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As the number of scholarships in India continued to increase, the various scholarship organizations voted to come together as one public system. Short for PFMS, Public Financial Management System is one of the major systems that award scholarships, and PFMS Scholarships are awarded to many talented students in India based on academic merit and financial need. Currently, PFMS offers seven scholarships with varying requirements and scholarship benefits, so be sure to look at each category carefully to see the one that you are eligible for. To help you guys out, I will list the title of each scholarship with the eligibility requirements, scholarship benefits, and the corresponding links; and don’t forget to use the comment section down below if you have any questions about this post.

1. PFMS Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

This scholarship is awarded to students who are going to attend college or an institution in India for the upcoming year, and it is based mostly on academic merit and a little bit on financial need. Since this scholarship is based on your grades on your senior secondary exam, it is important to get the highest mark in the Indian School Certificate Examination. Selected by the Council of Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE), high school graduates with the highest marks will be considered for PFMS Scholarship, and your financial need will come into the picture as the second requirement. If you don’t have the grades to compete, your financial background really doesn’t matter; however, PFMS has enlarged the pool of scholarship recipients by selecting the top 20% applicants each year. To be eligible for this scholarship, you have to meet both financial and academic requirements.

  • Score in the Top 20th Percentile Based on the Senior Secondary Examination
  • Total Family’s Income Should Be Less Than Rs. 6 Lakh per Year
  • Your Age Should Be Between 18 – 25 Years Old

Even though it might be hard getting into that academic range, you should be automatically qualified for this scholarship if you are from an economically poor background and fit the age limit. To be fair, we are not completely done with this category yet since we didn’t cover the scholarship benefits. For all scholarship recipients, you will receive the following benefits listed down below.

  • Rs. 1000 per Month at Graduation Level for the First Three Years
  • Rs. 2000 per Month at Post-Graduation Level
  • Rs. 2000 per Month for Professional Courses Only in the Fourth and Fifth Year
  • Each Scholarship Will Be Paid Ten Months in One Academic Year

After you become the PFMS Scholarship Recipient, you are still required to maintain a high academic standard if you want to renew the scholarship benefits each year. Since you need to renew your scholarship annually, it is vital that you keep on studying hard even after your high school graduation. Also, if you want to go to a graduate school after your college graduation, you can keep on receiving this scholarship but at an increased amount! Since graduate schools cost a lot more than undergraduate institutions, PFMS has doubled the scholarship money for students studying at Post-Graduation Level. If you want to see the list of scholarship recipients and their marks in 2019, you can see that in this link.

For More Information Regarding PFMS Scholarships for Undergraduates, Click Here.

Unsupported Links for PFMS Scholarships

As previously mentioned, I have said that PFMS offers seven scholarships in total, and they are Scholarships to Undergraduate Students, Post-Matric Scholarships for SC Students, Pre-Matric Scholarships for SC Students, National Means / Merit Scholarship, National Scheme for Girls in Secondary Education, Top Class Education Scheme for SC Students, Up-gradation of Merit for SC Students, and Post-Matric Scholarships for OBCs. Except for Scholarships for Undergraduate Students, all other scholarship categories are not back with official links to back up their claims. Even though they are legitimate scholarships, you don’t really have the information to apply for this scholarship at all, and I really didn’t see the point of writing about all this scholarship and leaving you with no hope to apply. If you are set on applying to other categories of PFMS Scholarships, go head since I have provided you with the link. As always, good luck with your search, and don’t forget to do your best!

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