Middle Tennessee State University Scholarships

Middle Tennessee State University Scholarships

Tennessee Scholarships

The Middle Tennessee State University is known for its quality education, and the students of MTSU do not leave with tremendous debt. Known for their lowest cost of attendance, the Middle Tennessee State University doubled the number of academic scholarships.

In addition to their quality education, their campus is filled with beautiful scenery, and their buildings differ from one to the other. For students who are involved in research, the science building will be filled with state-of-the-art technology, and for those who want to pursue fun things, the festivals can be one of your options.

Adjusting to meet the student’s needs, the Middle Tennessee State University offers sports facilities for training and dining cafeteria for your enjoyment. Before we get too far into the introduction, let’s jump into the scholarships that make MTSU so special!

Types of MTSU Scholarships

These scholarships are separated into different categories. In order to not waste your time, make sure to read the eligibility requirements before going too far.

1. Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen

As its name states, this type of scholarship is for incoming freshmen that are studying for their first undergraduate degree.

A. MTSU Freshmen Guaranteed Scholarships

The applicant must meet all the following requirements to be considered for this scholarship:

  • Have applied for MTSU Undergraduate Admissions
  • Have paid the MTSU Application Fee
  • Have scored at least 25 on ACT or 1200 on SAT
  • Have maintained a cumulative high school average of at least 3.5
  • Must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident

The scholarship value ranges from $4,500 ~ $5,000 per year, and the scholarship amount is determined by your standardized test scores. This scholarship is an automatic scholarship, which means that you do not have to separately apply for this scholarship.

Once you have applied for admissions, you will be automatically considered for this scholarship. Make sure to read the application deadlines and specific details of this scholarship. The link to this scholarship is down below with the last specific scholarship for incoming freshmen.

B. Buchanan Fellowships

Known as the MTSU most prestigious scholarship, the Buchanan Fellowship covers full tuition and provides special perks such as priority registration, special seminars, book allowance, and priority consideration for a host of other things. To be considered, the following requirements must be met:

  • Have applied for MTSU Undergraduate Admissions
  • Have completed the application for Buchanan Fellowship
  • Have maintained a cumulative high school GPA of at least 3.5
  • Have scored at least 30 on ACT or 1390 on SAT
  • Provide a completed official high school transcript

As shown in requirement number two, the Buchanan Fellowship is a competitive scholarship that requires a separate application in addition to your application for admissions.

For further information, view the Buchanan Fellowship.

C. MTSU DREAM Scholarships

Unlike the previous ones, this scholarship only offers $2,000 per year, and, interestingly, this scholarship has way more eligibility requirements than the Buchanan Fellowship.

  • Be joining the university in the summer or fall semester
  • Be a Tennessee Resident, and US Citizen / Permanent Resident
  • Be a graduate of Tennessee high school or Tennessee homeschool
  • Meet the eligibility requirements for the **Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship
  • Meet FAFSA requirements (EFC* of 12,000 or less)
  • Submit an online scholarship application
  • Meet diversity requirements

*In your FAFSA, the EFC stands for Expected Family Contribution.

**Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship is only available to Tennessee Residents who are applying to study at a college in Tennessee.

That was a mouthful, but I would personally apply for the scholarship with higher values since this is too much work for a small amount of money.

D. MTSU Foundation and Departmental Scholarships

In addition to their MTSU scholarships, the Middle Tennessee State University offers scholarships by departments. Since the application procedure and deadlines vary by department, please click on the link for this scholarship down below.

This scholarship applies to both incoming freshmen and transfer students.

For further information, view the Scholarship Opportunities for First-Time Incoming Freshmen.

2. Scholarships for Transfer Students

To be honest, the scholarships for transfer students are relatively low compared to scholarships for incoming freshmen. However, for students who might be interested in these scholarships can look at the specific scholarships for transfer students down below.

For further information, view the Scholarship Opportunities for First-Time Incoming Transfer Students.

3. Scholarships for Non-Traditional and Military Students

To be considered for this category of scholarships, the applicant must be either non-traditional (students who did not immediately start their undergraduate degree after high school graduation) or military students (students who are currently serving in the military, or have served in the military, or have family members who are in active duty).

If you have fit one of the above requirements, click on the link down below for specific scholarships.

For further information, view the Scholarship Opportunities for Non-traditional and Military Students (and families).

4. Private and Outside Scholarships

In addition to scholarships offered by Middle Tennessee State University, the MTSU encourages students to apply for scholarships that are offered by private organizations. To help you on your way, the MTSU has prepared a guide for students to use when applying for the private and outside scholarships.

For further information, view Private Scholarships.

5. Regional Scholars Program

Most universities offer scholarships that are advantageous to students who are residents of that state. However, the MTSU is offering a top-notch scholarship to Non-Residents of Tennessee. In order to receive this scholarship, the applicant must meet the following requirements (Copied directly from the website’s homepage):

  • “Be graduating from a high school located in a county within a 250-mile radius of MTSU or from one of the eight contiguous states (Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, and Virginia)”
  • Scored at least 25 on ACT or 1200 on SAT
  • Apply for Academic Common market program (if available)

For further information, view the Regional Scholars Program.

Conclusion: Not All!

In addition to these scholarships, the Middle Tennessee State University offers financial aid options to students who need more money. The MTSU offers Grants, Loans, and Work-Study Opportunities to students who file FAFSA.

Most of the financial aid that is need-based require FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), so be sure to file FAFSA as soon as possible! For more helpful guides, visit Authority Scholarships.