Sam Houston State University Scholarships

Sam Houston State University Scholarships and Need-Based Aid

Texas Scholarships

Named after Texas’ greatest hero, Sam Houston State University offers over 150 programs to its undergraduate and graduate students. Having strong historical roots, Sam Houston State strives to teach accredited programs that are taught by professors who love both their field and their students.

In addition to their programs which are offered in Sam Houston State University, SHSU also offers fully-accredited online courses that are for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Serving their community through their various programs, the Sam Houston State University offers great programs in Business, Fine Arts, Education, Mathematics, and Criminal Justice.

Types of SHSU Scholarships

Known as SHSU for short, the Sam Houston State University offers various scholarships through their scholarship portal. Though their scholarship portal, the application process for scholarships have gotten much more simpler than the processes of the past.

1. Merit-Based Scholarships

Before we go into any details of merit-based scholarships, we are going to talk more about SHSU scholarship application portal. Known as Scholarship4Kats, the applicants just plug in their information, and this scholarship portal automatically arranges scholarships for you.

For example, if you plug in your information, there is going to be a separate list of scholarships that you are automatically considered for, and there is going to some scholarships that you are eligible to apply. In addition, an email will be sent to your email address if you have been awarded a scholarship.

To view the Scholarship Portal and Sign in, view the Scholarship4Kats.

A. Terry Scholars Program

Began in 2014, the Terry Scholars Programs funds students who show potential in leadership and in service. Awarding full-ride scholarship plus books and living stipend, Terry Scholars enjoy many benefits including internships and service activities.

Funded by the Terry Foundation, the Terry Scholars are evaluated from three key standards:

  1. Academic Performance (GPA, SAT or ACT scores)
  2. Leadership skills (In School and In Community)
  3. Demonstrated Financial Need

This program applies to high school students who are graduating from Texas high schools or home-schooled students who are residing in Texas.

Also, there is Terry Scholars Programs for transfer students as well. To view the complete information regarding Terry Scholars, visit the link down below.

For further information, view the Terry Foundation.

2. Transfer Scholarships

A. Bearkat Transfer Scholarships

In addition to Terry Scholars Programs, the transfer students have a great option for an additional scholarship. Awarding up to $3,000 per year, the Bearkat Transfer Scholarship is based on the transfer student’s GPA. That means higher your GPA, a greater amount of scholarship money.

To be considered for this scholarship, the transfer student must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be enrolled at SHSU for the first time and as a full-time student
  2. Be transferring from an accredited community college or university
  3. Be an undergraduate student studying for his first bachelor’s degree
  4. Be transferring at least 45 credit hours
  5. Be maintaining at least a 2.75 cumulative GPA.

For further information, view the Transfer Scholarship.

3. Categorized Scholarships

This type of scholarship is separated into different categories, and the scholarships down below are separated by their respective departments and majors.

A. Business Administration Scholarships

Only for students who are majoring in Business Administration, the Sam Houston State University offers many scholarships to BBA majors.

For further information, view the College of Business Administration.

B. SHSU Scholarship List

Separated by departments and classifications, all scholarships offered by SHSU are organized into a big list.

For further information, view the Scholarship Types.

How to Apply for Sam Houston State University Scholarships

To apply for SHSU Scholarships, the only easy way is to use the scholarship portal that I have mentioned above. Called Scholarship4Kats, it organizes the eligible and available scholarships based on your personal information.

For some merit-based scholarships, you just have to apply for admissions, and you will be automatically considered.

For further information, view the Scholarship Opportunities.

Types of SHSU Grants

1. Federal Grants

Funded by the government, there are various grants that are available to SHSU students. Typical grants are Pell Grants, SEOG, and TEACH Grants, and the funding for the federal grants are limited so be sure to apply right after the application opens!

2. State Grants

Funded by the state of Texas, there are multiple grants that are open for Texas residents. Some of the available grants are the TEXAS Grant Program, Top 10% Scholarship Program, and Fifth-Year Accounting Program.

For further information, visit Grants and Scholarships.

How to Apply for SHSU Grants

For federal grants, you just have to apply for FAFSA as soon as possible since federal funding is limited. To be eligible for state grants, you have to be a resident of Texas and fulfill additional requirements depending on the program.

Additional Opportunities

In addition to Scholarships and Grants, there are more options of financial aid! If the scholarships and grants do not cover the full college expenses, these are some of the options.

A. Work-Study

Available to US citizens and even international students, the work-study option is where you can earn money through working part-time at a school’s facility. There are two types of work-study, and they are the federal work-study program and Texas work-study program.

For further information, visit the Work-Study Program.

B. Loans

Loans are put at the end of the list since they are the last resort. If you don’t really need to, please do not lend money or go into debt to pay your college expenses since interest accumulates on a loan. Please use this option as your resort, and further information regarding loans is linked down below.

For further information, visit Loans.


Remember, for most financial aid options, it is necessary that the FAFSA should be filled out. For merit-based scholarships, FAFSA is not necessary since you just need to fill out your personal information.

However, for most grants and need-based scholarships, FAFSA is required since the school and the government looks at your demonstrated need to determine whether you are eligible for financial aid or not.

Hope this guide about Sam Houston State University helps, and for more interesting info, visit Authority Scholarships.