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5 Best Medical Schools in China

Medical Schools

China became one of the top destinations for college education, and Medicine is among the country’s preferred academic fields. Many universities offer Clinical Medicine courses, either in English or Chinese language. These best medical schools in China provide aspiring doctors countless opportunities for knowledge and practical learning while opening the doors to global employment.

Can Foreigners Study in Medical Schools in China?

Yes, foreigners can study in medical schools in China. One of the many schools that accept international students is Shantou University Medical College. The university started offering bachelor programs to international students in 2010.

To be eligible, applicants should be of foreign nationalities of 18 to 30 years of age, physically and mentally healthy, and with a valid passport. The university offers Clinical Medicine degree programs in 6 and 5-year duration, and English or Chinese language.

Applicants looking to apply to the 5-year degree program should have a completed introductory science course at the university level.

What is the most prestigious medical school in China?

Among the medical schools in China, Peking University has the most prestigious, as recognized by international university ranking institutions. In 2020 QS Rankings by subject Life Sciences and Medicine, it took 53rd place and 23rd place for the overall world university rankings in 2021.

Meanwhile, Times Higher Education ranked it at 29th for its university rankings by subject Clinical and Health and 23rd place for the overall World University Rankings, both for 2021. The Academic Ranking of World Universities also placed the university within its top 500 for Clinical Medicine and 49th place for overall university rankings in 2020.

Best Medical Schools in China

1. Peking University – Health Science Center

As the first public Western medical school established in 1912, Peking University Health Science Center became a multidisciplinary comprehensive health science center. Formerly referred to as Peking National Medical School, which later became Beijing Medical Center, the Health Science Center developed into a modern medical institution dedicated to providing an unparalleled learning environment to aspiring medical practitioners. Currently, it has 12 schools and teaching departments, 1,965 professors, and over 10,000 students. Peking University is the best medical school in China with great facilities and curriculum.

As it is also one of the earliest universities that allow international students admission, Peking University Health Science Center offers undergraduate, graduate, and advanced study level courses in Clinical Medicine in either English or Chinese.

It also adopted the 8-year medical education model, allowing students to complete a Medicine degree up to Ph.D. Besides education, the university also offers medical services through its eight university hospitals with more than 7,400 inpatient beds and catering to over 297,000 outpatients daily.

2. Shanghai Jiao Tong University – School of Medicine

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine was formally approved as a state key university in 1997. It received further improvements after Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai Second Medical University merged in 2005. Through the years, this top medical school in China developed to become a research-oriented institution in medical education, scientific research, and clinical services.

The country’s Ministry of Education recognized its excellence, ranking it first nationally in 2009. Internationally, Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranked 96th in Times Higher Education 2021 ranking by subject, and 102nd in QS Rankings by subject in 2020. It is also one of the two Chinese universities in the top 300 subject ranking of Academic Ranking of World Universities in 2020.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University offers 8-year clinical medicine degree programs, taught in Chinese, with some courses taught in French. Students learn a combination of basic knowledge and practical experience through the school’s well-esteemed academicians and professors and seven affiliated hospitals. Moreover, it provides an excellent academic development environment, with a beautiful campus that houses 16 teaching centers and several key laboratories.

3. Tsinghua University – School of Medicine

Tsinghua University School of Medicine, one of the best medical schools in China, started operation in 2001. It has four departments: Basic Medical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Clinical Medicine, and the Center for Public Health.

With its reliable student cultivation system, strong research capacity, and world-class faculty, the university achieved multiple recognitions from renowned international institutions such as Times Higher Education, ranked 32nd for top universities ranking by subject in 2021.

Its School of Clinical Medicine, founded in 2016, aims to integrate clinical resources and quality improvement of medical training while establishing a training base for doctors and specialist physicians. The school offers an 8-year medical degree program, with the first three years for basic courses, two years of overseas medical training, and three years of clinical medicine courses in domestic hospitals.

Students received practical training at its teaching hospitals, such as the Beijing Institute of Neurosurgery, and its affiliated hospitals, like the Tsinghua Changgung Hospital.

4. Fudan University – Shanghai Medical College

Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, established in 1927, provides medical teaching and research training while aiming to achieve academic excellence and advocating commitment, integrity, and devotion to society. Fudan University is one of the best medical schools in China for international students.

The college houses almost 7,000 students and more than 500 faculty of teachers and researchers. With Shanghai Medical College’s long history, Fudan University achieved notable rankings from Times Higher Education and QS Top Universities.

The school offers Clinical Medical programs, with the Clinical Medicine degree program completed in either 8, 5, or 6 years. The 6-year Clinical Medicine degree is taught in English, providing non-Chinese speaking students the opportunity to receive their degree in a highly-regarded university.

The school sits at the 1,900-square-meter Fenlin campus and has ten affiliated hospitals, including the Shanghai Cancer Center and the Zhongshan Hospital.

5. Zhejiang University – School of Medicine

The Zhejiang University School of Medicine, founded in 1912, is one of the top Chinese medical schools, albeit being one of the oldest. The school works in commitment to developing empowered physicians and scientists. Currently, it has over 6,500 students and 16,000 faculty members across its four departments and seven clinical schools.

It offers the 8-year MD program, uniquely structured in a “4+4” model, where students have to take a non-medical degree during the first four years and medical training during the next four years. This model allows students to explore other disciplines and integrate their academic experience with medical education.

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