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First founded as a high school organization, South Point High School later grew into one of the major institutions in the country of India. Due to its positive educational environment, SPHS continued to grow in popularity and fame. As more and more students flocked to this popular school, the number of sponsors continued to increase. Due to the generosity of Priyamvada Birla Charitable Trust, a scholarship was established, and it was eventually named for its founder as the Priyamvada Birla Scholarship. This scholarship is for high school students who are about to graduate and for high school graduates as well, and remember, this scholarship, as well as the school, is popular among Indian students so expect fierce competition.

Application Requirements (Financial and Merit)

Unlike most academic scholarships, the Priyamvada Birla Scholarship is a hybrid that combines both merit and financial requirements together. Offered only to 25 students each year, this scholarship has a duration of four years, which is the number of years required to finished a bachelor’s degree. Having a fixed annual stipend, the Priyamvada Birla Scholarship Recipients can use this funding to cover their tuition fees, room & board, and other mandatory fees related to their education. Without further ado, let’s get into the requirements needed to apply for this scholarship.

  • For Merit Requirements, the Following Academic Standards Will Be Considered
    • AISSCE, ISC, IB, Higher Secondary Results of Any State Board / Council
    • Admissions to a College / Institution in West Bengal
  • For Financial Requirements, the Following Criteria Will Be Considered
    • Income of Applicant’s Family* Should Be Less Than  ₹75,000 per Year
  • Be Less Than 25 Years of Age

*Family means the applicant’s parents and spouse only.

The academic requirements include standardized testings and your high school GPA. In addition, you need to apply for admissions for any college or institution in West Bengal in order to qualify for this scholarship. This academic requirement concerning college admissions is probably the hardest, but if you are actively participating in class and also in extracurricular activities, you will do well. The financial requirements are not too bad since you just have to provide written proof that your family’s income is indeed less than ₹75,000 per year. Last but not least, the scholarship value is also listed down below.

Scholarship Value: 24,000 per Year

For Specific Information Regarding Priyamvada Birla Scholarship, Click Here.

Last but not least, the final step of this post is the application procedure. Since this is detailed and outlined in the link above, I will leave the rest to you since I can’t do all the applying for you since this is your scholarship. Put your hardest effort into it, and I wish you good luck! As always, stay safe, and please come back to visit our website anytime. Thanks for reading, and visit our homepage for more scholarship posts.