St. John's University Scholarships

St. John’s University Scholarships and Need-Based Aid

New York Scholarships

Established in 1870 by Roman Catholics, the St. John’s University is a private university that is located in many places around the world. For applicants that are applying to campuses in New York, the St. John’s University is located in Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, and Hauppauge.

In addition to their four campuses, St. John’s University has campuses that are located in Ireland, Italy, and France. Offering a variety of undergraduate programs, St. John’s University also offers top-tier programs in its graduate school.

Because of its renown among many private organizations, the students of St. John’s University have various opportunities to intern at the top corporations in the world.

Types of Scholarships for St. John’s University

Because of the different campuses in New York, the tuition rates for each campus differs. Before applying for scholarships, make sure you check the tuition for your campus.

1. Merit-Based Scholarships

This type of scholarship is only for first-year students that are enrolling in full-time undergraduate programs. The only application for merit-based scholarships is that a student applies for admissions.

Based on your admission application, the St. John’s University will automatically consider your eligibility for this type of scholarship. Also, your award amount varies based on which campus you choose to study in.

This scholarship ranges from $5,000 ~ Full Tuition, and the awards are based on your cumulative high school GPA and SAT or ACT scores. If an applicant has a high GPA with a great score on his standardized test, then he will receive a high amount of scholarship.

The merit-based scholarship that covers the full tuition is limited, so be sure to apply as soon as you can. For further information, view the Merit-Based Scholarships.

2. Application Scholarships

Just as its name states, application scholarships require an separate application in addition to your application for admissions. Because of the need for an separate application, there is an application deadline for these scholarships.

To be considered for these application scholarships, you have to complete your admissions application. Then, apply separately for the application scholarships before the deadline has passed.

In the link below, there are a list of application scholarships that are offered by St. John University. Make note of the application deadline and the eligibility requirements for each scholarship. Apply for admissions first, and then apply for these application scholarships.

For further information, view the Application Scholarships.

3. Transfer Scholarships

Available to transfer students only, this type of scholarship awards up to $17,000 per year. There are two main awards for transfer students, and you can only choose one of these main awards.

A. University Transfer Merit Scholarships

The requirements for this scholarship are that transfer students must have a minimum of 12 credits from an accredited school and have maintained a cumulative GPA of over 2.0.

B. Transfer Distinction Award

The second main award for transfer students is the transfer distinction award. This award is for new transfer students who have met the transfer student requirements (which is listed above in bold) and have earned or going to earn an Associate Degree before attending St. John’s University.

C. Phi Theta Kappa

In addition to these main awards, the St. John’s University offers an additional $2,000 to students who are participating in Phi Theta Kappa. After showing your proof that you are a Phi Theta Kappa member, you will be considered for this scholarship.

D. Stay on Long Island Initiative

Partnering with Suffolk County Community College, the St. John’s University is offering three scholarships for the graduates of Suffolk Community College. One student will receive a full-tuition scholarship while two students will receive $20,000 per year.

For further information, view the Transfer Scholarships.

4. St. John’s University Service Scholarship

Dedicated to the nation’s calling, this type of scholarship is for family members of brave men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces, United States Police Department, and U.S. Fire Department.

A. Child of a Police Officer Service Scholarship

For children of police officers within the United States, St. John’s University will award $2,000 per year for four years.

B. Child of Firefighter Service Scholarship

Similar to the previous scholarship, St. John’s University will award children of firefighters within the United States a scholarship amount of $2,000 per year.

C. Child of Military Service-Members Scholarship

Offering $2,000 per year, this scholarship awards children of United State Military service members.

For further information, view the St. John’s University Service Scholarship.

5. Additional Scholarships

A. Benefactor Funds

In addition to scholarships that are funded by St. John’s University, there many more scholarships that are funded by alumni, trustees, and parents of St. John’s University. In order to apply for these scholarships, you must have completed the FAFSA application.

After completing your FAFSA, make sure to look at the specific requirements for these scholarships and application deadlines.

For further information, view the SJU Benefactor Funds.

B. Catholic Scholarships

Because of its religious background, St. John’s University offers a scholarship to students who graduated from Catholic high school. In addition to the Catholic School Scholarship, there are available scholarships that are for incoming freshmen and graduates.

For further information, view the Catholic Scholarships.

C. External Scholarships

Offering by private organizations, this list of scholarships is additional opportunities for students who are in need of money.

For further information, view the External Scholarship.

D. Graduate Scholarships

Even for graduate students, there are scholarships for first-year graduate students that range from $2,500 ~ $6,500 per year. For application requirements and applicable majors, click on the link down below.

For further information, view the Graduate Scholarships.

St. John University’s Need-Based Aid

1. Undergraduate Aid

To further provide for financial aid, federal grants and loans are given to students with a demonstrated need. The standard requirement for the need-based aid is the FAFSA, and make sure to apply before the application deadline!

For further information, view the Undergraduate Aid.

2. Graduate / Law Aid

Same as undergraduate aid, you just have to apply for FAFSA, and you need to submit a copy of FAFSA to St. John’s University. Since Graduate and Law programs are popular at St. John’s University, there are available loans and grants for graduate programs.

For further information, view the Graduate / Law Aid.

3. Veteran’s Benefits

For retired veterans, St. John’s University makes their education affordable by participating in the Yellow Ribbon Program. For further information regarding this scholarship, click on the link down below.

For further information, view the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Net Price Calculator

Before considering scholarships, you can calculate your total cost at attending St. John’s University. To calculate your total cost, use the Net Price Calculator for St. John’s University.

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