Cheap Universities in Tennessee

7 Cheapest Universities in Tennessee

Tennessee Scholarships

Located along the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee State is famous for its natural landscapes and its beautiful sceneries. Due to its closeness to nature and the wilds, many woodsmen and sharpshooters originated from the state of Tennessee. Davy Crockett, who played an important role in many historic battles, grew up in the backwoods of Tennessee, and this particular state is famous for giving birth to many famous figures in the history of the United States. To add to its growing popularity, Tennessee also contains several institutions that offer a low cost of attendance to prospective students.

Name of InstitutionAnnual Cost of AttendanceAvailable Scholarships / Financial Aid
1. LeMoyne-Owen College$18,000 per yearNeed-Based Assistance
2. Lane College$19,000 per yearLow-Value Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
3. University of Tennessee – Martin$23,000 per year*Low-Value Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
4. Johnson University $25,000 per yearMedium-Value Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
5. Union University$45,000 per year Full-Ride Scholarship / Need-Based Aid
6. Christian Brothers University$45,000 per yearMultiple Full-Tuition Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
7. Sewanee – The University of the South$60,000 per yearMultiple Full-Ride Scholarships / Need-Based Aid

*The cost of attendance for UT Martin was calculated by adding up the annual costs of tuition, room, and board.

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1. LeMoyne-Owen College

The first institution among our list is LeMoyne-Owen College, which offers the lowest cost of attendance per year. Remember, the total cost listed above is the annual cost of attendance without any forms of financial aid. Since most of the applicants receive some type of financial aid, the cost of attendance will be going only down from now on. Since LeMoyne offers one of the cheapest cost of attendance, it doesn’t offer any forms of merit-based aid except need-based assistance. If you are interested in attending this university, please make sure that you are eligible for need-based aid by visiting the link down below.

For LeMoyne-Owen College’s Need-Based Aid, Click Here.

2. Lane College

By a close margin, Lane College comes second by offering an quality education at an affordable price. As a private liberal-arts institution, Lane College was first established to increase literacy of its community. To achieve its noble goal, high academic standards and even better moral rules were established to create graduates of excellent spirit and character. Welcoming any student regardless of race or origin, Lane College is a diverse community and ever-increasing body of life-long friends. If you are interested in attending Lane College, be sure to check out the financial aid options in the link down below.

For Lane College’s Office of Financial Aid, Click Here.

3. University of Tennessee – Martin (UTM)

As one of the famous universities in West Tennessee, UTM is a public research institution that currently offers over 100 undergraduate and graduate programs to incoming students. To ensure the quality of its education, UT Martin has hired renowned faculties in their respective fields; and, in addition, it has invested millions into educational facilities such as state-of-the-art laboratories and cutting-edge equipments. Continuing its investment for its future students, UT Martin has revolutionized its teaching not only in traditional classrooms but also in its online programs. If interested, click on the link down below for more!

For UT Martin’s Office of Financial Aid, Click Here.

4. Johnson University

One of the key advantages of Johnson University is its prime location. Separated into two distinct campuses, Johnson University has one campus located in Tennessee and one located in Florida. The one in Tennessee is situated near the Rocky Mountains and the French Broad River, which provides students access to nature. To provide entertainment for its current students, the campus located in Florida was built right next to Disney World and Universal Studios. Many students in Tennessee take part in exchange programs by going down to its sister institution down in Florida, which means that the students of Johnson have unlimited access to nature and fun entertainment.

For Johnson University’s Office of Financial Aid, Click Here.

5. Union University

Ranked as the top Christian liberal arts institution in the South, Union University offers not only quality academic programs but also implements Christ-centered education that promotes a high degree of character and integrity among its students. Using many similar methods to promote the learning of its students, Union University has a low student to faculty ratio, and the majority of its faculty holds a Ph.D. degree among their respective fields. To offer many options for its students, Union University currently offers over 100 courses to prepare its students for their undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Just by looking at the cost, Union University has double the cost than the first four institutions, but please know that it offers a full-ride scholarship that can cover the full cost of your education.

For Union University’s Full-Ride Scholarship, Click Here.

6. Christian Brothers University (CBU)

Affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, CBU is also a four-year, private university founded by the De La Salle Christian Brothers. Regionally accredited for its educational programs, Christian Brothers University is known for its academic excellence and also for its exceptional faculty. To prepare its students for a great career, CBU invests heavily in its faculty and especially on its students. However, CBU is not all about quality education since it is also focused on producing graduates with exceptional character and moral integrity. Deeply rooted in the Catholic faith, it strives to increase the spiritual maturity of its students through its education community. To lower the financial burden of each student, CBU offers multiple full-tuition scholarships to incoming prospective applicants.

For CBU’s Full-Tuition Scholarships, Click Here.

7. Sewanee – The University of the South

Last but not least, Sewanee comes last since it requires one of the highest cost of attendance in Tennessee State. One of the reasons that Sewanee requires a high cost of attendance is due to its world-tier education and renown. To fund its innovative research and to generate partnerships, Sewanee is required to spend money by bucket loads. Many students are discouraged from attending top-tier universities due to its high cost of attendance; however, don’t be discouraged! Higher the educational fee, the higher the amount of financial aid for prospective students. If you are up for a challenge, please check out the full-ride scholarship offered by Sewanee in the link down below.

For Sewanee’s Full-Ride Scholarships, Click Here.