Cheap Universities in Washington State

7 Cheapest Universities in Washington

Washington Scholarships

Unlike previous posts, the list down below does not contain any famous universities that offer full-ride scholarships with a high cost of attendance. To guarantee many options for affordable education, I have included just the institutions that offer low cost of attendance to incoming students. To widen our field of vision, trade schools have also been included in our list. While people around you may recommend attending a liberal arts institution, attending a trade school might be the better option if you are set on your dream goal. To provide an incentive, Mike Rowe Foundation has provided a full-ride scholarship to applicants who are applying to attend trade schools.

Name of InstitutionCost of AttendanceAvailable Scholarships / Financial Aid
1. Clover Park Technical College$13,000 per yearMerit-Based Aid / Need-Based Assistance
2. Perry Technical Institute$20,000 per yearMerit-Based Scholarships / Need-Based Aid    
3. Columbia Basin College$20,000 per yearMerit-Based Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
4. Edmonds Community College$20,000 per yearSmall-Value Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
5. Green River College$20,000 per yearMedium-Value Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
6. Lake Washington Institute of Technology$21,000 per yearMerit-Based Aid / Need-Based Assistance
7. Gray Harbor College$22,000 per yearMedium-Value Merit Scholarships / Need-Based Aid

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1. Clover Park Technical College

If that scholarship wasn’t enough incentive for you, maybe the low cost of attendance might be the clutch. For some of you out there, you might be hearing the term trade school for the first time, and here is the good news! If you are set on an employment career, trade school accomplishes your goal by providing hands-on training with the necessary foundation to start off your career. To be honest, many college graduates are unemployed since there are so many students graduating each year. However, the need for trade school increases day by day, as people began to lose interest in hard work. To be fair, Clover Park Technical College is lowering its fees so that anyone can attend. Please consider this option if you are in need of financial aid.

For Clover Park Technical College’s Financial Aid, Click Here.

2. Perry Technical Institute

Similar to CPTC, Perry Technical Institute is also a trade school located in Washington State. As a non-profit institution, PTI offers a quality education that is paired with caring instructors. Offering over 13 specialized technical programs, nearly 100% of its graduates are employed right after their graduation. Due to its high-skill level, many employers go to Perry Technical Institute when hiring an intern or employing a graduate. To ensure that its education reaches all students, Perry Technical Institute has a low student to instructor ratio of 16 to 1. Even though it is a highly specialized institution, PTI introduced affordability in its education and top-tier quality. If you are interested in attending this institution, be sure to visit PTI’s Office of Financial Aid in the link down below!

For Perry Technical Institute’s Financial Aid, Click Here.

3. Columbia Basin College

Even though it is not ranked among America’s top colleges, Columbia Basin College does its job by using its thorough education style. As a public community college, CBC offers both two-year and four-year degrees. To support all of its incoming applicants, Columbia Basin College has lowered its tuition until its cost of attendance reached only $20,000 per year. Even though there are many colleges that offer that amount in Washington State, it is rare to see this low of a cost among other states. To top it off, CBC is also offering merit-based scholarships and need-based assistance to students who are demonstrating financial need.

For Columbia’s Office of Financial Aid, Click Here.

4. Edmonds Community College

Similar to CBC, Edmonds Community College also offers affordable education to all of its applicants. However, its range of programs is short compared to other institutions. Offering only one bachelor’s degree, Edmonds CC additionally offers numerous associate’s degree that takes over two or three years, and also awards professional certificates to eligible graduates. Even though its degree of education is low, Edmonds Community College provides many students with a stepping stone to a higher place. After completion, many graduates of Edmonds CC transfer to a reputable college to finish what they started in the first place. If you are interested in Edmond’s affordability, be sure to visit them in the link down below.

For Edmonds Community College’s Scholarships and Awards, Click Here.

5. Green River College

Committed to their student’s success, Green River College provides a protective and nurturing environment for its students and also offers many ways for students to get involved on campus. Getting started with various campus clubs, students of GRC are heavily involved with intramural sports and intercollegiate sports as well. In addition, Green River College has provided various opportunities fo8r voluntary service on campus and also on nearby communities. By providing its students with extracurricular activities, GRC emphasizes the importance of not only their academic life but also their social life as well.

For Green River College’s Financial Aid, Click Here.

6. Lake Washington Institute of Technology

As one of the cheapest colleges in Washington State, LWTech invests heavily in its students by offering a low cost of attendance. In addition, majority of its funding is dedicated to research, and due to its investment, LWTech currently holds state-of-the-art facilities that are equipped with cutting-edge technology. For any students who are interested in the sciences or in the field of engineering, LWTech provides hands-on experiences through its lab sessions and in-depth discussion. If you are interested in attending LWTech, be sure to visit the link down below for more detailed information.

For Lake Washington Institute of Technology’s Financial Aid, Click Here.

7. Gray Harbor College

As the last cheap university in Washington State, Gray Harbor College offers accredited education that comes at an affordable price. Even though it is slightly higher than the rest, the cost of attendance at GHC was cut time and time again to encourage lower the financial burden of its attending students. Committed to the wellbeing of its students, Gray Harbor College offers its best whether it is a two-year education or a four-year bachelor’s degree. Striving for an innovative future, GHC is willing to open its doors to any student regardless of his nationality. Due to its investment tendency, it currently offers special interest courses that have been never offered before. Be sure to check out Gray Harbor College in the link down below!

For Gray Harbor College’s Financial Aid, Click Here.