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5 Best Medical Schools in South Africa

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South Africa can be found on the map in the southernmost part of the African continent. Travelers love it for its striking natural beauties and cultural diversity. In addition to that, it has a relatively stable economy which owes it to its developed agriculture, rich mineral resources, tourist attractions, and dynamic intellectual capital. In the last years, South Africa has shown considerable progress in its way of developing democracy in the country. It has 11 official languages, and it is often called “rainbow nation” alluding to its multicultural character.

Although South Africa still faces many challenges, it sure is an exciting country to study in. The universities are open to international students and offer them good academic facilities and a wide range of options for social activities and clubs. In addition, if you are interested to get involved and help develop the local area there are many community volunteering organizations you can join. In this article, we will focus on the best medical schools in South Africa, so if you’re thinking about applying to some of them, keep reading.

Can Foreigners Study in Medical Schools in South Africa?

Yes, all foreign students are welcome to apply. Each university has its own system on their website where future students can apply and enroll in the degree programs. Besides the regular documents such as a high school diploma, proof of scholarship and letters of recommendation might be also required as a part of the application. Your high school grades and courses are a strong and important factor when it comes to admission into these schools. The selection process can be quite competitive, so make sure you prepare well and if English is not your first language it is recommended that you take on some preparatory courses.

After acquiring their MBChB degree, graduates have to complete a two-year internship program and then a year of community service. Only after the completion of these two they can register with the Health Professions Council and work as a doctor. Here you can see how an international student can apply with the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Cape Town.

What is the most prestigious medical school in South Africa?

Unsurprisingly, the best medical school in South Africa is considered the one that is part of the University of Cape Town. Located in the vibrant student city of Cape Town the UCT is the oldest university in South Africa.

The medical school is under the Faculty of Health Sciences and it consists of 18 clinical divisions including cardiology, immunology, HIV, and dermatology among others. They pride themselves on the Hatter Institute for Cardiology Research and UCT Leukaemia Unit which are two of their 10 research units within the divisions.

Best Medical School in South Africa

1. University of Cape Town – Faculty of Health

As we’ve already mentioned that the University of Cape Town constantly ranks as the best medical school in South Africa and even the world. They have high-quality research programs and even provide advice to many health organizations around the world.

Graduates from this school will get a great education and practical skills in the field of medicine as they will have the chance to peak in the many research divisions. Applicants that are not South African have to meet certain requirements regarding matriculation exemption. More information on this and the overall application process can be found on the website of the school.

2. Stellenbosch University

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, part of the Stellenbosch University is one of the best medical schools in South Africa where you can acquire a prestigious medical degree.

The training here takes six years to complete. The clinical training starts from the second year already and lasts till the fifth year of study. It involves a strong hands-on practical experience. In that way, they produce high-quality medical doctors who are ready to treat the medical needs of the people.

3. University of Witwatersrand School of Clinical Medicine

This public research university is located in Johannesburg. The School of Clinical Medicine is considered one of the most reputable medical schools in South Africa. Established 100 years ago, it is ranked among the top 100 universities for clinical, preclinical, and health subjects by the Times Higher Education World Ranking system.

It is composed of several schools including Clinical Medicine, Anatomical Sciences, Oral Health Sciences, Public Health, and others. The students have the opportunity for practical experiences in five major hospitals and several clinics. Today, more than 25 000 graduates are all around the world improving the healthcare systems in many countries.

4. University of Pretoria

The University of Pretoria or Tuks houses one of the best medical schools in South Africa. The school of medicine was formed as one of four Schools in the Faculty of Health Sciences, the other three being School of Dentistry, Health Care Sciences, and Health Systems and Public Health.

The school offers many degrees like MBChB, MPharm Med, BClinical Medical Practice, etc. They have a handy tool on their web-site, called Virtual Campus which helps potential applicants to decide on a course and find their field of interest. In order to be accepted, there are some requirements for knowledge of English, Mathematics and Physical Sciences. Students are advised to make sure that they fulfill these requirements before enrolling.

5. University of KwaZulu Natal

The University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) is one of the most recently founded public universities in South Africa, being established in 2004. Despite the fact that it is a relatively new medical school in South Africa, it has achieved the status of a highly reputable one. It ranks high among university ranking lists and it has around 26,000 students.

At the School of Medicine, you can find 20 medical disciplines including Clinical and Professional Practice, Cardiology, Emergency Medicine Diabetes and Endocrinology, and others. It offers quite a wide range of options, so there is something for everyone interested in pursuing a degree in the field of medicine.

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