University of Vermont Scholarships

University of Vermont Scholarships

Vermont Scholarships

Established in 1791, the University of Vermont is one of the Public Ivy League Institutions, and it is ranked in the top 100 research universities in the United States. Also known as the UVM, the University of Vermont continues to change the world by providing innovative and creative graduates.

Offering over 200 programs in undergraduate and graduate courses, the University of Vermont is mostly taught by learned professors instead of graduate assistants. In addition to quality education, the students at UVM immerse themselves in over 200 student organizations at the University of Vermont.

Located in Burlington, Vermont, the UVM is established in Vermont’s largest city which thrives with many recreation avenues and nature pathways. On top of its great location, many students are attracted to the University of Vermont by its selection of scholarships.

Types of Scholarships Offered by University of Vermont

Practiced by many universities, the University of Vermont also separates the scholarship into two types, scholarships for in-state and out-of-state residents. To encourage state residents to attend their state institution, most universities offer lower tuition to in-state residents than students from out-of-state.

Because of this difference in tuition fees, the scholarships between the two groups have different values. Even though the scholarship value for out-of-state students might be higher, that does not mean that out-of-state student pays less for his tuition.

1. Scholarships for In-State Residents

Since this section is for Vermont Residents, you can skip to the scholarship section down below if you are from out-of-state. The University of Vermont awards high-value scholarships to in-state residents, so do not skip this section if you are from the state of Vermont!

A. UVM Green and Gold Scholars Award

Instead of being selected from the UVM admissions application, the University of Vermont awards these full-ride scholarships to high school seniors from Vermont eligible high schools. This is a merit-based scholarship since the highest achieving student will be considered.

That does not mean only one applicant will be considered, but, for each eligible school, the highest achieving student at the end of his junior year will be considered for this scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a Vermont Resident
  • Be Attending One of the Eligible High Schools in Vermont*
  • Apply for UVM Admissions**
  • Be Admitted and Choose to Attend UVM

*Includes public high schools, select private high schools, and few border high schools. If you are uncertain, please contact your high school if you are an eligible applicant or not.

**Among the Vermont eligible high schools, the principals will nominate the highest achieving Vermont student based on his ninth through eleventh-grade academic records. After being nominated, the applicant must meet or exceed the entrance requirements and attend UVM by applying for undergraduate admissions.

Scholarship Value: Full Tuition for Four Years

Even though the full tuition is covered, please consider the other mandatory fees that need to be paid. For in-state residents, you still need to pay for room & board, insurance, books, and other personal expenses. In order to provide the details regarding total costs, please visit the link below!

For UVM Tuition & Fees, Click Here.

The link that includes Green and Gold Scholars Award is down below; however, it contains all scholarships offered to Vermont Residents. After clicking the link, please scroll down to view the details regarding this scholarship award.

To view scholarships for Vermont Residents, Click Here.

2. Scholarships for Out-of-State Residents & International Students

Instead of separating the scholarship types into in-state, out-of-state, and international students, the University of Vermont has combined both out-of-state and international students together into one group. All the scholarships listed down below refer to out-of-state residents and international students!

A. University of Vermont Presidential Scholarship

Since the University of Vermont places a higher priority on in-state students, the funding for out-of-state and international students is limited. Because of these limited funds, the UVM offers lower scholarship awards for many students instead of offering full-ride scholarships to few students.

Instead of applying a separate scholarship application, the prospective student just needs to apply for admissions, and he will be automatically considered for UVM Presidential Scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a UVM Incoming Freshmen
  • Demonstrate Highest Academic Performance in the Incoming Freshmen Class

Scholarship Value: $17,000 ~ $20,000 Per Year

Most scholarships offered to out-of-state residents and international students are low in value but can be renewed for all four years. Even though it is not much, every little bit counts when you are studying for your first undergraduate degree.

Since UVM Presidential Scholarship is the highest merit award offered, the low-value scholarships are all included in the link below. Since it is all located in one link, you just have to scroll down to view the various scholarships offered to out-of-state residents and international students.

To view all scholarships offered to out-of-state residents and international students, Click Here.

3. External Scholarships

In addition to scholarships offered by the University of Vermont, the UVM encourages prospective students to consider other options of financial aid. Since the scholarship funding by UVM is limited to a certain amount, only the top students in the incoming freshmen can receive the high-value scholarships.

Even though you might have low academic achievements compared to other incoming students, you can apply for external scholarships that no other student has previously applied. Through your search, you can apply for many external scholarships that are offered by outside corporations and private organizations.

To view the external scholarships, Click Here.

Conclusion: Need-Based Aid?

On top of internal and external scholarships, the University of Vermont offers additional options for financial aid that are awarded to prospective students. In order to apply for need-based aid, the UVM has included important steps for prospective students which are included in the link down below.

For more information, Click Here.

If you have found this guide helpful, please visit Authority Scholarships for more!