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University of Wisconsin – Madison Scholarships and Need-Based Aid

Wisconsin Scholarships

University of Wisconsin – Madison is an excellent public university located in Madison, Wisconsin. Since 1848, it has been providing both students from Wisconsin and outside the state with a high-quality education. Currently, there are approximately 30,000 undergraduate students as well as 14,000 graduate students attending this excellent university.

If you are interested in attending this university, you definitely should apply! The acceptance rate at University of Wisconsin is 52 percent, so it is not too difficult to get accepted.

Before you apply, however, it is highly recommended that you look at how you are going to finance your education. To help with that, University of Wisconsin offers great scholarships and grants program for both in-state and out-of-state students. So, let’s get started!

Cost of Attendance

As a state university, the cost of attendance at the University of Wisconsin differs on your state residency. If you are an in-state resident, your tuition fee will be a lot less than an out-of-state student’s tuition fees. I highly recommend you to consider applying to universities in your state if you are an out-of-state student.

The tuition fees at the University of Wisconsin for in-state students are approximately $10,000 and room and board is $11,000 a year. If you count the personal expenses, the total cost of attendance is $26,000 a year. If you are an out-of-state student, the total cost of attendance is $54,000 a year. So, definitely consider applying to universities in your state if you are an out-of-state student.

In the sections below, we will cover the scholarships and grants that are offered by the University of Wisconsin – Madison so that you can decrease your cost of attendance significantly. So, let’s get it!

University of Wisconsin – Madison Scholarships

There are thousands of scholarships that are available for incoming freshmen at the University of Wisconsin. Many scholarships require you to apply separately. The application is different for different scholarships, so keep this in mind. We will highlight some of the best scholarships that are available at UW – Madison.

1. Chancellor’s and Powers-Knapp Scholarship Programs

These are full-tuition scholarships for eight-years that are for both in-state and out-of-state students. The aim of this scholarship is to get more diversity at the University of Madison campus.

Here are the eligibility criteria:

  1. Be African American, Native American, Hispanic/Latino, Southeast Asian (Vietnamese, Cambodian, Hmong, or Cambodian) or Socioeconomically disadvantaged
  2. Be US Citizen
  3. Above 3.0 high school GPA

There are many students that are selected each year, so you should definitely apply if you fit these criteria. If you do receive this scholarship, it is a great way to finance your education for all four years.

2. Rockwell Automation Corporate Scholarships

Rockwell Scholarships are full-tuition scholarships awarded for freshman preparing to enter the College of Engineering. There are certain conditions that need to be met for the award to renew.

Here are the eligibility criteria:

  1. Be in-state, US citizen
  2. Will study engineering
  3. High School GPA of 3.0 or above

To apply, you need to submit a separate application.

3. Roberto G. Sanchez SCholarship

If you are a bilingual Spanish speaker, you are eligible for $10,000 scholarship! You will need to fill out additional essays and questions, and some of it is in Spanish! However, if you are from a Spanish family, I highly recommend you to apply!

There are thousands of other scholarships in the UW scholarship database. If you do not fit the eligibility criteria for scholarship above, there are many other scholarships that you are eligible for. To learn how to apply to these scholarships, look at the section below.

How to Apply for UW-Madison Scholarships

If you are planning on applying to UW-Madison, you should take a look at the university’s scholarships. To apply, you need to apply for admissions first. Then, you will need to go to the UW Scholarship Hub, look at the scholarship information, and apply. Some of these scholarships require FAFSA, and many of these scholarships have supplemental questions that need to be answered as seen above.

Most of these scholarships have deadlines anywhere from October – June. So, make sure to start your application early! For more information, visit the UW Scholarship Page.

UW Grants

In addition to the University of Madison scholarships, students can apply for grants to cover the cost of tuition. There are several unique grants that are for in-state students, and others are for out-of-state students. Let’s look at those now.

A. Bucky’s Tuition Promise

University of Wisconsin – Madison promises that in-state students whose parents’ AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) is less than $58,000 will have grants and scholarships that pay their tuition in full for four years. Adjusted Gross Income is your parents’ income minus any tax deductions. So, if you are in this category, you are guaranteed that you will not pay any tuition. For more information about this promise, visit Bucky’s Tuition Promise Page!

B. Badger Promise

This award is a full-tuition award that is for in-state, transfer students who are first-generation college students. First-generation means that both of their parents have not graduated from four-year universities. It guarantees funding for the first year of the university, and if you are eligible for Pell Grant, which is a Federal grant for low-income families, it guarantees to pay two years of tuition. To learn about it, visit the Badger Promise Page!

C. Pell Grant

Pell Grant is a federal grant that is available for low-income families. To be eligible, you will need to file FAFSA. You can get a maximum of $6,000 a year through Pell Grant.

How to Apply for Grants

Applying for grants is very simple. As mentioned above, you need to file the FAFSA to be eligible. This becomes available on October 1, so when it becomes available, answer the questions that it asks and submit it to the University of Wisconsin – Madison using the code 003895. Then, you will be automatically eligible for these grants.

I hope that this article on the University of Wisconsin – Madison scholarships and need-based aid was helpful. If you are from Wisconsin, I highly suggest that you visit Wisconsin Scholarship Category. If you are not, you should go to Authority Scholarship Website and look up scholarships in your state!