Cheapest Universities in South Carolina

7 Cheapest Universities in South Carolina

South Carolina Scholarships

Compared to Mississippi State, South Carolina’s cheapest universities start off with a high cost of attendance and relatively low financial aid. If you are a South Carolina Resident, you will be paying a discounted fee than the total cost listed below. On the other hand, this fee applies to you if you are an out-of-state applicant; however, your cost will be going down as you receive financial aid and merit-based scholarships.

Name of InstitutionCost of AttendanceAvailable Scholarships / Financial Aid
1. Voorhees College$20,000 per yearSmall Merit-Based Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
2. Morris College$21,000 per yearLow-Value Merit Scholarships / Need-Based Assistance
3. Benedict College$23,000 per yearMedium-Value Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
4. Claflin University$27,000 per yearFull-Ride Scholarships / Great Scholarship Programs
5. Erskine College$48,000 per yearFull-Ride Scholarships / Need-Based Assistance
6. Clemson University$50,000 per yearFull-Ride Scholarships / Merit-Based + Need-Based Aid
7. Presbyterian College$50,000 per yearFull-Ride Scholarship Programs / Need-Based Aid

As you can see above, over half of the listed institutions offer full-ride scholarships and need-based assistance. If you are a high achiever, it is highly recommended to apply for the universities with full-ride scholarship programs. If not, just look at the cheapest ones first since it is listed from the lowest to the highest cost of attendance.

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This Video Guide applies to Both International Students and US Citizens / Permanent Residents.

1. Voorhees College

Focusing on incoming undergraduate students, Voorhees College is a private liberal arts institution located in Denmark, South Carolina. In addition to its quality, education at Voorhees is affordable due to its cheap cost of attendance. If you haven’t heard of this term before, the cost of attendance is the total cost of attending an institution.

While some colleges list only tuition and mandatory fees, most colleges list the total cost that contains tuition, room & board, and other mandatory fees. When a student comes to college, you don’t just pay for tuition only since you also have to pay for your food and your room. To lower your financial burden, Voorhees College offers small-value scholarships and aid.

For Voorhees College Financial Aid, Click Here.

For Voorhees College Admissions, Click Here.

2. Morris College

Rooted in Baptist faith, Morris College is also a private liberal arts college that is enriched with history. Established to bring good to the community, Morris College has serve its residents by providing higher education at an affordable price. As the second cheapest university in South Carolina, Morris College also offers financial aid to its incoming students.

For Morris College Financial Aid, Click Here.

For Morris College Admissions, Click Here.

3. Benedict Collge

Founded by Mrs. Benedict, Benedict College is known for its cutting-edge technology and innovative research. Accredited by several regional associations, Benedict College is licensed and prepared to give out accredited degrees to prospective students.

In addition to its accreditations, Benedict College is ranked among the top liberal arts institutions in the United State, and this college has a low student to faculty ratio as well. Involved in various community services, Benedict College continues to support students who are in desperate financial need.

For Benedict College Office of Financial Aid, Click Here.

For Benedict College Undergraduate Admissions, Click Here.

4. Claflin University

As the cost of attendance begins to go up in price, some universities try to match their financial aid to cover the difference. While the universities are not forced, some universities do so to attract prospective students. Since most students cannot pay their college bills by themselves, Claflin University steps down to offer great scholarship programs that cover the total cost of attendance.

For Claflin University Full-Ride Scholarships, Click Here.

For Claflin University Office of Admissions, Click Here.

5. Erskine College

Instead of staying near $30,000 or $40,000 range, I decided to up the stakes for high achievers. Starting from Erskine College (#5) to Presbyterian College (#7), the price range is way too high to attend without any forms of financial aid. If you can’t get the full-ride scholarship, you probably would not attend any one of these three institutions.

The reason why I listed these colleges is that Erskine, Clemson, and Presbyterian are prestigious institutions located in South Carolina. If you do attend, you will receive many benefits that stem from a large university; however, you need to receive a scholarship in order to do so.

For Erskine College Full-Ride Scholarships, Click Here.

For Erskine College Office of Admissions, Click Here.

6. Clemson University

If you are into college football, you have probably heard about Clemson Tigers, which originates from Clemson University. As one of the top public universities in the country, Clemson offers nearly 200 undergraduate and graduate programs to its students. In addition to its quality education, Clemson is also known for its outstanding professors.

Due to its outstanding educational environment, many students worldwide flock to Clemson University for its higher education. To lower its high cost of attendance, Clemson University currently offers great scholarship opportunities to prospective applicants.

For Clemson University Full-Ride Scholarships, Click Here.

For Clemson University Undergraduate Admissions, Click Here.

7. Presbyterian College (PC)

Established immediately after the Civil War, Presbyterian College did not start off as an institution for higher education. Starting out as an orphanage, the founder of PC couldn’t find a good college for his high school graduates. After long months of pondering, he finally decided to build Presbyterian College to nurture its high school graduates for success.

Even though it has a high cost of attendance, Presbyterian College continues to supply financial aid to prospective applicants. To be considered for its full-ride scholarships, you need to have a high academic standard combined with outstanding character and leadership potential.

For Presbyterian College Full-Ride Scholarships, Click Here.

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