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5 Fully Funded Scholarships in Thailand for International Students (2021)

Scholarships in Thailand

Even though Thailand is a place sought by many tourists around the world, many international students visit this country in Asia due to its low prices. Compared to Western countries, Thailand is way cheaper in living costs and even in educational fees as well.

If you are an international student, you should be looking for ways to decrease that cost even more, so in this post, we will try to knock the educational fees out of the way through fully funded scholarships in Thailand for international students!

How Many Universities in Thailand Award Full-Ride Scholarships?

As far as I can count, about 5~6 colleges in Thailand award full-ride scholarships to international applicants. Even among those colleges, the application requirements are strict, so be sure to check the eligibility requirements before starting the application process.

What Are the Minimum Requirements to Receive a Full-Ride Scholarship in Thailand?

The majority of full-ride scholarships offered in Thailand are for prospective graduate students, which means that you need to finish your undergraduate education in order to qualify for these awards.

If you have already finished your undergraduate education, you should have gotten a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and your degree of major should be related to the fields of study mentioned by the scholarship committee.

Which University in Thailand Has the Cheapest Cost of Attendance?

Mahasarakham University probably has the cheapest cost of attendance for international students with its tuition fees of $1,000 USD per year. The main factor that you need to focus on is to get a place for room & board, which is going to be the most expensive factor.

Fully Funded Scholarships in Thailand for International Students

As I have mentioned before, the full-ride scholarships listed here are mainly for students who are trying to get into a graduate program (Master’s / Ph.D.). If you are looking for fully funded scholarships for undergraduate students, please visit this post.

1. Harbour Space Master’s Scholarship

  • Source: Harbour Space University
  • Benefits: Full Tuition, Guaranteed Internship, Living Allowance
  • Educational Level: Master’s Degree

Offered to applicants with high creativity and aspiration, Harbour Space University Master’s Scholarship is awarded to prospective entrepreneurs who want to change the world.

The available scholarship programs are Interaction Design, Digital Marketing, Fintech, High-Tech Entrepreneurship, Cyber-Security, and Data Science. If you are interested, be sure to give them a call!

2. PSU – Faculty of Medicine Graduate Scholarship

  • Source: Prince of Songkla University
  • Benefits: Full Tuition, Living Allowance, Travel Stipend, Insurance Coverage
  • Educational Level: Master’s Degree, Doctoral Degree

Awarded by PSU Faculty of Medicine, the 8 fully-funded scholarships are offered to prospective graduate applicants, and as its name might state, the applicants should be interested in fields related to medicine.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you should be applying for one of these academic programs, which are Biomedical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Epidemiology, and Health Sciences.

3. His Majesty the King’s and Queen’s Scholarships

Funded by the Royal Thai Government, AIT full-ride scholarships are awarded to Asian candidates with qualified academic achievements in their undergraduate (Master’s) and graduate (Ph.D.) careers.

For doctoral scholarships, the academic fields are limited to programs related to Engineering, Technology, Environment, Resources, and Development. For master’s scholarships, click here.

4. Loom Nam Khong Pijai

Known in English as GMS Scholarship, this full-ride scholarship is awarded to applicants from Thailand, Myanmar, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China (Yunnan and Guangxi Provinces).

After passing the country requirement, the applicant should apply to academic programs related to Infrastructure Development, Energy Technology, Oil/Gas/Natural Resources Development, and Environmental Engineering & Development.

5. Rotary Peace Fellowships

  • Source: Chulalongkorn University
  • Benefits: Full Tuition, Living Allowance, Travel Stipend, Insurance Coverage, Research Stipend
  • Educational Level: Experienced Candidates in Peace and Development Studies

This financial award is not for students who are interested in applying for graduate programs, but for experienced leaders who are looking for practical ways to promote peace and resolve conflict.

This fellowship covers a one-year program that specializes in Professional Development Certificate in Peace and Development. For those who are interested, visit this link for more information!

Conclusion: Prepare Your Finances!

Even if you do get a scholarship, you still need to spend money on visa preparation, travel expenses (airplane tickets), and living expenses. Make sure that you come prepared with your own share of the money, and if you can’t afford it, then you have to either quit or find a cheaper alternative.

Thank you for spending time reading through our post called fully funded scholarships in Thailand for international students, and I hope that you have found this information helpful. The source that I have used for this post is right here, and have a great rest of your day!