7 Cheapest Universities in Florida

7 Cheapest Universities in Florida

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Many universities portray their total cost in a somewhat ambiguous manner; moreover, some financial terms used by those universities are even hard to understand from a student’s point of view. For easy reference, the seven cheapest universities in Florida were chosen based on three essential factors.

The three factors are the cost of attendance, quality of education, and the availability of scholarships. The cost of attendance is not just tuition, but it is the total cost of attending the university. In other words, you need to focus on the cost of attendance instead of basing your choice solely on tuition.

You also need to consider the quality of education to see that it’s actually worth paying money to attend that institution. Due to its low cost, some universities have a low quality of education to match it; however, you don’t have to do that! Also, scholarships and other forms of financial aid can negate the cost of attendance, so make sure to read the financial aid portion of each university.

Name of Institution*Cost of AttendanceAvailable Scholarships / Financial Aid
1. University of Miami$75,000 per yearFull Ride Scholarship + Full Tuition Scholarships
2. Rollins College$72,000 per yearFull Ride Scholarship + Merit-Based Financial Aid
3. St. Petersburg College$25,000 per yearLow-Value Scholarships + Need-Based Aid
4. University of West Florida$22,000 per yearLow-Value Scholarships + Need-Based Aid
5. Trinity Baptist College$20,000 per year Low-Value Scholarships + Need-Based Aid
6. Northwest Florida State College$15,000 per yearLow-Value Scholarships + Need-Based Aid
7. Pensacola Christian College$13,000 per yearLow-Value Scholarship

*The Cost of Attendance Listed Above is the Toal Cost of Attending the University Without Any Form of Financial Assistance.

As you look at the chart above, you might be thinking, “Why is the University of Miami and Rollins College on the list?” The answer is simple if you look at each scholarship next to Miami and Rollins. If you get the full-ride scholarship, you don’t have to pay anything!

Well, duh! For high-achievers, I want to challenge you to aim for the stars by applying for the full-ride scholarship, and if you succeed, then you have made Miami or Rollins the cheapest college in the state of Florida. If you don’t want to try, you have other options from number 3 to 7.

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This is the CHEAPEST College in the United States, so be sure to use this information wisely.

1. University of Miami (UM)

Not only is UM famous in the state of Florida, but UM is also one of the leading research universities in the United States. Do you remember what I have said earlier? One of the three essential factors is the quality of education, and UM is currently conducting research in marine science, engineering, education, and psychology due to its renowned research capabilities.

As the university with the highest cost of attendance, UM can be the cheapest college for you if you enter UM Admissions with Premier Scholarships. Among the merit-based scholarships, the University of Miami offers five Premier Scholarships that cover the majority of your educational fees.

Due to its high cost of education, University of Miami offers two full-ride scholarships and three full-tuition scholarships to incoming freshmen. US Citizens and Permanent Residents have a slight advantage since two full-tuition scholarships among the five are offered only to you! Some of these scholarships might require a separate application, so please read carefully.

For University of Miami Scholarships, Click Here.

To Apply for UM Undergraduate Admissions, Click Here.

2. Rollins College

Similar to University of Miami, Rollins College is a private liberal arts college that is located in Orlando, Florida. Yes, this college offers close-knit learning through its professors, and it also offers a high quality of education. But, Rollins College is located near Disney World, which means students of Rollins can have fun too!

Due to its popular location and quality education, Rollins College charges a high amount for its cost of attendance; however, you get a way out. Alfond Scholars Program offers 10 scholarships that cover your tuition, room & board, and other mandatory expenses. In addition, it offers many merit-based scholarships that are based on your GPA and standardized test scores.

For Rollins College Full-Ride Scholarship, Click Here.

To Apply for Rollins College Undergraduate Admissions, Click Here.

3. St. Petersburg College (SPC)

Due to its connections with many private industries and companies, SPC graduates start immediately into their jobs due to their real-life experiences. Since many employers look for internships over your college GPA, St. Petersburg College encourages its students to apply for internships that will prepare the students for their respective careers.

Because of its high rate of employability, many SPC students save money and also pay for less. Even though it has a low total cost, SPC still offers many options for financial aid to incoming students. Because of its low cost and high employability rate, SPC is still one of the cheapest colleges in the state of Florida.

For SPC Scholarships and Awards, Click Here.

To Apply for SPC Undergraduate Admissions, Click Here.

4. University of West Florida (UWF)

Compared to the first two, University of West Florida offers low-value scholarships since UWF offers lower tuition than UM or Rollins. As the third-cheapest university in Florida State, UWF’s cost of attendance is the average for most universities located in Florida.

Due to its low tuition, UWF does not offer full-ride scholarships nor full-tuition awards; however, it offers various types of need-based awards to US Citizens and Permanent Residents. If you are interested, please visit UWF Office of Financial Aid and the UWF Undergraduate Admissions as well.

For UWF Scholarships and Awards, Click Here.

To Apply for UWF Undergraduate Admissions, Click Here.

5. Trinity Baptist College

Many students in the United States look for accreditation when they are looking for a college, and they should since accreditation might be a difference in getting a job or not! Because of this reason, many students shy away from Christian colleges due to their lack of (regional) accreditation, and Trinity Baptist College has national accreditation, which can be a deciding factor for many students.

For Regional vs. National Accreditation, Click Here.

You might change your option due to the above post, but you need to choose your college, and you need to determine if your career needs regional or national accreditation. Be sure to choose wisely since your future might depend on your next step.

For Trinity Baptist College’s Scholarships and Awards, Click Here.

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6. Northwest Florida State College

NWF State College is not just known for its in-class teaching, but it is also famous for its online curriculum as well. Teaching many students nationwide and even worldwide, Northwest is a college that takes pride in its educational excellence, and it prioritizes scholarships in order to lower the financial burden of many students.

For Northwest Florida State College’s Scholarships, Click Here.

To Apply for NWF State College Undergraduate Admissions, Click Here.

7. Pensacola Christian College

The cheapest institution in the state of Florida is Pensacola Christian College, and it is probably one of the most affordable in the United States but also in the world. Even though it has national accreditation, many students go to PCC due to their cheap cost of attendance.

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