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7 Best Universities in Poland for International Students


Poland is a favorite choice for higher education because of its affordable living and education quality versus financial requirements. While Polish citizens enjoy free higher education, for international students the tuition fees are reasonable.

Poland also holds some highly ranked universities that offer a broad range of study disciplines. In this article, we’ll discuss the best universities in Poland that offer excellent study opportunities for both locals and students from abroad.

How Many International Students Study in Poland?

Poland is getting much more traction on international student response now. Currently, more than 73,000 students are studying here, who come from over 170 countries. This number is a direct increase from the past days.

What is the Most Prestigious University in Poland?

Polish universities are in the mid category of study, but there are some great institutions here. The University of Warsaw is considered the best and the most prestigious university in Poland. It offers a very wide range of study disciplines and boasts heavy research activities. Being the largest university in the country, it also sits within the top 500 best universities in the world.

Best Universities in Poland for International Students

1. University of Warsaw

University of Warsaw (UW) is the best university in Poland for international students since it offers top-quality higher education within 37 study fields spread across its 24 faculties. The university offers hundreds of programs including over 100 specialization programs. Currently, more than 40,500 students have enrolled hereunder 2 campuses, taught by 7500 academic faculty members.

Among the students, 4,800 are international ones. The university has a great research base containing over 30 research units and more than 1000 cooperations with organizations internationally. 6 Nobel Prizes have been achieved by the alumni. Every year more than 1400 projects get financed by outside sources here. The University of Warsaw is ranked as the 321st best university in the world by the QS World University Ranking.

2. Warsaw University of Technology

Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) is the best technical university in Poland for international students. It was situated in 1826 and consists of 19 faculties and 1 college. More than 30,000 students are enrolled here with 2500 academic staff. WUT offers a broad range of engineering and science programs. It has 32 fields of study.

The WUT library is one of the largest in the country, having 1,500,000 volumes of print materials and many more electronic media. The university is affiliated with more than 180 international universities around the globe and has over 100 organizations and research groups. Warsaw University of Technology is ranked 511th best university in the world.

3. Jagiellonian University

Jagiellonian University (UJ) is the oldest university in Poland. It was founded back in 1363 in Kraków, Poland, and is one of the most renowned universities in the country. It’s also a common choice for international populations. Currently, more than 35,000 students are enrolled here with 3800 academic staff.

At this top university in Poland for international students, students can choose among 16 faculties which are distributed into 158 fields of study. The university library is the largest in Poland with more than 6.5 million volumes. It’s ranked just after the University of Warsaw, having taken 326th place for the best university by the QS ranking.

4. AGH University of Science and Technology

Started the journey as the University of Mining and Metallurgy, AGH University of Science and Technology is currently the second-best technical university in the country. More than 35,000 students and 2000 academic staffs are here. Students can choose among 16 faculties.

AGH excels at research works. It has more than 200 yearly collaboration with international organizations and universities on its projects. There are more than 96,000 research publications and 400 direct collaborations currently going on. AGH University of Science and Technology is ranked over 800th best university by the QS ranking system.

5. Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań

Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU), another top university in Poland for international students, was established in 1919, and it’s a great destination for higher studies in a broad range of disciplines. Currently, more than 37,000 students are enrolled here. Among them, 745 students are international, who come from over 78 countries worldwide. More than 2800 academic faculty members are here.

The university consists of 21 faculties within its 5 campuses, one of which is in Poznań. These faculties offer over 228 full degree programs, among which 19 are held completely in English. Students also maintain over 217 clubs. As for research, AMU has 11 research centers and labs. Over 313 conferences are held here every year. Adam Mickiewicz University is ranked 801st best in the world by the QS.

6. Gdansk University of Technology

Gdansk University of Technology (GUT) was founded in 1904 in the Wrzeszcz borough of Gdańsk. It is considered the 4th best engineering university in Poland, and the most popular choice among other Polish universities. More than 9 people compete for one place in its admission. The university consists of 15,000 students and 1300 academic staffs, having a good student to teacher ratio.

International students from over 70 countries study here. The GUT has 9 faculties and 37 major fields of study under 12 scientific disciplines. Apart from studying, students maintain 27 sports sections. The GUT is one of the leading research institutes with over 276 laboratories and 104 research clubs and organizations. QS ranked this university over 801st place worldwide.

7. Cracow University of Technology

We end our list of top universities in Poland for international students with Cracow University of Technology (CUT), which offers more than 30 majors of study which are also accredited by the Polish Accreditation Committee. More than 14,000 students and 1100 academic faculties are here, among whom 227 are international students.

The university has 8 faculties for various engineering programs. It also has an active research base populated with over 900 research and teaching staff. The Cracow University of Technology is ranked over 800th place globally by the QS.

I hope that this article on the best universities in Poland for international students was helpful. If you are interested, visit the Europe Scholarships Page!