Cheap Universities in Utah

7 Cheapest Universities in Utah

Utah Scholarships

Known for its natural beauty and religious culture, Utah also contains many universities that offer quality education for prospective students. When it comes to cost, many applicants tend to apply to universities that either require a low cost of attendance or offer full-ride scholarships. Even though the cost of attendance might be higher than expected, the cheapest universities in Utah contain one of the two aspects of affordable universities. Due to their focus on its students, high cost of attendance might be mandatory for some universities; however, most universities offer even greater amounts of financial aid to attract prospective students.

Name of InstitutionCost of Attendance*Available Scholarships / Financial Aid
1. Dixie State University$23,000 per yearSmall-Value Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
2. Weber State University$25,000 per yearMerit-Based Awards / Need-Based Aid
3. Brigham Young University$25,000 per yearSmall-Value Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
4. Utah Valley State University$30,000 per yearFull-Tuition Awards / Need-Based Assistance
5. Southern Utah University$35,000 per yearFull-Tuition Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
6. Utah State University$35,000 per year*Multiple Full-Tuition Awards / Need-Based Aid
7. University of Utah$45,000 per yearFull-Ride Scholarships / Full-Tuition Awards

*The total cost of Utah State University was calculated using outside sources since the official website of Utah State only listed the rates of tuition and mandatory fees.

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1. Dixie State University

As a public university located in Utah, Dixie State University ensures the learning environment for its students by being one of the safest universities in the nation. In addition, the comprehensive education at Dixie is a hands-on learning experience that combines real-world opportunities with caring faculty. At the start of your college career, Dixie State pairs you up with an advisor that helps you prepare for your future after graduation. If you are interested in the sciences or math, you might be paired with an advisor that handles research and internships. However, if you are interested in history or social sciences, you might be paired with an advisor that has connections with other history-related faculty or a social science major. Overall, Dixie State University invests its all to its students by truly being one of the cheapest universities in Utah.

For Dixie State University’s Office of Financial Aid, Click Here.

2. Weber State University

Established in the 1889, Weber State University is a renowned public university similar to the previous institution. To increase the literacy rates of its surrounding community, WSU has implemented programs of quality education that amounts to nearly 200 undergraduate courses and 20 graduate certificates. By lowering its in-state tuition rates, Weber State has successfully attracted Utah residents to its institution since over 90 percent of its student body is composed of Utah residents. Even though it is a public university, education at WSU is taught in a small class environment of a liberal arts college. Having a student to faculty ratio of 21 to 1, WSU additionally ensures the quality of its students by hiring exceptional faculty members.

For Weber State University’s Office of Financial Aid, Click Here.

3. Brigham Young University

Established by the Church of the Latter-Day Saints, Brigham Young University is an religious institution deeply entrenched in the doctrines of Mormonism. Due to its wide-spread influence across the world, Brigham Young University is very popular among international countries, and the BYU current student body contains international students from over 100 different countries. To strengthen the faith of Mormonism in its students and faculty, BYU regularly conduct religious services that provides spiritual encouragement, and its educational curriculum centers around its roots from Brigham Young. To ensure its affordability of education, BYU offers its education at an low cost.

For Brigham Young University’s Office of Financial Aid, Click Here.

4. Utah Valley State University

Even though there is a small tuition difference between Utah Valley State and BYU, Utah Valley University offers way better financial aid than what BYU had to offer. As the largest public university in Utah, Utah Valley University has the renown and the financial support to fund its students through scholarships and grants. To decrease your financial burden even more, UVU has decided to add full-tuition scholarships to its list of merit-based scholarships. Led by its first female president, Utah Valley University is currently holding two roles at once by acting as a community college as well as an undergraduate institution. In order to make this happen, UVU invests its time and energy to make its education affordable and accessible to all students.

For Utah Valley’s Full-Tuition Scholarships, Click Here.

5. Southern Utah University

At Southern Utah University, many students get to enjoy the natural wildlife and beautiful ecosystem of Utah due to its prime location. Located near several national parks, Southern Utah is also known as the University of the Parks. Not only does Southern Utah implements outdoor recreational activities with its students, but SUU also mixes several academic goals to go along with it as well. Since Southern Utah is a big institution, high cost of attendance is required to be a part of the SUU. To attend this institution at cheap cost, I strongly encourage you to apply for SUU Full-Tuition Scholarships in the link down below!

For Southern Utah’s Full-Tuition Scholarships, Click Here.

6. Utah State University

Even though we came across many universities with beautiful campuses, Utah State University excels them all due its well-earned title as the most beautiful college in Utah. Even though USU earned popularity through its well-designed campus, it is also renowned for its top-tier education and research opportunities. To give its students a chance to enjoy nature and the beauty of it, six national parks are located near Utah State University, and they encourage outdoor recreational activities by providing riding trails, paving hiking paths, and even lending bikes to students in need. Similar to other high-cost institutions, USU is awarding multiple full-tuition scholarships to most talented applicants.

For Utah State’s Multiple Full-Tuition Scholarships, Click Here.

7. University of Utah

To be honest, this university should not be among our list for the cheapest universities in Utah. Due to its high cost of attendance, University of Utah should be among the last picks; however, I choose this university to provide a challenge to you! Since it has high financial support, University of Utah can afford to spend its money on cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art laboratories. In addition, the Office of Financial Aid has decided to award full-ride scholarship to its most talented students. If you do apply and get the full-ride scholarship, you don’t have to worry about your college expenses since it is covered for all four years! If you are interested in University of Utah, I would definitely apply for this full-ride scholarship in the link below.

For University of Utah’s Full-Ride Scholarships, Click Here!

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