Cheap Universities in Virginia

7 Cheapest Universities in Virginia

Virginia Scholarships

Home of Robert E. Lee, the state of Virginia contains a rich historical background; due to its natural scenery, Virginia State is filled with beautiful sceneries and even prettier nature. Situated in a prime location, Virginia lies on top of the Rocky Mountains, and its outer edge borders the Atlantic Ocean. In order to attract students to its beautiful state, Virginia offers many cheap universities to prospective applicants and even better financial awards and scholarships.

Name of InstitutionAnnual Cost of AttendanceAvailable Scholarships / Financial Aid
1. Southern Virginia  University $25,000 per yearMerit-Based Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
2. Virginia Union University$25,000 per yearSmall-Value Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
3. William & Mary$40,000 per yearFull-Ride Scholarships / Need-Based Aid*
4. Hollins University$54,000 per yearMultiple Full-Tuition Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
5. Virginia Military Institute$56,000 per yearFull-Ride Scholarship / Need-Based Aid
6. University of Richmond $72,000 per yearFull-Ride Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
7. Washington & Lee University$74,000 per yearFull-Ride Scholarships / Need-Based Aid

*William & Mary’s Full-Ride Scholarship covers only in-state tuition, and room & board. If you are from out-of-state, you need to pay for the tuition difference as well.

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1. Southern Virginia University

As our first institution in the list, Southern Virginia University offers one of the lowest annual cost among the colleges in Virginia. It was really hard to find universities that offered a low cost of attendance since many institutions offer a low cost of attendance to in-state students while requiring high amounts of money from out-of-state students. Most universities listed above offer a lower cost of attendance for in-state students since they want students from their home state to apply to their institutions. Due to their expensive education, many students from out-of-state cannot attend colleges in Virginia; however, keep on trying if you really want to attend one of the colleges listed above!

For Southern Virginia University’s Scholarships, Click Here.

2. Virginia Union University

Similar to Southern Virginia University, Virginia Union University requires the same amount to attend its institution for one year. Known as the VUU, Virginia Union University is a liberal arts college that offers courses in teaching, sciences, and technology. Actually, it offers way more courses than the three general areas, but I’m just listing their strengths. To prepare their students for the real world, many graduates in the sciences have spent years doing research in their field, and prospective students spend their summers doing internships in preparation for their future careers. To help their students even out more, VUU currently offers several methods of financial aid to lower the financial burden of its incoming students.

For Virginia Union University’s Office of Financial Aid, Click Here.

3. William & Mary

Just by going to the third university in our list, the cost of attendance skyrocketed to $40,000 per year! I know there are universities that offer cheaper tuition than William & Mary, but this institution is one of the top universities in the United States. Established as a public university in Williamsburg, William & Mary is one of the “Public Ivy” Institutions, which rival the Ivy League universities in the United States. Known for its prestigious education, William & Mary continues to attract students worldwide through its renowned research programs and even better full-ride scholarship programs. If you want to attend William & Mary for free, make sure to check out the full-ride scholarship in the link down below!

For William & Mary Full-Ride Scholarships, Click Here.

4. Hollins University

Even though it is not as well-known as William & Mary, Hollins University cannot be bested when it comes down to education. Nearly 100% of its faculty holds a Ph.D. degree in their fields, and Hollins has a special concentration of 30 undergraduate degrees to its women applicants. In order to broaden the viewpoints of their students, graduates of Hollins have various opportunities to study abroad during their undergraduate career. To relate their experiences, students of Hollins have visited London and even the great city of Paris. Even during their study abroad, they are allowed to take part in internships and eye-opening research. If you are interested in attending Hollins University, make sure to check out their full-tuition scholarships in the link down below!

For Hollins University’s Full-Tuition Scholarships, Click Here.

5. Virginia Military Institute

Just one down the list, but the cost of attendance has skyrocketed even higher! Instead of being a private liberal arts institution, Virginia Military Institute was established as a public liberal arts college. Applicants who are accepted into this institution are military cadets, and many students who graduate are able to fulfill their dreams right after college graduation. As the first state-supported military college in the United States, VMI is well-known for its top-tier education and for its renowned faculty. Since it is a public university, the US Government provides the major funding, which means VMI has the backing of the government. To ensure their students have the highest financial aid, VMI offers full-ride scholarships to prospective students. Make sure to visit the scholarship program in the link down below!

For Virginia Military Institute’s Full-Ride Scholarship Program, Click Here.

6. University of Richmond

The University of Richmond doesn’t describe its education in word only, but it proves the quality of its education by using results. Being one of the most prestigious scholarships in the world, the US Fulbright Scholarship is awarded to the most qualified students in the United States. After receiving the education from Richmond, many graduates were able to win the Fulbright Scholarship, and the University of Richmond produced the highest amount of Fulbright Scholars in the past several years. Having a low student to faculty ratio of 8:1, the University of Richmond ensures its renown by offering full-ride scholarships to prospective students.

For University of Richmond’s Full-Ride Scholarship, Click Here.

7. Washington & Lee University

Last but not least, Washington & Lee is a small private liberal art institution that is located among the mountains of West Virginia. Even though it requires one of the highest cost of attendance, W & L can be one of your cheapest universities if you get into the scholarship program. Known as the Johnson Scholars Program, Washington and Lee covers the full cost of attendance beginning with the tuition and covering even the mandatory costs such as room & board. If you want to attend this prestigious institution for free, you have to overcome the challenge by applying for the full-ride scholarship in the link down below. Good luck, and thanks again for reading this post!

For W & L Full-Ride Scholarship Program, Click Here.