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Standing for the last names of BPP founders, Brierly Price Prior is the true abbreviation of BPP, and they came together to establish a university that is open to all incoming students. Split into two factions, BPP University contains a law school and another university school that teaches business and technology. Due to its high cost of tuition and fees, BPP Scholarships were established to lower and eliminate the financial burden of many talented applicants. The scholarship also splits into two categories as well to match the huge number of applications going into both BPP Schools, so take your pick and go with it!

Eligibility Requirements of BPP Scholarships

If you want to see the list of courses offered at BPP University, be sure to quickly glance at this list to see if your course is listed here. If it is, please continue on with the application procedure, and if your course is not listed there, be sure to choose the course that is closest to your intended major. Since the scholarship benefits vary for each scholarship, I thought it would be a better idea for you to check out the list of scholarship and their scholarship values, but before you do, let’s go over the general application requirements that are for all applicants.

  • Have Applied / Been Accepted to Either BPP University Law School OR BPP University School of Business and Technology
  • Have a Minimum of 2:1 Degree Result or Its Equivalent (Upper Second Class Honours)*
  • Doesn’t Receive External Funding

*Or 2:2 with evidence of mitigating circumstances and reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Before you can even apply for BPP Scholarships, you have to be admitted to either one of the BPP University Schools, so if you didn’t fulfill the first step, you need to go ahead to its homepage and apply for admissions. After passing the first step, you also need to meet the academic requirement, and you probably shouldn’t be receiving funding anyways since you are applying for BPP Scholarships. If you pass all the application requirements above, then please go ahead and apply for BPP Scholarships.

If you click on the link above, you will be lead to a website full of individual BPP Scholarships, but you first need to find your school and then apply for the scholarship offered by your school (Law or Business/Technology). After reviewing each scholarship application, BPP Scholarship Committee will shortlist applicants to choose the top prospective students and offer them full-ride scholarship. In order to be among this list, your application should be better than most applicants, and your academic achievements should also be better than most. I hope this helps, and stay safe!

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