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USA Data Science Scholarships (2021)

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USA data science scholarships are increasing in numbers and values as the need for data scientists continues to grow bigger and bigger; however, do you really understand what data science really is? If not, please continue to read the introduction; but if you truly do understand the concept of data science, please skip straight to the scholarship section.

What is Data Science?

Just because the word science is in there, that doesn’t always involve fuming chemicals, harmful gases, and nerdy scientists with huge glasses. Without further ado, let’s go straight into what data science really is.

In the early years, people used to analyze big amounts of data and information by using traditional methods and without using technology. Nowadays, data is stored electronically and the amounts of data that needs to be analyzed got way bigger.

Many companies are in need of data scientists who organize huge amounts of data, analyze the patterns, answer complex questions, and create strategies that businesses can implement. Not only do you need significant knowledge in data mining, but you also need technical skills to organize and analyze the data.

Which Part Can You Fit?

In addition to data scientists, there are several more skill sets that are needed in this world, so make sure to read their perks to see if you fit in any one of them!

1. Data Scientist

As I have covered before, data scientists have the skill sets to mine, clean, and present data; and businesses use the data scientists to analyze huge amounts of unorganized information. The results complied by the data scientist are then used to decide which strategy to implement in today’s market.

Needed Skill Sets: Programming Skills (SAS, R, Python), Statistical and Mathematical Skills, Storytelling and Data Visualization, Hadoop, SQL, and Machine Learning

2. Data Analyst

Unlike the data scientist who organizes large amounts of data to come up with a result, data analysts are given specific questions by his business organization. Then, the data analyst organizes the data to come up with the answer to the question, and then, analyze the result to create a strategy to use to solve that problem.

Needed Skill Sets: Programming Skills (SAS, R, Python), Statistical and Mathematical Skills, Data Wrangling, Data Visualization

3. Data Engineer

Mechanical engineers build roads, highways, and bridges to make transports easier, and, in a similar sense, data engineers do the same thing with data. When faced with exponentially increasing amounts of data, data engineers focus on transforming and transferring the information for the use of data scientists.

Needed Skill Sets: Programming Languages (Java, Scala), NoSQL Databases (MongoDB, Cassandra DB), Framwork (Apache Hadoop)

USA Data Science Scholarships

Instead of focusing on many small data science scholarships, I am going to include full-ride scholarship for each undergraduate and graduate program. For the undergraduate program, I am going to suggest that you apply for the scholarships offered by University of Alabama.

University of Alabama offers related programs of data science, and it offers courses for undergraduate and masters. In addition, they offer full-ride scholarships to any student that meet the eligibility requirements, so please check it out in the link above!

GAANN Ph.D. Fellowship in A.I. Research

Offered by Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), GAANN Ph.D. Fellowship is given to students who want to pursue the programs known as “an area of national need.” In order to apply for this fellowship, the prospective applicant must apply to one of the following programs: Computer Science PhD, Data Science PhD, or one of the Learning Sciences & Technologies Programs.

Since data science is included in one of the major application requirements, please choose Data Science Ph.D. if you are interested in this field and want to receive a full-ride scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a US Citizen or US Permanent Resident
  • Be Either Currently Enrolled or Accepted into the WPI Graduate Program
  • Have a Demonstrated Financial Need
  • Trying to Pursue a PhD in A.I. Research
  • Not in Default* on a Federal Student Loan

*Default means to not repay the loan on time or fail to repay the loan at all.

If you do fit the eligibility requirements listed above, the Worcester Polytechnic Institute encourages all prospective applicants to apply and especially students from underrepresented backgrounds. In addition to the eligibility requirements, let’s talk about the benefits of the GAANN Ph.D. Fellowship.

Scholarships Benefits:

  • Annual Stipend Up to $34,000
  • Full Tuition and Mandatory Fees
  • Coverage of Health Insurance
  • Renewable Up to Three Years*

*As long as you meet the academic requirement and have made significant progress in your degree and in your research, your scholarships will be renewable for three years. Also, the annual stipend is depended on your demonstrated financial need.

Make sure to check the application deadlines and the application requirements in the link below! Good luck with your search, and please share this post if you have found this information helpful.

For more information concerning GAANN Fellowship, Click Here.