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7 Best Universities in Denmark for International Students


Students looking for a Scandinavian country to study in as an international citizen can set their eyes on Denmark, a country home to royal palaces and harbors. Famously known as the country where the Little Mermaid statue is located at, Denmark offers students more than just an educational experience.

Denmark is located near Sweden, and is part of the Northern region of Europe. The universities in Denmark are known for their high standards when it comes to quality and facilities, especially since most schools choose to have lectures in smaller groups as compared to auditorium-sized classroom learning.

With a wide-range of internationally adept courses to offer its students, the universities in Denmark can be some of the best choices to explore for international students. In this article, we will be looking at the best universities in Denmark for international students.

How many international students study in Denmark?

In Denmark, the bigger population of international students opt to study in universities that focus on business and management. In some of its top universities, statistics show that over 2,000 international students study in Denmark’s business-related universities, with about 9% of the total student population in universities in Denmark being composed of international students. The percent of international students increases as time goes by since Denmark is known for providing students with an environment that works within the realm of the international community.

What is the most prestigious university in Denmark?

Usually, the most prestigious university in a certain country is located in the heart of its capital. Denmark is no different from most countries, especially since having its premier university at the center of its bustling city is the best way to provide students with the best studying experience in any given country. The most prestigious university in Denmark is the University of Copenhagen.

Best Universities in Denmark for International Students

1. University of Copenhagen

Known as the top universiy in Denmark for international students, the University of Copenhagen was founded in the year 1479, or more than 500 years ago. Because of its early foundation, the University of Copenhagen is also known as the second-oldest Scandinavian university across Europe. It holds more than a hundred thousand in population, which includes both students and academic staff. It also has numerous cooperative arrangements with universities around the world.

Since it has been in existence for more than a hundred years, the university has also produced a good number of notable alumni, such as the Danish astronomer, Johannes Kepler. The university even has its own orchestra. Students can choose among many fields, such as health and medical science, linguistics, among others.

2. Aarhus University

Being a member of the European University Association, the Aarhus University is no stranger to high quality educational facilities. The Aarhus University is a research university that was established in the year 1928, and is located in Aarhus, Denmark. It is the second oldest research university in all of Denmark.

Moreover, the university has 15 Centres of Excellence that is funded by the Danish National Research Foundation, which means that this university is a good option for international students looking for fund-based research studies. It is also part of the top 100 world’s best universities, making it one of the best universities in Denmark for international students.

3. Technical University of Denmark

The Technical University of Denmark houses around 10,000 undergraduate and post-graduate students. It was established for more than a hundred years ago, back in 1829.

Located in the town Kongens Lyngby, the Technical University of Denmark provides students with choices in aquatic resources, technology entrepreneurship, chemistry, engineering, and many other fields of expertise. The university itself is located in Lundtoftesletten, a plain that was previously used as an airfield.

4. Aalborg University

The Aalborg University, another top university in Denmark, was founded in 1974. Most of its population is composed of undergraduate students, with around 20,000 studying today. It focuses more on interdisciplinary, inter-faculty studies, which is based on combining basic courses with a subsequent specialization in a certain field. Internationally, their teaching model is known as The Aalborg Model.

5. Copenhagen Business School

One of the most prestigious business schools in all of Europe is the Copenhagen Business School. Established in 1917 by the Danish Society for the Advancement of Business Education and Research, the Copenhagen Business School provides an interdisciplinary and international focus when it comes to its business courses. Located in Frederiksberg, the university is within the center of Copenhagen, and offers both bachelor’s and post-graduate degrees.

6. IT University of Copenhagen

The IT University of Copenhagen is a university dedicated to the digital world. It was founded in 1999. The university is a public university and research institution, which specializes in the multidisciplinary study of information technology.

The objective of this top university in Denmark for international students is to create an atmosphere of advance technological advancements in Denmark, as well as to educate the future generations in the fields of research and IT. It has several research groups, such as the Center for Computer Games Research, and Data-intensive Systems and Applications.

7. Roskilde University

The final university in our list of best universities in Denmark for interantional students is the Roskilde University, which was established in 1972. Similar to IT University of Copenhagen, the Roskilde University is a public university that provides both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The Roskilde University is known for its liberal education, and has shifted its focus from traditional lectures to group-oriented teaching methods and projects. It offers degrees in communication and arts, science, people and technology, humanities, natural sciences, and social science. The university has also produced notable alumni.

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