order to apply for NTS Scholarship. Without further ado, let’s get right into our list of application requirements

  • Be Admitted to an NTS Associated University / Institution
  • Be in Need of Financial Aid*
  • Have Received Qualifying Scores in NTS Tests
    • NAT Test (Undergraduate Programs)
    • GAT Test (Graduate Program)

*The degree of financial need will be determined by looking at the financial background of your family members, and the final result will be determined by the University Internal Scholarship Award Committee (UISAC). Also, there is no limit on which programs you can apply for since this scholarship is open to students from all disciplines. Last but not least, the renewal of the NTS Scholarship will depend on your academic performance (need to score 2.5 GPA or higher during the scholarship period).

Before we end this post, I forgot to mention the scholarship benefits and what it covers. NTS Scholarship awards every recipient with either full or partial tuition coverage with a stipend of Rs. 25,000 per semester. Whether you get partial or full tuition coverage will depend on your academic achievements and your financial need. Since the steps for the scholarship application procedure is already explained in this link, I will leave this part up to you! And if you don’t have any questions, good luck with your search, and you are always welcome to come back.