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7 Best Universities in Switzerland for International Students


Switzerland is one of the most well-rounded countries in terms of amenities and services it has to offer its citizens and internationals. It is home to numerous popular chocolate brands, as well as the Swiss Alps and Swiss army knives. Switzerland is known for producing quality products, as well as quality students.

A good country is only as good as its educational system, and based on the track record of Switzerland, one can conclude that the universities available for international students in Switzerland are some of the best in the world. In this article, we will be looking at the best universities in Switzerland for international students.

Switzerland is an optimal location for international students, especially since its crime rate is very low, and is considered to be one of the cleanest countries in the world. It has a world-class health system, which has proven itself time and time again. Studying in Switzerland has many benefits students should consider.

How many international students study in Switzerland?

Switzerland is one of the smaller countries compared to its other neighboring countries. It is mountainous, and is located in central Europe. It boarders other European countries, such as Austria, Germany and Liechtenstein, which means that it is not uncommon to see many international students studying in Switzerland.

In some universities in Switzerland, they have seen an international student population of up to 40%. The total student population in Switzerland is at around 300,000, with a good percentage of that being composed of international students across the globe. With its high quality educational system, it comes as no surprise that students are interested in studying in Switzerland.

What is the most prestigious university in Switzerland?

Finding the best university to enter into in Switzerland is all about finding out which has the best global rankings and best courses to offer. Sometimes, the best universities earn their title through experience, and others, through specialization.

For Switzerland, the most prestigious university is the ETH Zurich, which has produced over 20 Nobel Prize Laureates, including Einstein.

Best Universities in Switzerland for International Students

1. ETH Zurich

The ETH Zurich, or the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, is the best university in Switzerland for international students because it houses some of the best engineers and scientists in the world. Established in the year 1855, the ETH Zurich focuses on topics that center around science, technology, and engineering. It has a total student population of more than 15,000, owing to the fact that its tuition fees are some of the most affordable fees in Switzerland. A good number of international students also choose to study in ETH Zurich, making it a prime spot for choosing.

2. Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

Another research-based educational institute on this list of best universities in Switzerland for international students is the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne. It was established in 1853, or more than 168 years ago.

Currently, it has a student population of around 20,000, with an administrative and faculty of around 4,000 to match it. It specializes in the fields of engineering, science, and technology. It also has high rankings when it comes to World University Rankings, with one of its best rankings being at 19th for Engineering and Technology. The university is located in Canton of Vaud, Switzerland.

3. University of Zurich

Those looking for a university that is both large in size and in population can opt to choose to study in the University of Zurich. The University of Zurich was founded in the year 1833, and has since grown in terms of its educational system and population. It offers fields in philosophy, medicine, economic sciences, law, mathematics, and many others. The university’s campus is spread all over Zurich, with a lot of its buildings scattered in different parts of the city of Zurich.

4. University of Basel

The University of Basel, a top university in Switzerland, is one of the oldest universities in Switzerland, having been founded in as early as 1460. Though its student population is relatively lower with a number at 12,000 as compared to the others on this list, the University of Basel is considered to be one of the best in Switzerland, especially since it has the most important libraries in the country.

5. University of Bern

The University of Bern is a comprehensive university that offers a lot of courses that international students can choose from. There is a student population of about 18,000 students, with courses in the fields of theology, law, business, medicine, humanities, and the sciences. It also has interdisciplinary centers, which defines specific areas of research that the university may choose to focus on.

6. University of Geneva

Next on our list of best universities in Switzerland for international students is the University of Geneva, which has been around for almost 462 years, having been established in as early as 1559 in Geneva, Switzerland. It is a public research university that originally focused on the fields related to theology, but has officially become secular. It has a total student population of around 17,000. The university is known to be one of the largest in terms of student population in Switzerland.

7. University of Lausanne

Originally a school of theology as well, the University of Lausanne houses around 21,000 students, and has been in existence since 1537. Students who choose to study in this top university in Switzerland can choose among the following courses: arts, biology and medicine, business and economics, law, among other fields.

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