University of Louisville Scholarships

University of Louisville Scholarships

Kentucky Scholarships

The University of Louisville (UofL) is a research-dedicated institution that is located in one of Kentucky’s largest cities. Situated in the center of Louisville, the Louisville University has three campuses that are spread out across the city, and these campuses are filled with various departments and colleges that teach numerous undergraduate and graduate programs.

After realizing the value of quality education, the University of Louisville was established as a liberal arts college that teaches students to be leaders and great speakers in their respective fields. Teaching accredited programs for various departments, the University of Louisville still encourages students by giving them high-value scholarships throughout the school year.

Types of Scholarships Offered at University of Louisville

Instead of separating the scholarships into Kentucky Residents and Non-Residents, the University of Louisville included some of the counties around Kentucky to encourage students from those states to apply. Read all the eligibility requirements before applying for the scholarships down below!

1. Kentucky & Southern Indiana Scholarships

A. UofL Admissions-Based Scholarships

This is an automatic scholarship that only requires the admissions application. After applying for the University of Louisville, the Kentucky Residents and Southern Indiana Students will be automatically considered for this scholarship.

Also, this scholarship varies with your academic achievements. For example, higher your GPA / standardized testing scores, you will receive a larger amount in scholarship money compared to students with normal GPA / standardized testing scores.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a Kentucky Resident or Southern Indiana Student*
  • Scored at least 26 on ACT OR 1230 on SAT**
  • Maintained a Cumulative High School GPA of 3.5**
  • Be Admitted into University of Louisville

Scholarship Benefits: $2,000 up to Full Tuition + Stipend

*Southern Indiana Students means students from Clark, Crawford, Floyd, Harrison, Perry, Scott, and Washington Counties.

**Bare Minimum Requirements (Achieve Higher!)

For further information, visit Louisville Admissions Scholarships.

B. Trustees’ Competitive Scholarships (Henry Vogt Scholarship)

As its name states, this scholarship is a highly competitive one that requires a separate application. To be considered for this scholarship, the applicant must show higher academic achievements and bigger involvement in extracurricular activities than admissions scholarships’ minimum requirements.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Scored at least 31 on ACT OR 1390 on SAT
  • Maintained a Cumulative High School GPA of at least 3.5
  • Submit a Resume*

Scholarship Value: Full Tuition + Living Stipend

*The University of Louisville Scholarship Council will look for the following things in the resume (including but not limited to): honors and awards, community service, extracurricular activities, work experiences, and involvement in school activities.

Because of their recent boost in scholarship money, the University of Louisville is excited to award over one hundred Kentucky and Southern Indiana Students of this great scholarship.

For more information, visit Kentucky & Southern Indiana Scholarships.

These scholarships down below hold various scholarship values with different eligibility requirements. Specifically, the mentoring scholarships offered by the University of Louisville have great values including full tuition and living stipend, so make sure you click on the link down below and scroll down in order to view the mentored scholarships.

C. Woodford R. Porter Scholarships (Black/African American)

D. Kentucky Dataseam Scholarship (From High Schools in Coal Severance Counties Participating in the Kentucky Dataseam Initiative)

E. Mentored Scholarships (Kentucky & Southern Indiana Residents)

2. Out-of-State Scholarships

Kind of similar to scholarships offered Kentucky and Southern Indiana Residents, the out-of-state scholarships only offer admissions scholarships and mentored scholarships; however, there are full-ride scholarships among them so make sure to apply!

For further information, view University of Louisville Out-of-State Scholarships.

3. Transfer Scholarships

Even for transfer students, the University of Louisville has prepared great scholarships for you! Make sure to see all the eligibility requirements and scholarship values in the link down below.

For more information, view the University of Louisville Transfer Scholarships.

To go to the University of Louisville Scholarship Homepage, please click on this link.

Conclusion: Need More Benefits?

If you want additional benefits that involve something more than money, applying for University of Louisville Honors College might not be a bad idea. To be considered for Honors, the applicant must have high academic achievements in school and also in standardized tests. In addition, leadership skills and extracurricular activities are also considered when selecting students for Honors College.

To know more, visit University of Louisville Honors Program.

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