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Founded in 1925, the University of Miami was established as a private research university, and it currently serves nearly 20,000 students world-wide. Since this institution is a major research university, it has over $300 million in research funds for their research fields.

Even though it has been established during recent years, the University of Miami quickly rose to become one of the U.S. top research universities. Offering nearly 300 academic programs, the University of Miami continues to further its majors and minors to accommodate future students of UM.

In addition to its early history, the University of Miami has held an impressive record over the years, and UM established great scholarship programs to attract talented students in the United States and around the world.

Types of Scholarships Offered at University of Miami

It’s been a while that I have talked about this, but there are two types of scholarships for most universities. One is merit-based scholarship which only requires an admissions application, and the other is a competitive scholarship which requires a separate scholarship application in addition to the admissions application.

1. Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen

All scholarships offered to incoming freshmen are full-ride scholarships, and that is great news for prospective students since there is a high possibility of getting one of the full-ride scholarships; however, please check the eligibility requirements before getting too excited.

A. UM George W. Jenkins Scholarship

This scholarship program is not for all incoming freshmen since it requires a state residency, so be sure to pay attention to small details because it might be an important factor. Since this is a competitive scholarship, the prospective student must submit an admissions application and a separate scholarship application.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applied for Undergraduate Admissions*
  • Be Nominated by Their High School Counselor
  • Be a US Citizen or a Permanent Resident
  • Be a Resident of One of the States**
  • Maintained a Cumulative High School GPA of at least 3.75
  • Submit FAFSA*** and CSS Profile
  • Show Involvement Extracurricular Activities
  • Submit a Personal Essay

*Since this is a high-value scholarship, the University of Miami wants the students who are really interested in studying at UM to apply. To be eligible for this scholarship, the prospective student needs to apply in their senior year (Early Decision, Early Action, or Regular Decision) of high school. Personally, I would apply as early as I can since the funding is limited for these full-ride scholarships.

**Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, or Virginia

***FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and the FAFSA and CSS Profile are financial aid forms that show demonstrated financial need of each student. Since FAFSA and CSS Profile have application deadlines, be sure to check the dates on the link down below!

Scholarship Benefits:

  • Full Tuition for Four Years
  • Room & Board (Meal Plan Included)
  • Health Insurance
  • Labtop Allowance
  • Stipend for Books, Transportation, and Personal Expenses
  • Participation of Exclusive Programs and Mentoring Sessions

In addition to the academic merit, the Jenkins Scholarship has some need-based requirements as well. Because it requires the undergraduate admissions and FAFSA / CSS Profile, prospective applicants need to take note of the application deadlines of both forms.

For UM George W. Jenkins Scholarship, Click Here.

B. UM Stamps Scholarship

Known as the most prestigious merit award at the University of Miami, the Stamps Scholarship is given to top students of the incoming freshmen class. This full-ride scholarship has even more benefits than the Jenkins Scholarship and even fewer requirements!

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Apply for Early Admissions (Early Decision I and Early Action)
  • Be an High-Achieving Student in Academic and Extracurricular Activities*

*Even though they do not list specific academic requirements, I would assume only the best students will be selected for the Stamps Scholarship.

Scholarship Benefits:

  • Full Tuition for Four Years
  • Room & Board (Meal Plan Included)
  • UM Health Insurance
  • Book Stipend
  • Laptop Allowance
  • Enrichment Fund for Study Abroad, Internships, and Research
  • Exclusive Events for Stamps Scholars

Even though it has fewer eligibility requirements, the potential Stamps Scholars will be invited on campus for a two-day weekend program. After looking at the student’s performance and achievements, they will decide the Stamps Scholars after conducting the interview.

For UM Stamps Scholarships, Click Here.

C. UM Issac Bashevis Singer Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Apply for Early Admissions by the Required Deadline
  • Submit a Separate Scholarship Essay

Scholarship Value: Full Tuition for Four Years

For clarity sake, I will sometimes include only the eligibility requirements and the scholarship value if they do not need a long description. The selection process for the Singer Scholarship is the same as the Stamps Scholarship, so be sure to check the link below for specific details.

For UM Issac Bashevis Singer Scholarship, Click Here.

D. UM Marta S. and L. Austin Weeks Endowed Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements:

Scholarship Value: Full Tuition for Four Years

For UM Marta S. and L. Austin Weeks Scholarship, Click Here.

E. UM Ronald A. Hammond Scholarship

This scholarship program was established to promote diversity among the University of Miami campus. Founded to award academic excellence and educative goals, the Hammond Scholarship is another prestigious scholarship offered by the University of Miami.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Apply for Early Admissions
  • Be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Consideration Given to Students from Underrepresented Backgrounds OR Be a First-Generation College Student

Scholarship Value: Full Tuition for Four Years

Similar to other scholarships, the selection for Hammond Scholars is dependent on the on-campus Scholarship Weekend. Since the finalists are determined by their performance and achievement in this on-campus program, the University of Miami strongly encourages prospective students to attend this event.

For UM Ronald A. Hammond Scholarship, Click Here.

2. Scholarships for Transfers

For transfer students, the University of Miami awards merit-based scholarships that only require the admissions application. Because of this reason, prospective transfer students should just apply for undergraduate admissions and wait for your result. However, it is a good idea to check the transfer scholarships to see the eligibility requirements and scholarship values.

For UM Transfer Scholarships, Click Here.

3. Additional Scholarships

The University of Miami is composed of different departments that command different aspects of the campus community. In order to attract students who are talented in a specific field, the University of Miami offers scholarships to talented athletes and musicians.

For UM Athletic Scholarship, Click Here.

For UM Music Scholarship, Click Here.

In addition to athletic and music scholarships, the University of Miami offers scholarships based on academic merit and other qualifications. If you are interested in any additional scholarships, please visit the links below!

For DACA Students, Click Here.

For International Students, Click Here.

For National Merit Awards, Click Here.

Conclusion: Any More?

In addition to scholarships offered at University of Miami, the UM encourages prospective students to apply for external scholarships. Limiting themselves to just internal scholarships may be a good choice for some but not for all since not all students are going to receive high-value scholarships.

Since you might not receive the scholarship that you are looking for, it is a good idea to apply for external scholarships and outside financial aid. Although there are many high-value scholarships for incoming freshmen, there are a lot more scholarships offered by private organizations.

If you have time to search for additional scholarships to fund your college education, please apply for as many scholarships as you can! Also, these external scholarships do not just apply to the University of Miami itself, but the external aid can be applied for most universities in the United States.

For External Scholarships, Click Here.

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