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Wake Forest University Scholarships

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Founded in 1834, the Wake Forest University (WFU) is a private liberal arts college that is ranked as one of the top colleges in the United States. Offering many undergraduate programs, the Wake Forest University prepares its students not only for the world but also for graduate education.

Having graduate schools in Arts, Sciences, Business, Divinity, Law, and Medicine, the Wake Forst University offers many fields to pursue graduate degrees, and most programs are accredited through famous universities.

In addition to quality education and professional teachers, the Wake Forest University offers top-notch scholarships to incoming students, and, if you are interested in any scholarship, make sure to look at the specific details by clicking on the link that is entailed to each.

Types of Scholarships Offered at Wake Forest University

Most scholarships that are offered at WFU will be awarded to top students in the incoming freshmen class, so make sure your grades and your standardized test scores are your best results.

1. Automatic Scholarships

These scholarships do not require a separate application since all automatic scholarship decisions are made by just looking at your admissions application to Wake Forest University.

A. Guy T. Carswell Scholarships

Founded in 1968, the Carswell Scholarships are awarded to students who have personally challenged themselves in academic and extracurricular pursuits. Special considerations are given to students who have placed in the top percentage of US students by achieving high academics and standardized testing scores.

The Carswell Scholars receive the following benefits from Wake Forest University:

  • Covers Full-Tuition + Room & Board
  • Stipend for Personal Expenses (Books, Insurance, and Shopping)
  • Can Apply for a Stipend for Research or Study Abroad

There is no separate application required for this scholarship; however, it doesn’t hurt to read the scholarship details about the interview for Finalists.

For further information, visit the Guy T. Carswell Scholarships.

B. Joseph G. Gordon Scholarships

Very similar to the previous scholarship, the Gordon Scholarship is awarded to students with high academic and extracurricular achievements, but the applicants must be from one of the traditionally underrepresented groups at Wake Forest University.

The Gordon Scholars received the following benefits from Wake Forest University:

  • Full-Tuition and Room & Board
  • Stipend for Personal Use
  • Have a Chance to Apply for a Wake Forest University Research Stipend

Also, there is a limited number of full-ride scholarships give to incoming students of Wake Forest University. To know the exact number, please visit the link under each Wake Forest University scholarship.

For more information, view the Joseph G. Gordon Scholarships.

C. Graylyn Scholarship

Funded by the Graylyn International Conference Center of Wake Forest University, the Graylyn Scholarship is a full-ride scholarship that awards students who excel in academics and shown leadership in their extracurricular activities.

The Graylyn Scholar receives a similar benefit to two previous scholarships:

  • Covering Full-Tuition / Room & Board
  • Stipend for Personal Expenses
  • Have an Opportunity to Apply for a Research Grant

Most full-ride scholarships offered by Wake Forest University encourages the potential scholarship recipient to visit the WFU campus and attend a personal interview. If invited, I personally would go since that trip could make my whole college education amount to zero dollars.

For further information, visit the Wake Forest University Graylyn Scholarship.

D. Wake Forest University’s Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholarships

Similar to previous scholarships, the Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholarship awards academically talented students that show distinctive leadership skills and creative expertise. Compared to other scholarships, the Reynolds Scholarships might be the hardest one to get because the Scholarship Committee expects so much in one student.

The benefits of Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholar are the same as the previous scholarships:

  • Full Tuition + Room & Board
  • Stipend for Personal Use
  • Chance to Apply for Wake Forest University Research Grant

For more information, view the Nancy Susan Reynolds Scholarships.

E. Wake Forest University’s Stamp Scholarship

To be considered for this scholarship, the applicant must have shown all or most of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have an exceptional academic achievement that puts them on top in the rest of the incoming freshmen class
  • Possess a high degree of intellectual curiosity
  • Show potential in leadership in the classroom and beyond
  • Involved in community service and school activities
  • Shown social responsibility and character

Because of these selective requirements, the Stamp Scholars receive full tuition, room & board, a stipend for books and personal expenses, and also a grant for study abroad and internships.

Same as other full-ride scholarships, the Stamp Scholarship does not require a separate application since the Scholarship Committee will be looking at your admissions application for these details.

For further information, visit Wake Forest University Stamp Scholarship.

F. Wake Forest University Leadership and Character Scholars

Unlike other scholarships that award based on academic achievements, this scholarship is awarded to honor students with character. The virtues (include but not limited to) are honesty, diligence, curiosity, generosity, humility, and gratitude, and Wake Forest University is looking for students who want to focus on character development and leadership skills during their college education.

This is a full scholarship (covering full tuition and probably room & board), and the eligibility requirement is that the applicant must apply and qualify for need-based financial aid. For need-based financial aid, the student (US Citizen or Permanent Resident) should apply for FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

For more information, view WFU Leadership and Character Scholars.

2. Competitive Scholarships

Unlike automatic scholarships offered by Wake Forest University, the competitive scholarships require an additional scholarship application with the admissions application. If you are interested in these scholarships, make sure to visit the website to check the scholarship application.

Also, all automatic scholarships were full-ride scholarships; however, the competitive scholarships offered by Wake Forest University are not all full tuition. In fact, most scholarships offer low values compared to automatic scholarships, so just do your best academically to qualify for one of the automatic scholarships up above.

A. Wake Forest University’s William Louis Poteat Scholarships

Established in 1982, the William Louis Poteat Scholarships was founded by one of the most prominent figures in Wake Forest University. To award students who are active members of a North Carolina Baptist Church, the previous Baptist president of Wake Forest University made this scholarship fund.

To be considered for this scholarship, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • (Meet the Bolded Requirement Up Above)
  • Have Oustanding Academic Achievements
  • Show Potential in Leadership
  • Promise Potential in Contribution to Church and Society

In addition to these requirements, the applicant must fill out the CSS Profile and FAFSA before the application deadline. Since William Louis Poteat Scholarship is a need-based competitive scholarship, the applicant must show merit and have demonstrated financial need. Also, the applicant must have a recommendation from a church member to be considered for this scholarship.

For more information, visit William Louis Poteat Scholarships.

B. Wake Forest University’s Presidential Scholarships

Awarded for students with distinguished achievements, the WFU Presidential Scholarships are specifically designed for incoming freshmen who show great talents in art, dance, debate, music, and theatre. The scholarship recipient is not required to pursue a major in their talented field; however, they need to participate in their talented field on campus.

For example, if a student receives the presidential scholarship due to his talent on the violin, the student is not required to pursue music as his major; however, he needs to actively participate in the Wake Forest University’s string orchestra or a string ensemble since he needs to participate in school.

In addition to your admissions application, the Presidential Scholarship Committee will require you to turn in some proof for your outstanding talent by providing a recording or a portfolio. Also, they will ask for recommendations from your teachers or institution to further aid your scholarship journey.

Since you need the scholarship application, please visit the Wake Forest University’s Presidential Scholarships for more details.

C. Lelia and David Farr Scholarship (Entrepreneurship)

In Wake Forest University, there are many departments and colleges that comprise this big institution. In order to encourage students who are interested in Entrepreneurship, the Wake Forest University awards $5,000 per year to applicants who show interest in Entrepreneurship and have outstanding potential in this field.

To be considered for this scholarship, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the Admissions Application for Wake Forest University
  • Submit at least One Recommendation Letter that Comments on Your Outstanding Potential in Entrepreneurship
  • Send a Brief Letter to Farr Scholarship Committee

Even though this scholarship value is not much, every bit counts! If you are interested in entrepreneurship, make sure to give this a chance before moving on to the next one.

For further information, view Wake Forest University’s Lelia and David Farr Scholarship in Entrepreneurship.

D. Wake Forest University’s Inmar Technology Scholarships

Founded by Inmar Technology, this scholarship is an award to students who are interested in majoring in Computer Science or Information Technology at Wake Forest University. The Inmar Technology Scholarships awards following benefits to the scholarship recipient:

  • Awards $10,000 per year
  • Guarantees an Internship Position at Inmar (Famous Online Commerce Company)
  • Gain Industry Experience and Access to the Newest Online Technology (Web, Mobile, and Data Analytics)
  • Receive Mentorship, Networking, and Future Career Benefits

To be able to gain the internship position at Inmar, the applicant must declare his major in Computer Science or Information Technology at the start of his junior year. Also, a separate scholarship application is required, so please visit the link down below for more information.

For more information, visit Wake Forest University’s Inmar Technology Scholarships.

E. Wake Forest University’s Randall D. Ledford Scholarships

This scholarship is based on one of the Wake Forest University’s departments, and it is awarded to students who are interested in majoring in physics. Awarding a half-tuition for four years, the Randall D. Ledford Scholarships are for incoming freshmen who show great promise in the field of physics.

In addition to the half-tuition scholarship, there is an additional physics scholarship that is of lower value, so make sure to check the official homepage down below!

For further information, view Wake Forest University’s Randall D. Ledford Scholarships.

3. External Scholarships

Compared to both automatic and competitive scholarships offered at Wake Forest University, the external scholarships outnumber them all. Covering double the scholarship numbers of both automatic and competitive scholarships, there are many external scholarships listed by the Wake Forest University.

Because of their varying scholarship amount and different application deadlines, the applicant needs to check each and every one of them to see if he is eligible or not. To see all scholarships that are offered from outside corporations and private organizations, please click on the link down below and scroll down.

For further information, visit Wake Forest University Additional Scholarship Opportunities.

Conclusion: Additional Financial Aid

In addition to scholarships, the Wake Forest University provides additional options for financial aid. In the link down below, there will be grants, loans, payment plans, and work opportunities that are offered by Wake Forest University. Some are offered by the federal government, by the state, or by private organizations, so choose your pick as you look at the list.

Before clicking on the link, just going to let you know some important information that you already knew or did not know. Similar to scholarships, the grants do not have to be repaid; however, some grants require a service requirement (for each year of scholarship, you need to work one year). If that is the case, you need to fulfill the service requirement.

If you do not fulfill the requirement, then the grant needs to repaid with full interest. Make sure you read the guidelines carefully before applying for grants; however, you need to be more careful when applying for loans.

On the other hand, loans need to be paid back with interest or with no interest. In order to avoid bad credit, please read the requirements carefully if you have to apply for a loan.

For further information, visit Additional Types of Aids.

Also, if you have found the scholarship guide for Wake Forest University helpful, please visit Authority Scholarships for more!