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ITI Scholarship (2021)

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As more and more people became interested in dental care and the maintenance of your teeth, a group of professional dentists wanted to spread their knowledge and expertise to a generation of young people. In order to support them financially, ITI (International Team of Implantology) has established a scholarship funding that became known as ITI Scholarship. If you are interested in implant dentistry and any one of its related fields, this scholarship might be for you since ITI Scholarship provides a monthly stipend and necessary career experiences through research and internships.

Benefits / Application Requirements of ITI Scholarship

Unlike previous posts, I want to start off with the benefits of this scholarship and then go towards our required conditions. Nowadays, scholarships for young clinicians are a huge blessing since dental institutions are not cheap! Not only does this scholarship cover financial expenses, but it also enhances your growth through mentorship training. All scholarship recipients are required to attend one of the many ITI Scholarship Centers around the world, where you will be taught by one of the highly experienced ITI Fellows. During your one-year scholarship period, you will learn to apply your knowledge scientifically but also apply that knowledge responsibly.

Benefits of ITI Scholarship

Basically, this scholarship is not for high school graduates who want to go into the related fields of implant dentistry but for young clinicians who want to improve their skills by learning from higher professionals in their field. You can choose which scholarship center that you want to work in, but you will spend all your time either doing research or treating patients at your own Scholarship Center. Supervised by experienced veterans, these Scholarship Centers are equipped with the necessary equipment and knowledge to handle every aspect of implant treatment, which are then passed down to you, the scholarship recipients. Even though you are not being taught in graduate schools, you will receive training and knowledge that will surpass even the best dental clinic since ITI Scholarship Centers were built to ensure your future success.

Eligibility Requirements of ITI Scholarship

  • Have Either One of the Following Degrees
    • BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)
    • DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
    • Or Any of the Above Equivalents
  • Have Either One of the Following Requirements
    • At Least Two Years of Postgraduate Training* in Dental Specialization Such As Periodontology, Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics or Similar
    • Or Spend Three Years of Professional Clinical Experience As a Qualified Dentist
  • Be Committed to Teaching and Learning
  • Be Able to Communicate in the Local Language of Your Preferred ITI Scholarship Center**

*When you are applying for the ITI Scholarship, you can still be in training, but you need to finish your training by the time that the Scholarship Year starts. **If you are applying as a non-native speaker (learned the language when you are an adult rather than a baby), you are required to get a language certificate of the local language of your preferred Scholarship Center. For some ITI Scholarship Centers, the language certificate is a requirement, while it is not a requirement for others. If you still quite didn’t understand the language requirement yet, I’ll give you a quick example. If you are from France and you want to apply to a Scholarship Center in Japan, then you check the language requirement of Japan’s Scholarship Center to see if you need the language certificate or not. If you do, then take the language exam, and if not, you still need to know Japanese to speak with your ITI instructors.

If you do qualify for this scholarship, then I would first check out the different ITI Scholarship Centers and what their needs are. After choosing your center, then apply online to be considered for this scholarship. Since you already found the necessary information that you need, the final step of the application procedure is to check the application deadline and then apply following the instructions listed on the homepage. By clicking on the link below, you will find all the required information, and I wish you good luck. As always, do your best, and I hope you do get this scholarship!

To Apply for ITI Scholarship, Click Here.