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Johns Hopkins University is an excellent private university located in Baltimore, Maryland. It is a prestigious university especially known for its medical programs. Currently, there are approximately 5,000 undergraduate students and 20,000 graduate students attending this university. In this article, we will be covering scholarships and financial aid that are offered by Johns Hopkins University.

Cost of Attendance

Since Johns Hopkins University is a private institution, the tuition fee is the same for students who are Maryland residents and for students who live outside Maryland. The tuition fee is approximately $53,000 a year, room and board are approximately $15,000 a year. Including personal expenses and other extra costs, the total cost is approximately $70,000 a year.

We will be looking at various financial aid and scholarships at Johns Hopkins University so that you can decrease your cost of attendance.

Johns Hopkins Financial Aid Overview

Johns Hopkins University does award very generous aid to its students. Each year, this university has awarded over $100 million in aid. Also, 100% of the demonstrated need of every student is met, and the financial package consists of 0% loans. Although some universities and colleges state that they meet 100% of the demonstrated need, but they meet the need with a lot of loans, which is not the case with Johns Hopkins University.

The university has both merit-based scholarships and need-based aid. So, let’s take a look!

Johns Hopkins University Scholarships

A. Merit-Based Scholarships

1. Hodson Trust Scholarships

Hodson Trust Scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships at Johns Hopkins University and is awarded to approximately twenty students every year. You do need to be an outstanding student to receive this scholarship. There’s no separate application, but you do need to submit your application for admissions to be eligible.

2. Charles Westgate Scholarship in Engineering

This scholarship is awarded in the honor of the graduate, who’ve donated money to fund this scholarship. It is renewable for four years and is awarded to students with exceptional ability.

B. Need-Based Scholarships

1. Johns Hopkins Grant

Johns Hopkins Grant is awarded to students based on the financial need of the student. If the demonstrated financial need of a student is the cost of attendance, the student will receive a fully-funded scholarship (full tuition, room, and board) to cover the cost of attendance. If the demonstrated need of the student is less, then the student will receive less in the financial aid package.

2. Baltimore Scholars Program

Baltimore Scholars Program is for graduates of high schools in Baltimore. You will have to attend public schools in Baltimore for three years and be a resident in Baltimore to be eligible. Eligible students who are from a family whose income is less than $65,000 receive fully-funded scholarships covering the entire cost of attendance. Students whose family’s income is from $65,000 to $150,000 a year will be expected to contribute a maximum of 10% of the family’s income each year. Students will be expected to pay less depending on circumstances such as large family, siblings in college, etc.

3. Hodson Gilliam Success Scholarship

This scholarship is given to exceptional students who are from underrepresented groups at Johns Hopkins University. It is renewable for all four years.

4. Clark Scholarship Program

Clark Scholarship Program is for students who’ve expressed their interest in studying Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. Students who receive this scholarship are typically at the top of the graduating class and demonstrated outstanding leadership skills. There are additional benefits other than monetary awards such as networking with engineers and seminars.

5. Federal Pell Grant

This is a government-funded grant that is for low-income students. It provides a maximum of $6,000 a year.

With these scholarships and grants, your demonstrated need will be covered 100% without any loans. For more information about these scholarships, visit the Scholarships Page!

Other Financial Aid Options

There are other financial aid options available at Johns Hopkins University. Work-study might be a part of your financial aid award. This award helps students to earn money by working part-time on campus.

How to Apply for Aid and Scholarships

To apply for aid and scholarships, you will need to submit FAFSA and CSS Profile by the application deadline. These forms calculate Expected Family Contribution, which is how much your family is expected to contribute to your education, from the answers that you’ve provided them. Then, Johns Hopkins will take that Expected Family Contribution and subtract it from the cost of attendance. Then, it will cover the difference between scholarships and aid.

The deadline to submit these forms is November 15 for Early Decision and January 15 for Regular Decision. You will also need to submit IDOC, which is a portal used to submit your financial documents such as your parent’s income taxes. The good thing about these documents is that you only have to fill them out once to apply to different universities and colleges just like the Common Application.

Net Price Calculator

If you want to estimate how much it will cost for you to attend Johns Hopkins University, you can use their Net Price Calculator to estimate how much you will pay per year. It will ask you to input your basic financial information and will tell you the rough estimate of your financial aid. Please note that this figure will likely differ from the actual aid that you will receive.

Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions

Johns Hopkins University has answered the frequently asked questions about their financial aid at FAQ Page. If you are interested in applying to Johns Hopkins, this page contains useful information, so it would not hurt to read it.

I hope that this article on Johns Hopkins University scholarships and financial aid was helpful. This university does provide generous aid to its incoming students. So, if you think that you have a chance, you should definitely apply. If you are a resident of Maryland, you should check out the Maryland University Scholarship Category, and if you are not, it would be worth your time to go to Authority Scholarships Website and go to the state of your residency.