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5 Fully Funded Scholarships in Italy for International Students (2021)

Scholarships in Italy

Similar to the rest of its European counterparts, Italy is a country that is known for its ancient structures. Famous architectures such as the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa are some of the popular tourist attractions, which also makes this country an ideal study destination.

Ranking among the top ten countries picked by foreign students, Italy is quite well-known for its prestigious institutions and great academic programs. On top of that, there is a total of five fully funded scholarships in Italy available for international students!

Do Institutions in Italy Practice Free Tuition for International Applicants?

The answer is maybe. You can attend institutions in Italy for free if you get admitted to their academic program. This rule doesn’t apply for just any program, but for most programs in Master’s and Ph.D., you will receive free tuition with a scholarship for room & board after gaining admission.

For students who are interested in applying for an undergraduate program, please contact the school admissions for any available scholarships and financial awards. If you can’t find any, try to look up other Italian universities that will offer financial aid to international students.

What Are the Minimum Requirements to Get a Full-Ride Scholarship in Italy?

The full-ride scholarships that are mentioned here are mostly for students who are applying for a graduate program, which is Masters and Ph.D. This means that the minimum academic requirement is the completion of your undergraduate education.

After getting your bachelor’s certificate, check the available programs listed by each scholarship, and apply if you want to learn more about your field of interest. If you can’t apply to any of the eligible academic programs, please visit our homepage for related posts.

How Many Universities in Italy Offer Full-Ride Scholarships for International Students?

So far, there is a total of four universities in Italy that offer fully funded scholarships for international applicants. In addition to these four, the Italian Government has decided to step in with the financial process by establishing one more scholarship program for foreign students.

Don’t let my words discourage you since I have come to this conclusion through my own research. Also, I’m not saying that there are only 5 full-ride scholarships in Italy since I may have overlooked some of the awards during the research process.

Full Ride Scholarships in Italy for International Students

As I have mentioned before, these five scholarships are meant for students applying for graduate programs, so I hope that you came prepared. Without further ado, let’s jump straight in by looking at the sponsor of each scholarship program, and the education level with the scholarship benefits!

1. LIUC Ph.D. Scholarships in Management, Finance, and Accounting

  • Source – Carlo Cattaneo University
  • Level of Education – Doctoral Programs
  • Benefits – Full Tuition Coverage / Room & Board

Offered entirely in English, this doctoral program offered by LIUC has two tracks, which are offered in Management and Finance & Accounting. The details about this Ph.D. program are listed right here, so be sure to check that link out if you have any interest in this scholarship.

Regarding the financial part, your tuition fee is covered and your fees for room & board are also paid, which means that your housing fees and bills related to food are already paid for. One thing that is not covered by this scholarship is traveling fees, so you need to pay for your own tickets!

  • Admissions Into Doctoral Program – Free Study Opportunity

As an international student, it is vital to gain any sort of financial aid, and if it is a full-ride scholarship, that is even better! As a student, your academic responsibility comes first, but if you can’t afford your school bills, your role as a worker comes in front of your academic responsibility.

If this ever happens, you will not have enough time to spend on your academic work, which can ultimately ruin your academic career. By getting this fully funded scholarship, you can eliminate any sort of financial hindrance, and you can focus solely on completing your doctoral program.

2. Scuola Normale Superiore Ph.D. Scholarships

  • Source – Scuola Normale Superiore
  • Level of Education – Doctoral Programs
  • Benefits – Tuition Coverage, Room & Board, Research Stipend

Being one of the highly prestigious institutions in Italy, Scuola Normale Superiore offers fully-funded Ph.D. programs for international applicants. All applicants that are admitted to Scuola Normal Superiore’s Doctoral Programs will receive scholarships to fund their education.

This scholarship covers your tuition fees and room & board, which is basically the total cost of attendance. Just by getting admitted to the doctoral program, you will be receiving a full-ride scholarship that will fund the rest of your doctoral studies.

  • Scholarship Renewal – Maintain Academic Excellence

Even though your tuition fees and room & board is covered, you still have to pay for your airplane tickets from and to Italy. If your courses require books, then you have to pay for those out of your own pocket, and if you want to travel around Italy, the tab is on you!

Regardless, this scholarship is a great offer for any international student since you get a free education just by being admitted to this academic program. Work hard to perfect your admissions application, and I hope that your hard work will be rewarded with this fully-funded scholarship.

3. IMT Ph.D. Scholarships

  • Source – IMT School of Advanced Studies Lucca
  • Level of Education – Doctoral Programs
  • Benefits – Tuition Coverage, Room & Board, Insurance, Research Stipend, Internship Opportunities

Being one of our top fully funded scholarships in Italy, IMT Ph.D. Scholarshp Program offers many scholarship benefits to its scholarship recipient. Due to its many financial benefits, this scholarship program is highly competitive and also highly selective.

Fortunately, this course is entirely taught in English, which means that you don’t have to learn Italian just to get admitted into this program. After being admitted, the IMT International Office will assist you through the arrival and administrative process, so don’t worry too much!

  • Admissions Into PhD Program = Full Ride Scholarship

In order to receive this scholarship, you have to pass the IMT Ph.D. Admissions, which is open to applicants who are interested in areas related to Cognitive & Cultural Systems, and Systems Science. Make sure to check the links down below if you are interested!

Ph.D. Program in Cognitive & Cultural Systems encompasses Analysis & Management of Cultural Heritage and Cognitive & Computational & Social Nerosciences while Ph.D. Program in Systems Science covers Computer Science & Engineering and Economics & Networks & Business Analytics.

4. University of Turin Master’s Scholarship

  • Source – University of Turin
  • Educational Level – Master’s Degree
  • Benefits – 9,000 Euros Per Year

Compared to our previous fully funded scholarships in Italy, this financial award given by University of Turin doesn’t look that special. This scholarship program is really close to covering your tuition fees and room & board for the semester, but I can’t guarantee that it will cover all your fees.

Due to this set living stipend without any guarantee of tuition coverage, you will probably be lacking financially while going through your Master’s program. Since it is financially unstable, make sure to apply to other fully funded scholarships first before applying to this one.

  • 9,000 Euros – Might Not Be Enough

Each scholarship renewal depends on your academic achievement, which means that you need to perform well during the Master’s Program in order to get your second round of scholarship money. To be honest, studying abroad with limited funds is not fun, so let me give you some suggestions.

If you are set on applying for University of Turin Master’s Program, then apply to additional scholarships funded by private organizations and the Italian Government. To help you out, I have listed several important tips regarding Italian Government Scholarship down below.

5. Italian Government Scholarship

  • Source – Study in Italy
  • Educational Level – Master’s Degree, AFAM, Ph.D Degree
  • Benefits – Coverage of Tuition Fee, Insurance, Monthly Allowance

For those of you who may not know, the acronym AFAM stands for High Training in Arts, Music, and Dance, which is only available in Italian colleges. First off, you need to meet the eligibility requirements set by the Italian Government since you can’t do anything without it!

After clicking on the link above, scroll down to the very bottom to see the pdf file called list of eligible foreign countries. If you are from one of the eligibe countries, read over the application procedure and apply before the application deadline has closed.

  • Meet the Elibility Criteria / Then Apply!

After looking through the financial aspect of this scholarship, I’m going to warn you to be careful! The tuition coverage only applies to certain universities, so please limit your choice to universities that offer free tuition to Italian Government Scholarship Recipients.

For monthly stipend, you will receive 900 Euros each month, so make sure to divy up your funds wisely if you don’t want to go broke. Also, you can get this scholarship renewed annually, so be sure to read the renewal requirements beforehand.

Conclusion: Priority for Ph.D. Programs

You might have seen this trend in other coutries, so don’t be too surprised. Universities place a high priority for Ph.D. programs, and they will offer full-ride scholarship benefits to each admitted candidate since they want brilliant students to complete their doctoral programs on campus.

By doing so, the host university will receive fame and popularity gained by each graduate, which further boost their academic ranking and international profile. If you have liked this post called fully funded scholarships in Italy for international students, be sure to visit our homepage for regular updates!