Cheap Universities in Oregon

4 Cheapest Universities in Oregon

Oregon Scholarships

Instead of having the traditional seven, I have only picked four universities that are the cheapest in the state of Oregon. Exhausting my sources, I tried time and time again to find affordable universities in this state, but I come up with blanks. If you do know of cheap universities in Oregon that I have missed, please let me know in the comments below. If not, continue to read on this post with my humblest apology. Also, if you are not satisfied with the cost or with the financial aid, remember that your choice is not limited to universities in Oregon State. There are many universities in other states that offer low cost of attendance with great financial aid, so please don’t panic!

Name of InstitutionCost of AttendanceAvailable Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
1. New Hope Christian College$23,000 per yearGrants / Need-Based Awards
2. Warner Pacific University$25,000 per yearLow-Value Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
3. University of Oregon$50,000 per yearFull-Tuition Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
4. Lewis & Clark College $75,000 per yearFull-Tuition Scholarships / Need-Based Aid

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1. New Hope Christian College

As a Christian college in Oregon State, New Hope has lowered its tuition and mandatory fees so that many students can receive spiritual encouragement combined with quality education. Focusing mainly on Christian Leadership, NHCC encourages its students to build character and to have strong integrity. Having a small-student body with a great faculty, New Hope offers its students a chance to grow not only academically but also spiritually. Dedicated to its students, this college continues to grow by building additional studios and facilities for its creative students, and it continues to encourage its students in their spiritual walk with their Savior.

For New Hope’s Office of Financial Aid, Click Here.

2. Warner Pacific University

As a second university among our list, Warner Pacific University offers a challenging curriculum at an affordable cost. Being one of the cheapest universities in Oregon State, Warner Pacific ensures the happiness of its students by offering them a protective environment filled with vibrant neighbors. Having many clubs, activities, and available internships, many students of WPU connect with their life-long friends through their campus connections. In addition, the faculty of Warner Pacific is always ready to help at an instant notice since they are truly concerned about your welfare and you as a student personally. To help you truly prepare for your future career, Warner Pacific will be always there for you every step of the way. If interested, be sure to visit its official homepage in the link down below!

For WPU Office of Financial Aid, Click Here.

3. University of Oregon

Instead of opting for its low cost of attendance, the University of Oregon was picked for another reason. To provide a challenge to any reader around the world, I usually pick two or three universities that are ranked among the top universities for each state. Most of the time, ranked universities have a higher price range than low-ranked institutions. However, higher price range always brings discouragement to applicants who are in need of financial aid. In order to overcome the financial burden, I personally pick the colleges that offer either full-ride scholarship that cover the annual cost of attendance or full-tuition scholarship that provides the majority of your college expenses. Either way, it’s a win-win situation since you can attend one of the top universities in Oregon State at a cheap cost. If you are up for a challenge, be sure to visit the link down below!

For University of Oregon’s Full-Tuition Scholarship, Click Here.

4. Lewis & Clark College 

Similar to the University of Oregon, Lewis & Clark College is a high-ranking institution in the State of Oregon. As a private liberal arts college in Portland, Lewis & Clark offers intellectually-stimulating education that challenges even the smartest of students. To better stimulate their students by providing a way to relieve their stress, Lewis & Clark has over 100 acres of land filled with wooded hills and natural beauty. Not only that, but it also offers state-of-the-art athletic facilities, well-stocked libraries, and famous green buildings that are eco-friendly. To top it off, its innovative research opportunities and cutting-edge technology have been famed nation-wide. To lower the financial burden of talented students, Lewis & Clark College is currently offering full-tuition scholarships to eligible applicants!

For Lewis & Clark’s Full-Tuition Scholarship, Click Here.