United States Military Academy Scholarships

United States Military Academy Scholarships

New York Scholarships

Established at West Point, the United State Military Academy is known for its excellent training. Educating the cadets, the US Military Academy presents the world each year with the West Point Graduates that shows great leadership skills and potential.

1. Merit-based Scholarships

The United States Military Academy does not offer these scholarships, but most of these scholarships are offered by private organizations. The merit-based scholarships are highly-competitive since they are open to all US students.

Truman Scholarship

Open only to Junior-College Students, the Truman Scholarship provides scholarship money for their graduate degrees. Every year, the Truman Scholarship is awarded approximately to 60 students across the country.

Largely focusing on public service and public leadership, the Truman Scholarship awards students who are concerned about public welfare and for students who are policy-makers.

For further information, view the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation.

Stamps Scholarship

Created in 2006, the Stamp Scholarship is a merit scholarship program that awards undergraduate students with additional money. For West Point Students, the Stamps Scholarship is awarded to only four students that show potential to conduct research and the ability to think outside the box.

The Stamp Scholars will receive $30,000 that can be spent on research such as travelling fees, laboratory materials, and academic conferences.

For further information, view the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation.

Rhodes Scholarship

Known as one of the most prestigious scholarship in the world, the Rhodes Scholarship is for students that show outstanding academic achievement, have a great character that cares not only for themselves but also for others, and their potential for leadership.

The Rhodes Scholars will receive a full financial support to pursue a degree at United Kingdom. They will have a opportunity to study at a famous university at UK, the University of Oxford.

For further information, view the Rhodes Trust.

Marshall Scholarship

To strengthen the relationship between Great Britain and United States, the Marshall Scholarship funds college students to study at graduate level in a UK institution.

Each year, the Marshall Scholarship awards up to 40 Marshall Scholars, and studying at one of the best UK academic programs is a great opportunity for US students.

For further information, view the Marshall Scholarships.

Schwarzmann Scholarship

Each year, the Schwarzmann Scholars receive a one-year master’s program at Tsinghua University, which is one of the best Chinese universities. This is another great opportunity for students to experience a global view, and it also strengthens the link between the United States and China.

In addition to the great education, the Schwarzmann Scholars receive awesome learning opportunities through interactions with professors, internship programs, and traveling seminars.

For further information, view the Schwarzmann Scholars.

Mitchell Scholarship

Named after the former US Senator George Mitchell, the Mitchell Scholarships award students an opportunity to study in Ireland. Approximately 12 Mitchell Scholars between the age 18 and 30 are chosen annually, and they can study a postgraduate program for one academic year.

For further information, view the US – Ireland Alliance.

Gates-Cambridge Scholarship

Funded by Bill and Melinda Gates, the Gates-Cambridge Scholarship is highly competitive due to its award. Awarding Gates-Cambridge Scholars full financial support to study any graduate program at the University of Cambridge, the Gates-Cambridge Scholarship is awarded based on these three qualities:

  • Intellectual Ability
  • Leadership Potential
  • Community Service
  • Improving Lives

For further information, view the Gates-Cambridge Scholarship.

Fullbright Scholarship

Being the largest US exchange program, the Fullbright Scholarship Program provides opportunities to take their learning world-wide. The West Point cadets can only apply for Fullbright grants that will result in a graduate degree.

For further information, view the Fullbright U.S. Student Program.

Rotary Global Grants

Rotary Global Grants are funded by Rotary International which seeks positive changes around the world. The areas of focus are promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene, saving mothers and children, supporting education, and growing local communities.

For further information, view the Rotary International.

East-West Scholarship

Established to make better relations between the United States and Pacific / Asia, the East-West Scholarship awards funding for pursuing a Master’s program at the University of Hawaii or study in the Asia Pacific Leadership Program.

For further information, view the East-West Center.

Yenching Academy Scholarship

Similar to Schwarzmann Scholarship, the Yenching Academy Scholarship offers an opportunity to study at Peking University for a master’s degree.

For further information, view the Yenching Academy at Peking University.

Anna Sobol Levy Scholarship

This award is for college graduates who are U.S. citizens. The Anna Sobol Levy Scholarship provides full funding to pursue a master’s degree in English at IDC Herzliya’s Raphael Recanati International School.

This prestigious university is located in Tel Aviv, Israel, and the Levy Fellows must enroll either in 1) counter-terrorism and homeland security, or 2) diplomacy and conflict studies.

For further information, view the Anna Sobol Levy Foundation.

Soros Fellowship for New Americans

Awarding to 30 New Americans (immigrants and children of immigrants), the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship partially funds the graduate education of the Soros Fellows.

This scholarship awards up to $90,000 in financial support for two years.

For further information, view the P. D. Soros Fellowship.

Knight-Hennessy Scholarship

Being the largest fully endowed scholarship program in the world, the Knight-Hennessy Scholarship awards full funding up to 100 students to study at any graduate program at Stanford University.

For further information, view the Knight-Hennessy Scholars.

2. STEM Scholarships

STEM Scholarships were established to further the education of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The scholarships down below are limited to these fields, so make sure you fit the eligibility requirements first.

Churchill Scholarship

Established by Sir Winston Churchill, the Churchill Scholarship was set up to advance the field of science and technology to both sides of the Atlantic. The Churchill Scholarship offers full funding for one year of study at University of Cambridge’s master’s program.

For further information, view the Churchill Scholarship.

Hertz Foundation Scholarship

Offered by Fannie and John Hertz Foundation, this scholarship provides financial support for PhD students who are studying in fields related to applied physics, biological sciences, mathematics, and engineering.

For further information, view the Hertz Foundation.

National GEM Consortium Fellowship

Established to increase the number of underrepresented groups (African Americans, American Indians, and Hispanic Americans), the National GEM Consortium award scholarship to students who are studying engineering and science in masters and doctoral levels.

For further information, view the GEM Fellowship.

MIT Lincoln Laboratory Military Fellowship & Draper Laboratory Fellows Program

Awarding to active-duty officers, the MIT Lincoln Laboratory awards scholarship money for research purposes. In addition to MIT Lincoln Laboratory, the Draper Fellows Program awards full funding to college graduates who are pursuing a graduate degree.

For further information, view the MIT Lincoln Laboratory or Draper Fellows Program.

National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation funds research projects and related fields of science and engineering. Since this is the last scholarship, I am going to keep it really short.

For further information, view the National Science Foundation.

Conclusion: Private Scholarships

Some scholarships are designated to West Point cadets, but most of the merit-based scholarship targets all US students. Since these private organizations receive application from all over the country, make sure your application is in its top condition.

Hope you found this information helpful, and for more information about scholarships, view our website at Authority Scholarships.