Southern Methodist University Scholarships

Southern Methodist University Scholarships

Texas Scholarships

Established in the center of Dallas, Texas, the Southern Methodist University (SMU) has exceptional characteristics that highly ranked universities from low-quality institutions. Known as one of the top private liberal arts university, the SMU offers over 200 programs in majors and minors.

Having small classes within its buildings and offering first-hand research experiences, SMU encourages students to challenge themselves in academics and also in extracurricular activities. Providing leadership training and community service opportunities, the SMU students become leaders in their fields as they receive rigorous training in this institution.

Founded with a Methodist background, the SMU continues to increase in number, and its great scholarships continue to attract students from all over the states. Make sure to check out these scholarships in the list down below!

Types of Scholarships Offered by SMU

There are different sections and requirements for SMU Scholarships, so make sure to pay attention to details since the application requirements might disqualify you from the start.

1. Merit-Based Scholarships (For Texas Residents)

Similar to many universities in the United States, the Southern Methodist University separates the scholarships into two different groups. One is scholarships for Texas Residents, and the other is scholarships for Non-Residents of Texas.

Also, the tuition rates are listed on the SMU website, so make sure to check the total cost of attendance at SMU Tuition & Fees.

A. SMU Dallas County Mustang Scholarship

Even though you might be from Texas, you might not fit the bill here since Texas Resident’s Scholarships have specific requirements that need to be met. If you don’t fit the eligibility requirements of these scholarships, make sure to check the scholarship section for All Students Regardless of Residency.

This is a full-ride scholarship that has both merit and need-based requirements, and the eligibility requirements for Dallas County Mustang Scholarship are the following:

  • Be a Graduate of the Public, Private, or Charter High School in Dallas Country (Texas)
  • After and Following High School Graduation, Be Admitted to SMU for the Fall Semester
  • Be a Texas Resident
  • Submit FAFSA*
  • Special Consideration Given to Students with a Cumulative High School GPA of 3.5 or Higher

*FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and the applicant needs to be verified that he has demonstrated financial need or be Pell Grant eligible.

Scholarship Value: Full Tuition + Mandatory Fees for Four Years

In addition, the SMU Dallas County Mustang Scholarship has a renewal condition for the scholarship recipient. Since this scholarship is renewable for four years, the student must meet the renewal criteria in order for his scholarship to be renewed for another year.

For further information, visit SMU Dallas County Mustang Scholarship.

B. SMU Robert H. Dedman Scholarship

There are going to be fewer students who are going to fit the requirements here since this scholarship is designated to a graduate from a specific high school. Founded by a high school graduate of North Dallas High School, Robert H. Dedman awards a full scholarship to the top scholars of this high school.

To be eligible for this scholarship, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a Graduate from North Dallas High School
  • Be Ranked in the Top 10% of the High School Graduating Class
  • On a 100 Point Scale, Maintained a Cumulative High School GPA of 90 or Higher
  • Completed at least Two AP (Advanced Placement) Courses
  • Show Extracurricular Activites (Community Service or Involvement in School and Outside of School)

*Also, the SMU Scholarship Committee might lower the requirements for prospective students, and that choice is solely determined by the Committee.

Scholarship Value: Full Tuition, Room & Board, Mandatory Fees

Since Mr. Dedman attributed his success to the education received at North Dallas High School and Southern Methodist University, he pooled his resources to a full-ride scholarship that funds North Dallas High School Graduates for SMU.

For more information, view SMU Robert H. Dedman Scholarship.

2. Merit-Based Scholarships (Open to All STudents)

A. SMU President’s Scholars Program

I forgot to mention this in the full-ride scholarships for Texas Residents, but there are two application processes for scholarships. One is an automatic scholarship, which only requires the admissions application, and the other is a competitive scholarship, which requires a separate scholarship application in addition to the application for admissions.

Getting back to the scholarship, the SMU Presidential Scholarship is awarded to the top talented students of the incoming freshmen class. In addition to the full-ride scholarship, this program offers traveling expenses for study abroad trips.

Before talking about all the benefits, the President’s Scholars Program is an automatic scholarship that has the following eligibility requirements:

  • Applied for SMU Admissions
  • Showed Oustanding Achievement in SAT OR ACT
  • Have a Minimum of 20 High School Academic Units in a Challenging Curriculum*
  • Ranked in the Top 10% of the High School Graduating Class
  • Demonstrated Extracurricular Activities**

*Such as AP/IB and Honors Courses, Two Years of Single Foreign Language, and Advanced Coursework in Math and Science

**Shown through involvement in school activities, community service, and more.

Scholarship Value:

  • Full Tuition + Mandatory Fees
  • Expenses for Study Abroad Experiences in Prestigious Universities
  • Meeting World Leaders Face-to-Face
  • Joins the SMU Honors Program Plus SMU Board of Trustees

After meeting the initial requirements through the admissions application, the SMU Scholarship Committee will invite the finalists to an on-campus interview. All expenses will be covered by SMU, and the Presidential Scholars are selected from the group of finalists in the following year.

For further information, visit SMU Presidential Scholar.

B. SMU Nancy Ann and Ray L. Hunt Leadership Scholars

Unlike other scholarships that we have looked into in the past, the Hunt Leadership Scholarships is a competitive scholarship that requires a separate application in addition to the admissions application. Since it is a highly competitive scholarship, applicants are encouraged to fill out the admissions application as early as you can so that you can upload the Hunt Scholarship materials.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Show Exceptional Leadership Skills
  • Applied for SMU Freshmen Admissions*
  • Submitted the Hunt Scholarship Materials
  • Ranked in the Top 25% of Your Graduating High School Class**
  • Scored at least 1330 on SAT OR 29 on the ACT
  • Challenged Themselves with Rigorous Curriculum such as AP Courses, IB (International Baccalaureate) Courses, and Honors Classes

For students who might lack one of the criteria among 4, 5, and 6, they can still be considered for this scholarship if they show outstanding achievements in other areas in addition to great leadership skills.

*There is a specific application deadline for SMU Admissions, and also a separate deadline for Hunt Scholarship Program. Make sure to check the specific application deadlines in the link down below.

**If your school does not rank students, then high academic achievements are expected.

Scholarship Value: $43,000 Per Year + Leadership Based Programs

In addition to this great scholarship, the Hunt Scholars can stack additional merit scholarship or need-based scholarship on top to cover the full tuition and mandatory fees. Also, there are additional benefits that are reserved for Hunt Scholars, so make sure to check all that out in the link down below!

For more information, view SMU Hunt Leadership Scholars Program.

C. Additional SMU Merit-Based Scholarships

For your sake and mine, the additional SMU merit-based scholarships will only be listed with the scholarship value and the link to that specific scholarship.

Scholarship Value: $25,000 Per Year for Four Years

Scholarship Value: $22,500 Per Year for Four Years

Scholarship Value: $20,000 Per Year for Four Years

Scholarship Value: $5,000 Per Year

Scholarship Value: $4,000 ~ $12,000 Per Year

Before we end the list for merit-based scholarships, there are also departmental scholarships, transfer scholarships, and United Methodist Scholarships to students who are interested. Since Southern Methodist University list all scholarships on one website, I have included that link down below.

After seeing all the scholarships, check the application deadlines for admissions and scholarship applications if there are any. Also, don’t forget to apply for external scholarships if the SMU scholarships are not enough.

For further information, visit SMU Academic Scholarship Programs.

2. Need-Based Financial Aid

In addition to merit-based scholarships, you have seen just a little bit of the need-based scholarships awarded by Southern Methodist University. Instead of focusing on academic achievements, these financial aid awards are given based on your demonstrated financial need.

In order to prove your financial need, the applicant needs to submit a FAFSA and CSS Profile (CollegeBoard). Also, in addition to need-based assistance, grants and loans are available as well.

For more information, view SMU Need-Based Assistance.

Conclusion: Not Finished!

Southern Methodist University offers more financial aid options to students who are still in need of financial aid. In addition to scholarships, grants, and loans, prospective students can apply for student employment jobs that are offered by different departments at Southern Methodist University.

Also, if you are not satisfied with SMU scholarships, you can apply for external scholarships that can cover your college expenses. However, if you do receive any external funding, be sure to report to SMU since your award amount might change depending on your external scholarship.

To view all options of financial aid, visit SMU Scholarships and Need-Based Assistance.

If you have found the SMU Scholarship Guide helpful, please view Authority Scholarships for more!