Cheap Universities in Colorado

5 Cheapest Universities in Colorado

Colorado Scholarships

Among the rocky hills of Colorado, there arose many institutions that were established for prospective college students; however, there were not that many colleges that offered a low cost of attendance. Yes, with financial aid and federal grants you may have an affordable price, but that is not one hundred percent guaranteed! To prevent such mistakes, I have to stick with the sticker price that is listed on the university’s homepage. Let’s look at the five cheapest universities in Colorado State by comparing their cost of attendance and their available financial aid.

Name of InstitutionCost of AttendanceAvailable Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
1. United States Air Force Academy$0 per yearFinancial Aid Is Not Needed
2. Red Rocks Community College$25,000 per yearSmall-Value Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
3. Colorado Mountain College$26,000 per yearSmall-Value Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
4. Colorado School of Mines$59,000 per yearMultiple Full-Ride Scholarships / Full-Tuition Awards
5. Colorado College$78,000 per yearFull Tuition Scholarships / Full-Ride Scholarships*

*Full-RIde Scholarships of Colorado College is Only Available for Colorado Residents.

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1. United States Air Force Academy

Instead of being worried about your college debt, US Air Force has eliminated that worry through years of service. Instead of charging tuition fees for their cadets, US Air Force Academy has decided to cover your educational fees in exchange for your time. After your graduation from the Academy, you have to serve for a period of time in the US Air Force, which is a requirement for every graduate. Since you are guaranteed a career if you make it into the Academy, competition is very high when enlisted for the US Air Force. To set a standard for every prospective applicant, US Air Force Academy has listed important information concerning academic, character, physical, and medical requirements on their homepage. As one of the cheapest universities in Colorado, US Air Force Academy offers its best to its future airmen.

To Visit the Homepage of US Air Force Academy, Click Here.

2. Red Rocks Community College

To make its education affordable to every student in United States, Red Rocks Community College has lowered its tuition until it reached its breaking point. Even though it is a community college, Red Rock rivals even the nearby liberal arts institution through its excellent education and its exceptional faculty. To match the needs of their students, Red Rocks Community College offers its curriculum through traditional classrooms, online, and even on weekends as well! To prepare its students for their career, Red Rock uses a real-world environment to strengthen the logic and creativity of its students. If you are interested, be sure to visit the Red Rock’s Office of Financial Aid.

For Red Rocks Community College’s Office of Financial Aid, Click Here.

3. Colorado Mountain College

The next cheapest institution in Colorado State is CMC. Since Colorado Mountain College values the accessibility of education, CMC is established in eleven different locations around Colorado. Having three residential campuses, CMC is a wide-known university that is famed for its high-quality education. As a small private college, CMC offers its students small, interactive classrooms that encourage personal growth and academic greatness. Having a student to faculty ratio of 13:1, many students apply for Colorado Mountain College due to its quality education at an affordable price.

For Colorado Mountain College’s Scholarships, Click Here.

4. Colorado School of Mines

Just by looking at the cost of attendance, you can see that the Colorado School of Mines offers its education at an expensive price range. After learning of this fact, you might be discouraged from reading this post any further, but don’t be! To match its rising education price, Colorado School of Mines is offering merit-based awards that match the tuition price and even the full cost of attendance. However, these awards are not given by pure luck since it is all based on your personal merit. If you are up for a challenge, then please visit its homepage to look over specific details concerning its full-ride scholarship. If not, you can go on to our other posts that contain institutions that offer low cost of attendance.

For Colorado School of Mines’ Full-Ride Scholarships, Click Here.

5. Colorado College

Last but not least, Colorado College was picked for this list since it is a private liberal arts college that ranks among the top universities in Colorado State. Not only that, it offers full-tuition scholarships for prospective applicants and full-ride scholarships only to Colorado Residents. Even though it is not one of the cheapest universities in Colorado, I picked this institution since you have a way to attend this college for free. Many other institutions do offer lower cost of attendance than Colorado College, but it doesn’t offer a way out for talented students. If you want to go back there, then go ahead! But I will continue to provide opportunities for high achievers through my posts.

For Colorado College Full-Tuition Scholarships, Click Here.