7 Cheapest Universities in Georgia

7 Cheapest Universities in Georgia

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Known for its many speed traps, Georgia is often related to speeding tickets for many drivers. Even though it strictly enforces the legal speed limit, Georgia is also known for its leniency when it comes to financial aid. The 7 cheapest universities in the state of Georgia contains several famous colleges, but it also contains several institutions that you have never heard of.

Name of InstitutionCost of AttendanceAvailable Scholarships / Financial Aid
1. College of Coastal Georgia$16,000 per year Small Merit-Based and Need-Based Awards
2. University of West Georgia$17,000 per yearNeed-Based Awards + Multiple Tuition Waivers
3. Gordon State College$20,000 per yearMerit-Based and Need-Based Financial Assistance
4. Georgia State University$29,000 per yearFull Tuition Scholarships + Need-Based Awards
5. Lagrange College$43,000 per yearFull Ride Scholarships / Full Tuition Awards
6. Georgia Institute of Technology $53,000 per yearMultiple Full Ride Scholarships + Full-Ride Need-Based Awards
7. Emory University $70,000 per yearFull-Ride Scholar Program + Need-Based Assistance

The first few universities has the lowest cost of attendance, However, as you go down the list, you might recognize the names of the colleges that have a high cost of attendance. The low cost of attendance is not everything since you have to also consider the quality of education of each institution.

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1. College of Coastal Georgia

Also known as the CCGA, the College of Coastal Georgia is known for its interactive campus. Yes, it is known for its affordable education since CCGA is the cheapest college in the state of Georgia; however, it is famous for its beaches and islands that students can relax in.

In addition, CCGA gives its students many opportunities to participate by sponsoring many sports teams and even more student-based activities such as kayaking and paddle-boarding. Not falling behind even in education, College of Coastal Georgia implements real-life situations to prepare its graduates for their future career.

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2. University of West Georgia

As one of the largest public universities in Georgia, UWG is also known for its low cost of attendance. As the second cheapest university in Georgia State, the University of West Georgia currently offers over 90 programs that cover all levels of higher education. Striving to be the top, UWG received many recognitions by teaching its students the best education possible.

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3. Gordon State College

Many universities in the United States are related to the Christian faith in name only, but Gordon State College practices what it believes by challenging its students spiritually as well. Known as a famous liberal arts institution, Gordon continues to serve its community by offering quality education supported by a moral foundation.

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4. Georgia State University

As the prices go up, the value of financial aid also goes up as well. To cover its high cost of attendance, Georgia State University offers several full-tuition scholarships to its prospective students. However, it doesn’t offer this scholarship to just any student since Georgia State vets out its applicants by looking at the merits of each student.

For Georgia State, the quality of education isn’t slacking either since GSU currently offers nearly 300 programs that attract brilliant minds from over 150 different countries. But also remember that this quality of education is given at an affordable price due to its merit-based scholarships and financial aid!

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5. Lagrange College

Compared to other cheap universities in Georgia state, Lagrange College is way too expensive since it cost nearly $40,000 per year. If you are a high achiever, don’t be discouraged since Lagrange College also offers full-tuition scholarships and even full-ride scholarships!

Also, I failed to mention that Lagrange College is a top liberal arts institution that offers a small student to faculty ratio, which means you can personally interactive in class more often and your professor even knows you by name. Always consider the quality of education because it is always worth it.

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6. Georgia Institute of Technology

Similar to Lagrange College, Georgia Institute of Technology should not be on the list of cheapest colleges in Georgia State. However, I have included this college due to its high amount of financial aid that negates the high cost of attendance. For example, if you can receive a full-ride or a full-tuition scholarship, the Georgia Institute of Technology will become the cheapest institution in the state of Georgia.

Also known as Georgia Tech, this college is a leading research institution that offers top-notch education that is second to none. Consistently ranking among the top colleges in the United States, Georgia Tech specializes in the fields of Business, Computing, Design, Engineering, and Sciences.

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7. Emory University

Last but not least, Emory University is probably among the most expensive institutions to attend in the United States. If you are up to a challenge, then go ahead for this one since Emory University offers a scholarship program that covers every aspect of its college education. Also, remember that Emory University is a top private research university that houses many famous alumni that performed countless research breakthroughs.

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