best medical schools in Malaysia

5 Best Medical Schools in Malaysia

There are universities in Malaysia that offer excellent programs in Medicine. Before applying to a medical school, students need to complete at least one-year Foundation in Science course or pre-university courses, such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math. English proficiency is also a vital prerequisite since most universities offer Medicine in the English language. The […]

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best medical schools India

5 Best Medical Schools in India

India is an excellent place to study Medicine as it offers extensive education and training to aspiring doctors. The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree, which typically takes five and a half years to complete, is the least qualification to practice Medicine in India. To obtain higher qualifications, its holders may choose […]

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best medical schools Netherlands

5 Best Medical Schools in the Netherlands

The Netherlands makes an excellent study destination due to its high-quality education. More than five universities in the country make it to the top 100 prestigious ranking institutions, such as Times Higher Education and QS Top Universities, annually. Moreover, its medical schools compete with some of the world’s top countries in Medicine education, such as […]

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best medical school Japan

5 Best Medical Schools in Japan

Japan is an excellent place to pursue higher education due to its world-class universities and high-quality education. Moreover, the country provides international students the opportunity to explore its rich cultural heritage and enjoy its beautiful nature spots. Studying in Japan also offers the perfect reason to learn its widely popular language, and Medicine is one […]

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best medical schools Sweden

5 Best Medical Schools in Sweden

Sweden is a county located in the Scandinavian sub-region of Northern Europe. It borders its fellow Nordic nations of Norway, Denmark, and Finland. It is the fifth-largest country in Europe, and the population is heavily urbanized, with the majority living in the central and southern parts of the country. Sweden is one of the most […]

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best medical schools Austria

5 Best Medical Schools in Austria

Not only is the country famous for Music scholars, but Austria is also another excellent option to study Medicine. Though it has relatively fewer options among its neighboring European countries, its medical schools are nonetheless world-class, providing top-tier education and attracting students worldwide. This article will answer common questions for aspiring international students and list […]

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