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7 Best Universities in Austria for International Students


Austria is most known for its castles and architectural feats. With its capital at historic Vienna, Austria is one of the most rich countries in terms of history and culture, also having been the former seat of the old Roman Empire. In fact, some of the more famous musicians, such as Mozart, were Austrians. In this article, we will be looking at the top universities in Austria for international students.

As an international student looking for European countries to study in, Austria can be a good pick, especially for international students looking for course tracks that are high specialized and rich in culture and diversity.

Moreover, the overall quality of life in Austria is also known worldwide as one of the most livable countries to be in. Austria itself is also located in the center of Europe, making it a less expensive choice for those already within its vicinity.

For quality education, Austria offers affordable educational institutions to choose from, making it a convincing place to study in for international students.

How many international students study in Austria?

Despite having neighboring countries that also offer competitive tuition rates and high quality education to international students, Austria has also had its fair share in attracting members of the international community to study in its universities.

Since it has world-class educational systems in place, and a lot of quality universities to offer, it makes sense how there are over 27% of the total student population in Austria are international students.

In 2017, there were around 102,000 international students out of the 370,000 students enrolled in Austria’s universities. The numbers speak for themselves, which goes to show that many believe in the quality of education Austria has to offer.

What is the most prestigious university in Austria?

Being able to determine the most prestigious university in Austria requires looking at world rankings and consistent academic performance of the educational institution.

One university that comes out on top is the University of Vienna. The University of Vienna is the highest-ranked Austrian university, since it holds 154th place in terms of world rankings, making it the most prestigious university in Austria.

Top Universities in Austria for International Students

1. University of Vienna

One of the best universities in Austria for international students is the University of Vienna. The University of Vienna has been in existence since its establishment in 1365. It currently has around 100,000 undergraduate and post-graduate students, and a total of over 10,000 academic and administrative staff.

The University of Vienna is one of the oldest, and largest universities in Austria. It also has a well-decorated alumni, with over 20 of its alumni being Nobel Prize winners. Having a rich history and a large academic staff to support its students, it is no wonder that the University of Vienna is at one of the best rankings in terms of World educational institution rankings.

2. Technische Universitat Wien

The Technische Universitat Wien is located in Vienna, Austria. More prominently called TU Wien, this top university in Austria was founded in 1815, or almost 200 years ago. This university is also known as the Vienna University of Technology, and is one of the major educational institutions in Austria that offer courses in research and technology.

Students who choose to enroll in this school might be interested in courses that involve research, engineering, and science, especially since the university has also had its fair share of famous alumni and staff.

3. University of Innsbruck

The University of Innsbruck was founded in 1669, making it one of the oldest universities on this list of best universities in Austria for international students. With more than 350 years of experience in the academic field, the University of Innsbruck currently has a total of around 27,000 enrollees in its schools.

It is a public university, and is located in Innsbruck, Austria. One of its best departments is the physics department, and other research areas, making it a good choice for international students who want to focus on those fields.

4. Graz University of Technology

Students who are looking for a university that is based in Styria might want to consider the Graz University of Technology. The Graz University of Technology was established back in 1811, and is one of five universities in Styria. The university has multiple campuses to choose from, with one in the southeast of Graz. It offers courses in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, among others.

5. Johannes Kepler University Linz

Johannes Kepler University Linz is a public institution of higher education, and is still one of the top universities in Austria for international students. It was founded in the year 1966, and is located in Linz, Upper Austria. It has a total of almost 20,000 students today, all diverse, and all spread out in the fields of social sciences, economics, business, engineering, law, and medicine. There are also interdisciplinary programs to choose from.

6. Medical University of Vienna

The Medical University of Vienna is another university on this list that is located in Vienna, Austria. It houses a total of around 8,000 students, with 6,000 administrative staff. It is the largest medical organization in Austria, which means that students who want to study medicine might be interested in creating connections by studying in this university.

7. Medical University of Graz

The Medical University of Graz was established in 2004, and is a public university. It was the first university in Austria to celebrate a White Coat Ceremony, and though it is still relatively new, the Medical University of Graz is still considered one of the best universities in Austria.

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