Marquette University Scholarships

Marquette University Scholarships

Wisconsin Scholarships

Established by Catholics, the Marquette University is a private university that is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Named after a Jesuit Father Jacques Marquette, this university continues to be one of the largest Jesuit universities in the United States.

Because of their root in the Catholic faith, the Marquette University strongly holds to core Jesuit values and traditions even today. In addition, this university provides additional scholarships to students who are graduates of either Jesuit or Catholic high school.

Offering nearly 300 programs in undergraduate and graduate courses, the Marquette University offers many high-value competitive scholarships to their incoming students. Make sure to read all the way through the end if you don’t want to miss a surprise!

Types of Scholarships Offers at Marquette University

Before applying for any scholarships, a US Citizen or Permanent Residents can get the max financial aid if they file for FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Marquette University encourages students to file for FAFSA to get the most out of their financial aid benefits.

1. General Scholarships

The values for specific general scholarships are not given, but, if you are interested, check the detailed scholarship information at the links down below.

A. Père Marquette Award

This scholarship is an automatic scholarship that requires no separate application except for your admissions application. Be sure to apply for Marquette University admissions as early as you can since the funding for general scholarships is limited.

For further information, visit Père Marquette Award.

B. Marquette University Club Scholarships

Funded by Marquette alumni, the club scholarships can be stacked with other scholarships. Instead of being able to receive just one scholarship, the Marquette Club Scholarships can be stacked on top of other Marquette awards. For the club scholarship application packet, click on the link down below.

For more information, view Marquette Club Scholarships.

C. College Deans’ Scholarship

Because the decision for this scholarship is made early, applicants to Marquette University are encouraged to apply as early as you can. College Deans’ Scholarship also can be stacked on top of other Marquette scholarship awards.

For further information, visit Marquette Deans’ Scholarship.

2. Scholarship Programs

The following programs hold many benefits for the Scholar, so make sure to check the requirements and, most importantly, the benefits of each scholarship program. Also, these benefits might not always appear as money since some of these programs have benefits that even money cannot buy!

A. Marquette University Honors Program

Founded to push academically strong students to the next level, the Marquette University formulated this honors program to challenge even the brightest students to do their best. Students who get into this honors program are taught in a slightly different curriculum than the rest of Marquette University’s students.

For more information, view Marquette University Honors Program.

B. Marquette Pre-Dental Scholars Program

In order to prepare students for the Marquette’s School of Dentistry (Graduate), Marquette University developed this program for incoming undergraduate students. For students who want to complete both bachelor’s and dental degrees at the same time in a shorter period, the Pre-Dental Scholars do just that.

For students who get accepted into this program, the Marquette’s School of Dentistry gives conditional acceptance, and for Pre-Dental Scholars who make it to their junior year, they are automatically admitted to Marquette’s School of Dentistry after they graduate in their senior year.

For specific details regarding eligibility requirements and application deadlines, click on the link down below!

For further information, visit Marquette Pre-Dental Scholars Program.

C. Marquette Pre-Law Scholars Program

Similar to the Pre-Dental Program, Marquette Pre-Law Scholars Program allows students to receive a liberal arts education and, at the same time, being conditionally accepted into the Law School of Marquette University.

Also, the customary period of seven years to get a law degree is shortened to six years if you are accepted into this scholars program. In addition, Marquette University receives a higher number of students into the Pre-Law Program than in Pre-Dental Program, giving the applicants a higher chance of being admitted into the Marquette Pre-Law Scholars Program.

For more information regarding selection guidelines and application deadlines, view Marquette Pre-Law Scholars Program.

D. Marquette’s Les Aspin Center for Government Scholars Program

Dedicated to students that are committed to social justice and public affairs, the Les Aspin Center guarantees an internship program in Washington D.C. Offering a golden opportunity to examine the various engines in American politics, the Les Aspin Center is a non-profit organization that is geared toward student leaders and policy reformers.

For further information, visit Marquette’s Government Program.

3. Full-Tuition Scholarships

Full-tuition scholarships are not available to everyone, so make sure to check the eligibility requirements before getting too excited. In addition, visit the link to each scholarship program if you meet the initial eligibility requirements.

A. Burke Scholars Program

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a Graduate of a High School in Wisconsin
  • Be Committed to Social Justice and Service Through Involvement in Various Activities
  • Ranked in the Top 10% of Your High School OR Have a High GPA
  • Scored at least 25 on ACT OR 1150 on SAT

Scholarship Value: Full Tuition + Living Stipend

In addition, the Burke Scholars are required to fill 10 hours of community service per week during their scholarship period. To be honest, the scholarship value outweighs the burden, and, in order to receive this scholarship, you need to be involved in community service anyways so I do not think that this requirement is too big a burden to bear.

For more information, view Marquette’s Burke Scholars Program.

B. Marquette Opus College of Engineering Scholarship

Marquette University is separated into different departments and colleges, and Opus College of Engineering is one of them. To encourage students to pursue this successful career, Marquette University offers this scholarship to students who meet the following requirements:

  • Be an Incoming Freshmen
  • Be Admitted into Opus College of Engineering
  • Must be a First Generation Student*
  • File the FAFSA

*Students who are the first generation in your family to attend a college.

Scholarship Value: Full Tuition + Room & Board

For further information, visit Marquette Engineering Scholarships.

C. Boys & Girls Clubs of America / Urban Scholars Program

Established by Marquette University, the Urban Scholars Program is for students from a financially disadvantaged background that show great academic promise, and this scholarship is highly selective to a certain group of students

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a Graduate from a Cristo Rey Network High Schools, Milwaukee-Area High Schools, or Members of Boys & Girls Clubs of America
  • Maintained a Cumulative High School GPA of at least 3.0
  • Showed Involvement and Leadership at School and in Extracurricular Activities
  • Filed FAFSA* and Demonstrated Financial Need

Scholarship Value: Full Tuition

*Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Awarded to only five students, the urban scholarship program is a highly competitive scholarship due to its high value. FAFSA needs to be filed as early as you can, and being early is better than being late!

For more information, view Marquette Urban Scholars Program.

D. Global Scholars Program (International Students Only)

4. Special Scholarships

These scholarships have special requirements that can be joining a particular college or maybe from being a specific group. Read the requirements carefully to see if you are eligible for the scholarship or not.

A. William and Mary Diederich Scholarships

For students who are interested in communications, the Diederich scholarship awards students who meet the following requirements:

  • Be Admitted to Diederich College of Communication*
  • Showed Involvement and Leadership Skills in School and Extracurricular Activities
  • Ranked in the Top 10% in the High School Class OR Have a Minimum GPA of 3.5
  • Scored at least 28 on ACT OR 1200 on SAT

Scholarship Value: $8,000 Per Year for Four Years

*Diederich College of Communications has the following majors: Advertising, Communication Studies, Corporate Communication, Digital Media, Journalism, Media Studies, Public Relations, and Theatre Arts.

In order to renew the Diederich Scholarship, the scholarship recipient must stay in Diederich College and maintain good academic standing with the Marquette University.

For further information, visit Marquette Diederich Scholarship.

B. Marquette University Goizueta Foundation Scholarships

Established in 1992, the Goizueta Foundation created this scholarship to help Hispanic and Latino high school students financially. Renewable for four years during the whole undergraduate study, the Goizueta Scholarships are offered to students who meet the following requirements:

  • Be a Hispanic / Latino High School Seniors
  • Filed the FAFSA and Demonstrated Financial Need

Scholarship Value: One-Half Tuition

For further details, view Marquette Goizueta Foundation Scholarships.

C. Jesuit Half Tuition Scholarships

Established in Jesuit core values and traditions, the Marquette University annually awards half tuition to one student from each of the 48 U.S. Jesuit high schools and from Arrupe College of Loyola University Chicago.

For more information, visit Jesuit Half-Tuition Scholarships.

D. William A. Ketterer Scholarship

In addition to recognizing Jesuit high schools, the Marquette University awards scholarships to high school graduates of Catholic schools. To be considered for this scholarship, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Maintained a Cumulative High School GPA of at least 3.0
  • Be a High School Graduate from a Catholic high school at Wisconsin
  • Filed FAFSA for Demonstrated Financial Need

Since it is based partially on financial need instead of merit, the scholarship amount varies for each student. This is an automatic scholarship, which requires no separate application except the application for admissions.

For further information, visit Marquette Ketterer Scholarship.

E. Marquette University Monroe Scholarships

Being funded by donors, the Monroe Scholarships awards students who graduated from Marquette University High School. In most cases, high school graduates of Marquette University High School go straight into Marquette University for their college education.

To ease their financial burden, Marquette University has prepared this scholarship with the following requirements:

  • Be a Graduate from Marquette University High School
  • Show Academic Achievements Plus Involvement in Extracurricular Activities
  • File the FAFSA by the Required Deadline

Scholarship Value: $1,000 ~ $3,000 per year

For more information, view Marquette Monroe Scholarships.

F. Ignacio Ellacuria, S.J. Dreamers Scholarships

As the list of scholarship continues, the scholarship values drop one by one, so make sure to apply for high-value scholarships first before going to a scholarship with a low value.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be an Incoming Freshmen
  • Be an Undocumented / DACAmented* Student
  • Be Accepted into Marquette University
  • Filed FAFSA and Other Financial Aid Documents
  • Show Significant Demonstrated Financial Need

Scholarships: $1,000 per year

*DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

For further information, visit Marquette Dreamers Scholarship.

5. External Scholarships

In addition to scholarships offered by Marquette University, there are external scholarships that are funded by private organizations and corporations. Just apply for available scholarships as many as you can, and as early as you can.

Also, take into account that scholarship scams are prevalent on the Internet. Beware of scholarship sites that require a fee or guarantees a scholarship in exchange for a small lump of money. Be discerning and, at the same time, know which scholarships to apply for!

Some scholarships require applications when you are currently in high school in junior or in senior year, so make sure to search for scholarships now, and don’t wait another day. If you do, you might miss an important scholarship deadline that you might have gotten.

My advice for prospective students is this: keep searching for scholarships, and don’t give up! If you have exhausted the words to search, use scholarship engines to help you further.

For further details, visit National Merit Scholarship, Private Scholarships, and Fastweb Scholarship Search.

Conclusion: Transferring?

For transfer students, scholarships are available to you guys as well. Marquette University has set aside decent scholarships for you, and some of them are similar to the ones above. Make sure to check the scholarships for transfer students by clicking on the link down below.

For further information, view Marquette University Scholarships.

Before we end, if you liked this scholarship post about Marquette University, make sure to check out our Authority Scholarship Homepage for more!