University of Mississippi Scholarships

University of Mississippi Scholarships

Mississippi Scholarships

Established in 1848, the University of Mississippi is nicknamed the “Ole Miss,” and it is the flagship university of Mississippi. (For every state in the United States, there is one university that receives the most support from the state and has advanced doctoral programs, which is called the flagship university)

Ranked as one of the top universities in the states and also as the largest institution in Mississippi, the UM (University of Mississippi) has major departments that are very popular for their quality education.

Filled with state-of-the-art technology and renovating their facilities frequently, the University of Mississippi is a great place to go if you are aspiring to be a great leader in your designated field.

Types of Scholarships Offered at UM

University of Mississippi offers so many scholarships to incoming students that it is hard to include all of them in this single post. To satisfy your curiosity, I have the link to the scholarship list at the bottom of this post. Make sure you read the scholarships down below first before continuing on to the official website!

1. Scholarships for Freshmen

Similar to the majority of universities in the United States, the University of Mississippi offers low tuition to Mississippi Residents while raising the cost for Non-Residents of Mississippi.

A. Stamps Scholarship

Awarded to incoming freshmen with outstanding academic achievements and leadership skills, the Stamps Scholarship have the following eligibility requirements:

  • Applied for Admission into University of Mississippi
  • Applied for Online Scholarship Application*

Scholarship Value: Full Tuition, Room & Board, and Additional Stipend for Internship and Study Abroad Opportunities

*Scholarship application is included in the link down below

For further information, view University Foundation Scholarships.

B. Honors College Scholarship

Available only to incoming freshmen and Mississippi Residents, the applicant must be selected into UM Honors College before applying for this scholarship

For more information, view Honors College Scholarship.

C. Academic Common Market Scholarship

Known as the ACM, this scholarship tries to offset the tuition difference between Mississippi Residents and Non-Residents of Mississippi. The applicant must meet the following requirements to be considered for this scholarship:

  • Be a Resident From One of the Following States*
  • Must Major in One of the Following Programs**

Scholarship Value: Non-Residents Pays In-State Tuition Instead of Out-of-State Tuition Fees

*Going to list the abbreviations: AL, AR, DE, FL, GA, KY, LA, MD, MS, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA, and WV

**Bachelor of Science in Forensic Chemistry OR Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering

For further information, view University of Mississippi ACM Scholarship.

D. Academic Merit Scholarships

University of Mississippi’s academic merit scholarships are automatic scholarships that require no separate application. Since it is based on merit, the academic awards vary as you score higher or lower on the standardized tests and on your high school GPA. Make sure you raise your scores as high as you can since the scholarship amount varies with it.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Maintained a Cumulative High School GPA of At Least 3.0
  • Scored at least 23 on ACT OR 1130 on SAT-R (Redesigned SAT)* Scored at least 25 on ACT OR 1200 on SAT**
  • Be admitted to the University of Mississippi

Scholarship Value: $1,000 ~ $10,000 per year for Mississippi Residents; $1,000 ~$25,000 per year for Non-Residents of Mississippi

*The academic requirements for the first standardized test scores are for Mississippi Residents

** The academic requirements for the second standardized test scores are for Non-Residents of Mississippi

For further information, view UM Academic Merit Scholarships.

E. Ole Miss Women Council (Available to All Students)

F. Ole Miss Opportunity Program (Available to Mississippi Residents)

G. Ole Miss First (Available to All Students)

2. Scholarships for Transfers

The underlying requirement for all transfer scholarships offered by the University of Mississippi is that the applicant must be transferring from a community college.

A. Lyceum Scholar Awards

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a Community College Transfer Student
  • Be Transferring at least 48 Credit Hours
  • Maintained a Cumulative Community College GPA of at least 3.0
  • Been Involved with Community Service and Leadership Activities

Scholarship Value: Full Resident* Tuition for Two Years

*Mississippi Residents do not have to pay any tuition fees, but Non-Residents of Mississippi have to pay their out-of-state tuition cost at a reduced rate.

For further information, view Community College Scholarships.

B. New Century Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Maintained Cumulative Community College GPA of at least 3.0
  • Be Transferring at least 48 Credit Hours
  • Be Named a New Century Scholar

Scholarship Value: Full Resident Tuition for Two Years

For more information, view Community College Scholarships.

C. Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a Phi Theta Kappa Member
  • Be Transferring at least 48 Credit Hours
  • Maintained a Cumulative Community College GPA of at least 3.25*

Scholarship Value: $7,000 ~ $8,000 Per Year for Two Years

*Higher your GPA, the larger your scholarship money.

For further information, view Community College Scholarships.

3. Scholarships by Departments

Since there are many departments at the University of Mississippi, students are encouraged to apply for departmental scholarships. Because the eligibility requirements vary by departments, make sure you are interested in that department before looking at any requirements or scholarship values.

A. Chinese Language Flagship Scholarships

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be an Incoming Freshmen Admitted to University of Mississippi
  • Be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Have a Strong Academic Records (High GPA / High Standardized Testing Scores)
  • Have a Desire and Commitment to Speak Proficiently in Mandarin Chinese

Scholarship Value: Varies for Each Group (Regular Student OR Army & Air Force ROTC)

These scholarships offer traveling opportunities into mainland China or Taiwan, and it also adds an internship opportunity for students who are interested in studying at one of the Chinese top universities.

For further information, view Chinese Language Scholarship.

B. Arabic Language Flagship Scholarships

For incoming freshmen who have experience in the Arabic language, the Arabic Language Scholarship offers internship and study abroad opportunities in Morocco or Jordan. Since this is a competitive scholarship, it requires a separate scholarship application in addition to your admissions application.

For further information, view Arabic Language Flagship Scholarship.

C. Mathematics and Science Education Loan

To be considered for this scholarship, the applicant needs to be one of the following:

  • Be a UM Double Major in STEM* and STEM Education
  • UM STEM Major
  • STEM Graduates Recruited from Other Institutions
  • STEM Professionals

Scholarship Value: Up to $20,000 per year

*STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. If you are doing any STEM-related fields, you probably are eligible to apply; however, since there are additional guidelines with the eligibility requirements, view the information by clicking on the link below.

This award is a loan since the student has to do something to pay it back. In order to cancel each year’s STEM Loan, the student must serve two years as a full-time science or math teacher in a high school that is listed in the guideline.

If you fail to meet this requirement, this award truly becomes a loan, which is something that you need to pay back. Make sure that you can teach every two years for each year’s award before signing up for this loan program.

For further information, view New Tomorrow Forgivable Loan Program.

To shorten this post and save you from more boring reading, I am going to list the departments that offer scholarships, and you can click on them if you are interested in any of the programs down below.

D. International Studies

E. Military Science (ROTC)

F. Public Policy Leadership

G. Accountancy

H. Business Administration

I. Engineering

4. Other Scholarships

Because of its high scholarship number, the University of Mississippi has posted some scholarships that are in the miscellaneous section. The awarding amount and the eligibility requirements vary for each scholarship, so, if you are not satisfied with the scholarships up above, please view more scholarships at the link down below!

For further information, view Other Scholarships and External Scholarship Sources.

Conclusion: Many More!

As I have said earlier, there are many more scholarships that are listed on the University of Mississippi homepage. Since this is just one post and I really didn’t want to bore the readers, I have picked out the ones with the best values.

For more scholarships, view Ole Miss Scholarships.

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