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University of California, Davis, or more commonly known as UC Davis, is a public university located in Davis, California. It was established in 1905 and has grown to be a large institution. The university currently has around 30,000 undergraduate and 8,000 graduate students in attendance. In this article, we will be looking at the scholarships and financial aid that are available on UC Davis to help high school seniors and juniors know their financial options available. That way, they can plan ahead and apply to those that will be financially affordable.

If you wonder about the quality of education at UC Davis, you will not need to worry. The academics in UC Davis are rigorous and helps students to be better prepared for their career path. It has earned the title of being “Public Ivies,” which is a group of public universities that offer the best education that is available. So, if you do attend, get ready for the rigor of the program.

Cost of Attendance at UC Davis

To start, we need to look at the cost of attendance so that you know how much the education cost before getting scholarships. While these figures seem very high, do not worry because UC Davis does provide generous scholarships and grants.

As a public university, the cost of attendance depends on whether you are a California resident or out-of-state student. For California residents, the cost of attendance is $36,000 a year, and that figure includes approximately $15,000 in tuition, $15,000 in room and board, $2,500 in health insurance, and rest are personal expenses. If you are not from California, your cost of attendance is $65,000 a year, and the increase comes from the non-resident tuition fees.

So, as you can see, if you are a California resident, you will have an easier time being able to afford your education than a non-California resident. If you are not from California, it would be wise to consider applying to universities in your state.

UC Davis Scholarships

Now, let’s discuss ways that you can decrease this cost of attendance. One of the best ways is to receive scholarships from UC Davis. Over $4 million are given to incoming freshmen each year as scholarships. Let’s see what scholarships are being offered.

1. Regent Scholarships

This is one of the most prestigious scholarships that are awarded at UC Davis. The scholarship is a $7,000 scholarship that is awarded to academically qualified applicants.

2. Provost Award

Provost Award is a four-year scholarship of $13,250 per year to students who are not residents of California. Students will need to meet certain GPA criteria to renew this scholarship.

3. College-Specific Scholarships

There are scholarships that are awarded by individual colleges and departments. So, if you are interested, check out the list of departments and colleges to see the scholarships that are offered in your department.

4. Other Scholarships in UC Davis

There are hundreds of other scholarships that are available at UC Davis. To apply, you just need to submit your application. There is no separate application.

How to Apply for UC Davis Scholarships

So, how do you apply for scholarships at UC Davis? To apply, you just need to submit your application on November 30 to be considered for all the awards. Note that November 30 is a much earlier deadline than the regular decision deadline.

Since these scholarships are given based on merit, you do not need to submit FAFSA to be eligible to receive these scholarships. However, it is highly recommended that you do submit FAFSA to UC Davis to be eligible for grants. You never know what you will receive until you have actually submitted the application and gotten back your financial aid package.

University of California, Davis Grants

There are many types of grants that are available for students. Some grants are for both in-state and out-of-state students such as the University Grants and Federal Grants. Some are just for students from California such as the Cal Grant. Here, we will be looking at the specifics of each grant.

1. Federal Grants

Federal Grants are given by the US government, and both in-state and out-of-state students are eligible. These grants include the famous Pell Grant, which awards a maximum of about $6,000 a year for students from low-income families.

2. University Grants

University grants are money from the UC Davis that it gives out to help students financially. Like federal grants, both in-state and out-of-state students are eligible. Also, the award depends primarily on how much demonstrated financial need that you have.

3. Cal Grants

Cal Grants are grants for California residents and offer up to $12,500 a year to students from low-income families. You will need to apply separately to be eligible for this grant. You can view more information at Cal Grants Page.

How to Apply for Grants

You can apply for grants by filing either FAFSA or California Dream Act Application. You will need to submit these documents by March 2 to be eligible for maximum aid. Also, please note that there is a separate application for Cal Grant if you want to apply.

Special Financial Aid Programs

There are two unique financial aid programs available at UC Davis. These two programs are Aggie Grant and Blue and Gold Opportunity Grants.

1. Blue and Gold Opportunity Grant

This is for California Residents who are from families that make less than $80,000 a year. This grant ensures that these students will be given full tuition scholarships so that they can afford their education. Some receive much more than full tuition scholarships, but this is a guarantee that they will receive at least a full-tuition scholarship.

2. Aggie Grant

This grant is for in-state students whose family earns from $80,000 to $120,000 a year. This grant gives 30% of the tuition and fees to the student on top of other scholarships and grants that they might receive.

I hope that this article on UC Davis Scholarships and Financial Aid was helpful. If you are a California resident, I highly suggest that you look at the California Scholarship Category. If you are not, you should go to Authority Scholarships Website and look up information on universities in your state. These will be most likely be affordable to you.