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Located in Richmond, Kentucky, the Eastern Kentucky University is a public institution that offers liberal arts education to their prospective students. The EKU does not stop by being content with professional undergraduate courses, but it furthered their curriculum with professional graduate programs.

In order to make United States a better place, the Eastern Kentucky University emphasizes on high-quality education among their faculties. In addition, EKU try their best to provide the best scholarship options for their incoming and current students.

Types of Eastern Kentucky University Scholarships

In addition with scholarships for incoming and transfer students, the EKU offers various scholarships for its current students as well. Make sure to skip any sections that do not apply to you since the requirements are listed first.

NOTE: If an applicant is eligible for multiple scholarships, he will need to choose one of the scholarships that offer the greatest amount. For example, if an applicant already received one EKU merit scholarship, then he cannot receive an additional scholarship including the first one.

1. Scholarships for In-State Freshmen

For merit scholarships, the following requirements are listed:

  • Be a incoming freshmen
  • Be a Kentucky resident
  • Be admitted to Eastern Kentucky University
  • Be enrolling for the first time in the fall semester

If an applicant has fulfilled the requirement listed above, then they are automatically considered for EKU merit scholarships. These awards range from $2,000 ~ $16,000 per year. Since EKU merit scholarships are renewable per year, be sure to maintain high grades during your college years.

In the link down below, there are additional scholarship opportunities that may require a separate application. If you are considering for applying, be sure to check the deadline and eligibility requirements beforehand.

For further information, view the In-State Freshmen Scholarships.

2. Scholarships for Out-of-State Freshmen

For merit scholarships, the following requirements are listed:

  • Be a incoming freshmen
  • Be a non-Kentucky resident
  • Be admitted to Eastern Kentucky University
  • Be enrolling for the first time in fall semester

If an applicant has fulfilled the requirements listed above, then they are automatically considered for the EKU merit scholarships. These scholarships award $2,000 ~ $16,000 per year, and they are also renewable per year.

A. Smart Program

For out-of-state students, the tuition rates are higher than the tuition of in-state students. To relieve the out-of-state students of this burden, Eastern Kentucky University has devised a program that awards out-of-state students $8,000 per year.

To be eligible for the SMART program, the applicant has to be from one of the following states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Michigan, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington D.C., West Virginia, or Wisconsin.

Also, there is an academic requirement which is to graduate with a high school cumulative GPA of 2.5. If an applicant has fulfilled all of the requirements, then he will be automatically qualified for this scholarship program.

According to the NOTE stated above, students that have already gotten a scholarship cannot get an additional scholarship. Students who qualify for the Smart Program are not eligible for any of the merit scholarships listed above.

Even though you may qualify for two or more scholarships, you can only choose one scholarship. Additional scholarships and helpful information are listed in the link down below.

For further information, view the Out-of-State Freshmen Scholarships.

3. Scholarships for Transfer Students

For merit scholarships, the following requirements are listed:

  • Be transferring at least 24 college credits
  • Must maintain a minimum EKU GPA of 3.0 / Be enrolled full-time as a student to retain the merit scholarship
  • Maximum award length is three academic years (Fall/Spring)
  • Students enrolled in 100% online programs are ineligible for transfer scholarships
  • Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree are ineligible for transfer scholarships

The EKU merit scholarships for transfer students range from $1,000 ~ $4,000 per year, and the award amount is based on your college GPA. Compared to scholarships for other groups, the scholarship amount is relatively low. If you want a scholarship that has a higher award, apply for additional scholarships that are listed in the link below.

For further information, view the Transfer Student Scholarships.

4. Scholarships for Current Students

For this merit scholarship, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a admitted student of Eastern Kentucky University
  • Have entered EKU in the summer or at fall of the current year as a first-time freshmen
  • Going to return to EKU in the fall of next year
  • Have retained a minimum of 2.0 cumulative GPA average
  • Have a grade of C or higher in all previous classes

In order to encourage current EKU undergraduate students with their college expenses, Retention Scholarships are given to students who have fulfilled all the requirements listed above.

However, not all students who apply can receive an award since the funds for Retention scholarships are limited. If Retention Scholarship is not the one for you, you can find other options to fund your college expenses.

For further information, view the Current Student Scholarships.

5. Special Scholarships

In addition to these four types of scholarships, there are additional scholarships for prospective students. Because there are no general requirements for these type of scholarships, make sure to check the application deadline and the eligibility requirements.

A. Study Strong Award

Only for students who are earning dual credits through EKU, this scholarship awards up to $2,400 for getting good grades and bringing those credits to Eastern Kentucky University. Students who are taking AP (Advanced Placement) can also earn scholarship money through their test-scores.

For further information, visit the Study Strong Award.

B. EKU International Alumni Association Scholarship

This scholarship’s award amount is unknown, but the requirement for this scholarship is that the applicant’s parent, step-parent, grandparent, or spouse graduated from Eastern Kentucky University.

To view more information, visit the Alumni Legacy Scholarships.

C. EKU Foundation Scholarships

Funded by the Eastern Kentucky University Foundation, these scholarships are subject to change, and they award scholarships to deserving students. Most of these scholarships require a separate application, and they have different eligibility requirements and application deadline.

Many of the EKU Foundation Scholarships are academically-based, meaning that application requirements might be major, GPA, and ACT scores. However, there are additional requirements such as the location of high school, country, or state.

For further information, view the EKU Foundation Scholarships.

How to Apply for EKU Scholarships

In order to apply for the EKU scholarship, you just have to fill out the application for admissions. Since many of the scholarships listed above are automatic consideration, you just have to apply for admissions, and you are automatically considered for EKU scholarships.

For scholarships that require a separate application, you apply for admissions, and then fill out a separate application for your scholarship. In addition to a separate application, you need to fill out the FAFSA to be considered for need-based aid.

For every scholarship, be sure to check the eligibility requirement and the application deadline before applying! I hope this guide about Eastern Kentucky University helps, and visit Authority Scholarships for additional scholarships!