full ride scholarships in belgium

4 Full-Ride Scholarships in Belgium for International Students (2021)

Scholarships in Belgium

Being a small country sandwiched between France and Germany, Belgium is a place known for its great foods such as chocolates and waffles. Popular among tourists around the world, this country is a great place to go if you want to have a great time with your friends and family.

Why not enjoy these benefits while you attend a university in Belgium? There are many graduate schools and colleges that want talented international students to join their study body, and to do so, they have established 4 full-ride scholarships in Belgium for international students.

Do Universities in Belgium Practice Free Tuition for International Applicants?

The answer is no. Unlike their close counterparts in Germany, universities in Belgium do not practice free tuition for international applicants. However, their tuition fees are very low when compared to colleges in the United States and Canada.

Even though it is not free, the tuition rates are quite low, but you are not out of the quandary yet since you need to pay for your personal accommodation and food. Make sure to take enough money with you to cover your living expenses and insurance fees.

Which Universities in Belgium Offer Full-Ride Scholarships for Internationals?

Universities in Belgium that offer full-ride scholarships for international students narrow down to only one, which is KU Leuven. Only one academic institution offers full-ride scholarships for international students, and the other sponsors are private organizations and governmental bodies.

The Belgium Government has intervened on the behalf of its international students, and even the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training has stepped in to provide financial support to foreign applicants. Make sure to take advantage of these opportunities that are listed down below!

Full-Ride Scholarships in Belgium for International Students

Under each scholarship title, I have listed all the important information that you might need to know, and they are the official link back to the scholarship source, the educational level that you are applying for, and also the scholarship benefits that each program entails.

1. Ares Government Scholarship

  • Source – ARES (Belgium Government)
  • Educational Level – Master’s Degree, Advanced Training
  • Scholarship Benefits – Travel Fees, Living Allowance, More

The eligible programs are split into two distinct sections, which are Master’s Degree Programs and Advanced Training Courses. As its name states, the specialized master’s programs are for prospective students who want to obtain a master’s degree certificate.

For advanced training courses, they are only open to applicants who have already obtained a master’s degree certificate. If you are looking for more in-depth training and have already gotten your Master’s, you should be applying for a short advanced training course.

  • Master’s – 1 Year, Advanced Course – 4~6 Months

The financial benefits of these scholarships cover a wide range of fees and expenses, so make sure to double-check my words after all is said and done. Your round-trip airplane ticket will be covered by this scholarship program, and you will be given a monthly allowance to pay for your living expenses.

In addition, your health insurance will be covered by this financial award, and a one-time arrival allowance will be given to the scholarship recipient to make sure that you settle in all right.

2. KU Leuven Graduate Scholarships

Even though it didn’t occur to me before, please remember that there are two links included with this scholarship. The first link in the description above contains the official source for doctoral scholarships while the second link leads to the source that contains awards for master’s degrees.

The academic requirement for the scholarship award varies for each program since one is meant for doctoral candidates and the other for master’s degree programs. Make sure to select the one that you want to apply for and check the application requirements to be sure.

  • VLIR-UOS – Offers Awards to Ph.D., Masters, and Short Programs

The financial benefits of each scholarship stay relatively the same for Ph.D. and Masters while it tends to be less for short programs that last less than 6 months. For graduate programs, round-trip airplane fares are covered, and an additional stipend is included for research and internships.

Last but not least, your tuition fees are waived by your respective institutions, and this financial award also covers the bills related to mandatory health insurance.

3. Science at Leuven Scholarships

As you can see in the description above, there is a list of master’s programs that are available to prospective applicants. If you are truly interested in this scholarship, make sure to check the list of programs to see if your intended field of study is included in that small list.

If you are satisfied with their list of academic programs, go back to the official link (one that is at the very top of the description), and click on the admissions requirement to see whether or not you meet the academic criteria and the language requirements.

  • KU Leuven – Offers Many Full-Ride Scholarships to Internationals

The scholarship benefits of this financial program might be standing on shaky grounds since you might not receive a high-enough living stipend to cover your personal living expenses. The amount of scholarship depends on your academic achievement, so keep your grades up!

If you want to get this scholarship program renewed annually, you need to prove that you are worthy of your title through your current academic achievements. Don’t slack off during your academic program, or you might not get the chance to finish it!

4. Master Minds Scholarships

I’m letting you know up front that this scholarship program does not cover the entirety of your educational expenses, which means that this program is not a full-ride scholarship. The financial benefits of this scholarship cover the majority of your financial cost, but not all!

This scholarship program will waive the tuition fees for you, and the living stipend only amounts to 8,000 euros per year. This will cover the majority of your living expenses, but you will need to get hold of your own money to pay for the rest.

Conclusion: Might Need More!

Even though you might have received a good-enough scholarship, you probably have to take some money along with you when you do go over to a foreign country. Most of the scholarships that are offered to talented students cover the majority of the financial expenses, but not all!

Unless you get a full-ride scholarship, you still have to pay your way through college if you get a partial scholarship. Don’t forget that you can apply for work-study and even get a job as a Resident Advisor during your stay there. Thank you for listening, and have a great rest of your day!