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5 Best Medical Schools in Korea

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The success of South Korea’s education system draws students from different parts of the world, and many international students take an interest in studying Medicine in this country.

Not only is this country taking the world’s attention due to its pop culture trends, but the medical schools from its esteemed universities offer world-class education and receive international recognition as well. Graduates from Korean universities can take their degrees and practice anywhere in the world. In this article, we will be looking at the best medical schools in Korea

Aside from the high-quality education, aspiring doctors can look to a productive and fulfilling life in South Korea. Koreans have high regard for doctors, and there are endless job opportunities for its graduates. Also, living in South Korea is relatively economical while providing fantastic opportunities to experience its culture to the finest.

Can Foreigners Study in Medical Schools in South Korea?

Yes. Foreigners looking to study Medicine in South Korea can apply to its universities, such as Seoul National University. Seoul National University offers two international admission options: the International Admissions I and the International Admissions II. The first one applies to applicants and their parents, who are both non-Korean citizens. The latter is for applicants who hold Korean citizenship, including international marriage migrants naturalized as Korean, and applicants with foreign citizenship who completed prior studies outside Korea.

What is the most prestigious medical school in South Korea?

The most prestigious medical school in South Korea is Seoul National University. Ranking first in the country, its medical school also took 32nd place in QS World Ranking in 2020 and 37th place in Times Higher Education Ranking for 2021. Furthermore, it landed within the 101st to 150th ranking in Academic Ranking of World University for 2020.

Besides the accolades received by its medical school, the university itself is internationally recognized. In 2020, Seoul National University took 14th place in QS Asian Ranking and 9th place in Times Higher Education Asian ranking.

With these, the university delivers its vision to foster international convergence talent while teaching the value of global citizenship, volunteerism, and human rights.

Best Medical Schools in South Korea

1. Seoul National University – College of Medicine

Seoul National University officially opened on October 15, 1946, with nine colleges, including the College of Medicine, and one graduate school. The school aims to cultivate humane leaders, lead biomedical sciences with practical research, and build a healthy society through participation and outreach. As a result, Seoul National University is the best medical school in Korea.

With its vision to become the home of pioneering biomedical research and practical intellect, the school ensures to provide a world-class education to both local and international students.

Currently, the school has 520 professors and over 2,000 students in undergraduate and graduate programs. Its educational track includes a two-year premedical course, four-year College of Medicine course, and Graduate School.

Aside from world-class education, the College of Medicine is also home to South Korea’s top research facilities, such as the Cancer Research Institute, Liver Research Institute, and the Wide River Institute of Immunology. Despite its keen focus on providing theoretical, research, and practice-based education, the school also offers extra-curricular activities to nurture communal bonding, social work, and leadership skills.

2. Sungkyunkwan University – School of Medicine

Although Sungkyunkwan University is the oldest in South Korea, founded in 1398, its School of Medicine was established in 1997. With its primary mission to produce competent and compassionate doctors, the school focuses on education through scientific knowledge, moral ethics and research, and innovative education.

Currently, this top medical school in Korea has over 250 students in undergraduate and graduate programs, with over 500 faculty to deliver top-tier education in Clinical Medicine and Basic Medical Science.

The international community also took notice of Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine. It placed 41st in Times Higher Education world rankings for 2021 and 100th for QS World Ranking for 2020. Besides its education, the school also provides significant research contributions through its institutes, such as the Medical Research Institute and the Single Cell Network Research Center.

3. Yonsei University – Department of Medicine

The Department of Medicine at Yonsei University, one of the best medical schools in Korea, pursues to produce globally-competitive researchers and professors, contributing to medical science and exercising creativity and research skills grounded on Christian spirit.

While the university was established in 1957, its Medical School went back to 1885 by launching the first modern hospital with Western medicine practice.

As of 2019, the school employs over 500 professors and assistant professors to over 2000 premedical up to graduate students. As one of the best medical schools in South Korea, Yonsei secured spots in both QS World Ranking and Times Higher Education Rankings, with 116th and 61st, respectively. Its research centers, such as the Yonsei Life Research Institute and the Gangnam Biomedical Center, contribute cutting-edge technology in medical diagnosis and treatment.

4. Korea University – College of Medicine

The College of Medicine in Korea University is another excellent option for aspiring doctors and medical field practitioners. Since its establishment in 1928 through its former name, Chosun Women’s Medical Training Institute, the school aims to produce doctors for the community, practicing Medicine grounded on truth, justice, and freedom. Currently, this medical school in Korea delivers its high-quality education to over 800 students, with its 370 professors’ invaluable help.

While the school belongs to the cream of the crop of South Korea’s education, Korea University College of Medicine also landed within the top 200 schools worldwide. Its QS 2020 World Ranking at 154th and Times Higher Education 2021 World Ranking at 90th certainly showcase its global competence in Medicine.

5. Kyung Hee University – College of Medicine

Since its establishment in 1964, Kyung Hee University College of Medicine commits to medicine development and human health promotion. Moreover, the school ensures that students learn the medical principles and practices, and virtues that help them become better healthcare practitioners.

As one of the Korea’s best medical schools, Kyung Hee College of Medicine ranks between 176th to 200th in Times Higher Education Ranking by subject in 2021. Meanwhile, its QS Ranking for 2020 is at 217th. Aside from the quality of its education, its research centers, such as the Kyung Hee Institute of Age-Related and Brain Disease and the Healthcare Industry Research Institute, provide countless contributions to the ever-growing research in Medicine.

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