Clemson University Scholarships

Clemson University Scholarships

South Carolina Scholarships

Known as one of the top public research universities in the United States, the Clemson University offers top-notch education with world-class research experience. Having near 20,000 undergraduates and over 5,000 graduates, Clemson University offers over 300 programs to their incoming students.

Even though it has a relatively large student body, Clemson University has enough faculty to match its growing classes. In addition to its quality education, Clemson University is also known for its sports as well. The Clemson football team is known throughout South Carolina, and it continues to spread its fame through its great performance.

Filled with students of great potential, Clemson University still attracts students to its residence halls by offering great scholarships to in-state and out-of-state students. Make sure to check out the list of scholarships down below!

Types of Scholarships Offered by Clemson University

Similar to many other universities, Clemson University encourages the applicants to apply as early as you can! Since the funding for scholarships and programs are limited, the students with great academic potential are not given the proper scholarship due to the limited funding.

Even though your application might be outstanding, Clemson University cannot guarantee your scholarship if you apply late for admissions. In order to avoid this complication, make sure to apply as early as you can and fill out any other applications if required.

1. Clemson University’s Merit-Based Scholarships

Due to the limited funding, Clemson University offers different amounts of scholarship money to its incoming students. While most scholarships might be automatic (only requires admissions application), some scholarships might require an additional scholarship application due to the high competition.

A. Clemson University National Scholars Program

Since this scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship offered by Clemson University, many applicants apply to join the National Scholars Program. Even though it does not list specific academic requirements, Clemson University wants the best of the best among the incoming freshmen class.

However, instead of listing specific academic requirements, Clemson University requires the applicant to turn in his admissions application and the standardized test scores as early as he can. Known as the Freshmen Academic Recruiting Scholarship, many prospective high school seniors apply for this scholarship to get into Clemson University.

Scholarship Benefits:

  • Full Tuition
  • Mandatory Fees + Book Stipend
  • Stipend for Study Abroad and Summer Internships
  • Opportunity to Attend National Scholars Enrichment Programs
  • Preparing National Scholars for Grad School and Fellowships

Also, the prospective applicants to the National Scholars Program do not just apply for Clemson University Admissions, but they apply for the Clemson University Honors College. After being accepted to the Honors College, the prospective students will be automatically considered for the Final Round of National Scholars Program.

Since the National Scholars Program is the most prestigious scholarship, the Clemson University offers low-value additional scholarships for incoming freshmen, but, if you are interested in more, please visit the link down below!

For further information, visit the Clemson University National Scholars Program.

For additional scholarships, please view the Clemson University Freshmen Academic Recruiting Scholarships and Grants.

2. Clemson University’s Need-Based Scholarships

In addition to merit-based scholarships, Clemson University offers financial assistance to students with demonstrated financial need. However, in order to apply for need-based aid, students are encouraged to fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and/or CSS Profile (Collegeboard).

A. Clemson University Emerging Scholars Program

For students who are applying for need-based scholarships, they need to note not one but two application deadlines. After marking the admissions deadline, the applicant needs to take note of the FAFSA deadline since financial aid documents are also required for this scholarship program.

In order to make high education possible for students with a poor economic background, the Clemson Unversity established this scholarship program to target students with high demonstrated financial need. Also, this scholarship program is not limited to Clemson University, but the student can apply for any institution within South Carolina.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Apply and Attend Any Institution within South Carolina
  • File for FAFSA by the Required Deadline
  • Be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident

Scholarship Values:

  • Full Tuition
  • Mandatory Fees and Book Stipend
  • Room & Board

Also, this scholarship is a renewable scholarship, so the scholarship recipient can renew this scholarship program for four years. At the end of each school year, the scholarship recipient can renew his scholarship after meeting all the renewal criteria of this scholarship program.

Similar to merit-based scholarships, Clemson University offers great values for this scholarship program and has additional scholarships with low values. If you are interested in additional scholarships by Clemson University, please visit the link down below!

For further information, visit the Emerging Scholars Program.

For additional scholarships, please view Clemson University Diversity Scholarships.

3. External Scholarships

In addition to Clemson University Scholarships, prospective students are encouraged to apply for external scholarships offered by private organizations and outside donors. Since it is kinda hard for students to just search for outside scholarships, Clemson University offers helpful tips and guides for its prospective students.

For further information, visit Clemson University Private Scholarships.

Additional Sources of Financial Aid

In addition to scholarships, Clemson University offers great options for financial aid for international students, and these options include grants, loans, and work-study. In short, grants are similar to scholarships in that grants do not have to be repaid; however, loans are money that needs to be repaid so be very careful when applying for student loans.

Student Employment is a great option for international students in that they can earn money even while studying in college. Offered by the various departments of Clemson University, the work-study jobs are a great option for students who needs an additional allowance to cover their college expenses.

For further information, visit Clemson University Types of Aid.