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5 Best Medical Schools in New Zealand

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On the Pacific Ocean, 1,200 miles east of the Australian coast, lies a beautiful island country called New Zealand. Thanks to their remoteness, the New Zealand islands were the last major islands to be habituated, which happened towards the beginning of the 14th century. After the Europeans came 3 centuries later, the population of New Zealand became very diverse, which remains to be the case to this day. The main language of communication today is English.

New Zealand is one of the most highly developed nations, currently having the smallest amount of national debt out of any other nation in the world. Since the 1980s, when the country turned into a liberalized free-trade economy, New Zealand has been experiencing exponential growth in nearly all areas of life, including education, which has attracted a large number of foreign students and immigrants.

In this article, we will be talking about the best medical schools you can apply for in New Zealand.

Can Foreigners Study in Medical Schools in New Zealand?

Yes. Everyone regardless of nationality is free to apply to any medical school in New Zealand they want. According to some reports, New Zealand is one of the best countries for studying medicine, due to the curriculum that heavily relies on research. That being said, international students will have to pay rather high tuition fees, unless they can secure a scholarship.

You can read up on more information about studying medicine as an international student at the University of Otago. Spots at this, and all other New Zealand medical schools are limited, for both foreigners and New Zealanders, which is why you should apply to multiple schools instead of just one. The reason for this is the small number of medical schools despite the high demand.

What is the most prestigious medical school in New Zealand?

Founded in 1875, Otago Medical School is by far the oldest one in New Zealand, and for nearly 100 years was the only medical school in the country. As such, it played a key role in preparing and providing qualified medical staff for the developing nation. Its pivotal role in New Zealand’s education system remains intact to this day, as it is the most prestigious and hard to get into schools to get into, with only 300 spots available each year.

Many of New Zealand’s top surgeons, doctors, psychologists, dentists, and medical researchers were graduates of the school, including Muriel Bell, Brian Christie, Archibald Durward, Sir Peter Buck, and many others.

Best Medical Schools in New Zealand

1. University of Auckland – School of Medicine

Since its foundation in 1968, the University of Auckland School of Medicine has grown to become the largest and highest-ranked medical school in New Zealand, and home to nearly half of the country’s medical students. The main priority for the school is to provide top-of-the-line undergraduate clinical training programs, in addition to highly developed postgraduate training in a variety of medical fields. The University of Auckland is the best medical school in New Zealand.

All of that being said, admission to the school can be quite challenging, and there are a few requirements that potential candidates need to meet. First, they will need to sit through the mandatory UCAT exam and complete eight first-year courses with a minimum GPA of 6.0. After this, a select group of students will be invited for a series of mini interviews, and depending on their performance in these interviews which will test their medical knowledge, it will be decided whether they can be admitted to the school.

2. University of Otago Medical School

The University of Otago contains three schools of medicine, with the main one in Dunedin, and two others in Christchurch and Wellington. Otago Medical School has been one of the best medical schools for New Zealand for over a century, making it one of the most important institutions in the history of the nation.

Gaining entry to the Health Sciences first-year program is very competitive, and only the best students are able to advance to the 2nd and 3rd year of studies, which take place in Dunedin, where students will undergo various theoretical and practical training which will enhance their clinical, and communication skills. After that, from year 4 to 6, students can choose whether to continue studying in Dunedin or move to Christchurch or Wellington. The final two years are centered around clinical work and talking with people.

3. Massey University – School of Health Sciences

The School of Health Sciences at Massey University offers a wide range of study programs in many disciplines, with the aim of equipping its students with the knowledge, ability, and creativity to be able to assist and improve the health of their future patients.

At this top medical school in New Zealand, you can choose whether you want to focus on clinical sciences, or some of the other study paths for medical students such as environmental health, population health and policy, mental health, and much more.

4. Auckland University of Technology – Health Sciences

AUT is ranked top 125 in the world in providing pre-clinical, clinical, and health sciences education. The study programs are based on the best and latest practices in the field and heavily rely on research to provide the students with as much value as possible.

Students will also gain real experience by work placements in their field during the studies, as well as working n the health clinics that are on campus, which provide various services to the community. There is a long list of both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, as well as short and summer courses.

5. Victoria University of Wellington – Faculty of Health

Established in early 2017, the Faculty of Health is the newest faculty at the Victoria University of Wellington. This top medical school in New Zealand was founded to help the country reach a satisfactory number of qualified health professionals that were educated in New Zealand. The programs at the university mainly focus on nursing and midwifery, in addition to some other more theory-based health-related subjects such as health promotion, health leadership and management, and more.

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