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Full-Ride Scholarships in Austria for International Students (2021)

Scholarships in Austria

The country of Austria is known for its natural beauty and also for its national heritage. Being the birthplace of famous musicians such as Mozart and Schubert, Austria has been the center of musical innovation, and it had continued its practice for many centuries.

Being an ideal tourist destination for many students, the country of Austria is offering various full-ride scholarships for international applicants. Even though the number of scholarships might fall behind, the quality of each scholarship is still one of the highest in the country.

Do Colleges in Austria Practice Free Tuition for International Students?

The answer is no. However, colleges in Austria charge low tuition for international students while offering free tuition to EU and EEA applicants. Public universities in Austria offers the cheapest fee to get into, so try to find those types of universities in Austria that offers low tuition.

For other specialized universities and well-known private institutions, the tuition rates will be pretty high, so take a look around each university’s website to see what they offer in return. Make sure to do your share of the research since information is key when making crucial decisions.

Which Universities in Austria Offer Full-Ride Scholarships for Internationals?

Instead of being many universities, there is one private organization that offers full-ride scholarships for international students. That one and only private scholarship is funded by TU WIEN and WPI, and the acronyms to each are listed down below.

TU WIEN is an acronym for Vienna University of Technology, and WPI is short for Wolfgang Pauli Institute. All of the scholarships listed down below has some specific restrictions and requirements, so make sure to read each section very carefully!

Full-Ride Scholarships in Austria for International Students

After answering these questions, now is the time to jump straight into our list that contains just one full-ride scholarship in Austria for international students. Please check the application deadline for each scholarship to see if you can apply for the award straightaway.

1. Helmut Veith Stipend for Women

  • Source – Helmut Veith Stipend
  • Educational Level – Master’s Program
  • Scholarship Benefits – Tuition Coverage, Monthly Stipend

There were at least two other full-ride scholarships other than this one, but they had to be disqualified since those awards were already expired. If you don’t meet the eligibility requirement, make sure to look at our concluding section for more posts about full-ride scholarships.

Having a pretty restricted academic requirement, scholarship applicants must be eligible for admissions in related fields of computer science. In addition, all applicants must be female and must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Mathematics.

  • Pretty Restrictive for Full-Ride Scholarship

Since the tuition fees are covered, you just have to worry about your room & board, which are the fees related to accommodation and food. The monthly stipend that you will be receiving might not be enough to cover your expenses for the whole academic year.

I think the monthly stipend doesn’t cover the breaks and vacation in between, which means that you need to provide that money or go back home. Make sure to acquire sufficient funding if you do get accepted into this scholarship!

Conclusion: More Options!

You might be slightly disappointed with the lack of full-ride scholarships in the country of Austria, but don’t be! There are many more countries out there that offer fully-funded awards to international students, so take a look at the list of countries down below.

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