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Established with a Catholic background, the Fordham University cherishes its Jesuit values and traditions due to its Jesuit history. Also, Fordham University emphasizes character and morality among its students and encourages the society of New York City to do the same.

In addition to its values, the students of Fordham University receives a great education that comes with a high-value scholarship. Majority of the student body receives some sort of financial assistance during their four years of college, and Fordham University continues to spread its great education by lowering the college expenses.

Types of Scholarships Offered by Fordham University

Fordham University offers many scholarships to its incoming students, and almost over 90% of its incoming students receive some sort of financial assistance to pay for their expenses. Scholarships and grants are the major options of financial assistance since the student does not need to repay the money after receiving the scholarship money.

1. Fordham University Merit-Based Scholarships

A. Fordham University Presidential Scholarships

There are five scholarships offered by Fordham University that are highly competitive, and the Fordham University Presidential Scholarship is one of them! Offered only to the top students in the incoming freshmen class, the eligibility requirements of the Presidential Scholarships are the following:

  • Be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Ranked in the Top 1 or 2 Percent of the Graduating High School Class*
  • Be Among the Top 20 Incoming Students of Fordham University**

*If your school does not rank students, then academic achievements will be considered such as cumulative high school GPA.

**The Fordham University rankings will be determined by high school academic achievements, standardized test scores, and extracurricular activities.

Scholarship Value: Full Tuition + Room & Board

Interestingly, after receiving this scholarship, the scholarship recipient needs to fill out some financial need forms in order to renew this scholarship for another year. Please visit the official college website for the renewal process criteria.

For further information, visit the Fordham University Presidential Scholarship.

B. Fordham University Excellence in Theatre Scholarships

I think the name of this scholarship tells it all, and this full-ride scholarship is for students who are interested in theatre. The underlying requirement for this scholarship is that the prospective student has to apply for Fordham University with an interest in being a theatre major. Same as always, the Fordham University Scholarship Committee is going to be looking for academic excellence with high renewal criteria.

Scholarship Value: Full Tuition + Room & Board

The links for all merit-based scholarships will lead to one website that contains the scholarship list. In order to find the scholarship that you are looking for, keep scrolling down!

For more information, view the Fordham University Excellence in Theatre Scholarship.

For additional scholarships, visit the Fordham University Scholarships for US Citizens / Eligible Non-Citizens.

2. Fordham University Need-Based Scholarships

The following scholarships have a need-based aspect to it while some have both merit-based and need-based requirements. Remember, just because it is a need-based scholarship, that does not mean academic merits are just thrown out the window.

Sometimes, due to the high number of applicants applying for need-based aid, the Fordham University Scholarship Committee has to choose among the applicants. Personally, I would think the Fordham University will choose the need-based applicant with high academic achievements over the applicant with low academic standards.

Also, please remember in order to apply for need-based scholarships, applicants need to fill out need-based documents such as the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or CSS Profile in College Board.

For further information, visit Fordham University Grants and Awards.

3. Fordham University Departmental Scholarships

Composed of various departments and colleges, Fordham University even offers scholarships within its individual departments for students who are already interested in a certain major or specific field. For students who have already figured out what they are going to do, they can check their departments to see what kind of departmental scholarship are available.

Since the departments houses different majors, the available scholarships will differ in scholarship values and requirements. Fordham University calls the departmental scholarships as restricted scholarships due to an additional eligibility requirement.

Unlike admissions scholarship which just requires an admissions application, departmental scholarships require the applicant to be interested in a certain department before applying for this scholarship. Make sure to check the various types of scholarships in the link down below!

For more information, view Fordham University Restricted Scholarships.

4. Fordham University Athletic Scholarships

In addition to restricted scholarships, Fordham University offers scholarships to student-athletes on the “Atlantic 10 Conference” teams. In addition to merit, the financial need will be considered when giving out athletic scholarships.

For further information, visit Fordham University Athletic Scholarships.

5. Fordham University External Scholarships

Instead of offering external sources for additional scholarships, Fordham University provided its own outside aid policy for prospective students. Since most scholarships are based on financial need, any external scholarships are going to lower the amount of aid given by Fordham University. In addition, make sure to report your external aid if you did receive any for your college career.

For more information, view Fordham University Outside Aid Policy.

Even though these scholarship posts are written mainly for US Citizens and Permanent Resident, there is a link for Scholarships for International Students. For further information, visit Fordham University International Student Scholarships.

Conclusion: Flexible!

Since every student is different, Fordham University is making an effort to meet the demonstrated financial need of all admitted students. Being flexible with its money and resources, Fordham University continues to financially assist students in the United States and from around the world.

To view all types of financial aid, please click on Fordham University Types of Financial Aid.

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