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7 Cheapest Colleges in Wyoming

Wyoming Scholarships

Known as Equality State, Wyoming State was among the first to give women the right to vote. Because of its ability to change and to adapt, it also contains several of the cheapest colleges in the nation, which are known for their affordable yet quality education. The cost of attendance listed below is the sticker price, which means the price will be going down due to available scholarships and financial aid. For some colleges, I had to manually add up the costs of tuition, room, and board to get to the final total cost, so be sure to double-check my math if you really want to apply to a particular university.

Name of InstitutionCost of AttendanceAvailable Scholarships / Financial Aid
1. Northwest College$18,000 per yearSmall-Value Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
2. Sheridan College$20,000 per year Numerous Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
3. Western Wyoming Community College$20,000 per year Merit-Based Awards / Need-Based Aid
4. Casper College$20,000 per yearMerit-Based Scholarships / Need-Based Assistance
5. Central Wyoming College $20,000 per yearNumerous Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
6. Laramie County Community College$20,000 per yearInstitutional Scholarships / Need-Based Aid
7. Eastern Wyoming College $22,000 per yearMerit-Based Awards / Need-Based Aid

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1. Northwest College

Most colleges in this list are two-year public colleges, which is another name for a community college. Due to its status, Northwest College could have lowered its educational standard to match its cost, but it did not! To better account for its students, NWC has increased the number of its faculty to ensure a low student to faculty ratio. In addition, nearly half of NWC faculty hold a doctoral degree in their field, which is the highest level that you can obtain for a professor. Last but not least, the cost of attendance at Northwest College is one of the lowest in the state, which makes NWC one of the cheapest colleges in the state of Wyoming.

For Northwest College’s Office of Financial Aid, Click Here.

2. Sheridan College

When you are searching for Sheridan College, there is one thing that you should keep in mind. There are two Sheridan Colleges out there, and they are located in different countries. Instead of looking at Sheridan College in Canada, the one that we will be looking at is located in Wyoming, United States. Instead of investing in traditional courses, Sheridan College is known for its unique classes in Agricultural programs. Diesel technology, welding technology, and machine tool technology are one of the few courses that are offered at Sheridan, and some of the strongest courses offered here are Dental Hygiene and Nursing Programs. If you want to enjoy the unique courses combined with beautiful outdoors, please apply for Sheridan College’s Admissions and the Office of Financial Aid.

For Sheridan College’s Office of Financial Aid, Click Here.

3. Western Wyoming Community College

Also a two-year college in Wyoming State, Western Wyoming Community College is renowned for its top-tier education that is taught by ingenious faculty members. This popularity did not come by chance since WWCC is ranked first among all the community colleges in Wyoming. Not only did it rank first in education, but it was also ranked as number one for its affordability. Even though its educational standard is very high for a community college, Western Wyoming still charges a low rate for every incoming student. Due to its generosity, WWCC is still one of the cheapest colleges in Wyoming State.

For WWCC’s Office of Financial Aid, Click Here.

4. Casper College

To prepare its graduates for the future ahead, Casper College has created its academic programs so that students can either transfer to a four-year institution or go straight into the workforce. To make this dream possible, most courses at Casper are academically transferable, and students at Casper can take career and technical courses that prep them for their dream jobs. To provide its students with the best education possible, Casper College has also lowered its cost to match other community colleges in Wyoming. Being one of the cheapest colleges in Wyoming, Casper still continues to influence its students by its affordable education.

For Casper College’s Office of Financial Aid, Click Here.

5. Central Wyoming College

Abbreviated as CWC, Central Wyoming College is also a two-year institution that was established for the success of its students. Investing heavily in theatre and art majors, CWC is the cultural center of the region and contains one of the finest visual arts performing centers in the state. In addition, students can take part in many cultural activities at CWC for free since your college provides the necessary location and equipment for the cultural activity in the first place. To top it all off, Central Wyoming College is known for its affordable price to residents all around, so be sure to visit the admissions page if you want to go to CWC!

For Central Wyoming College’s Office of Financial Aid, Click Here.

6. Laramie County Community College

In order to answer the literacy need of its community, Laramie County Community College was established to educate the residents and future citizens of its surrounding localities. Located in the populated city of Cheyenne, LCCC continues to serve its purpose by education top-quality graduates who either transfer to a four-year college or enters the workforce to become responsible adults. Similar to the rest of Wyoming, Laramie County Community College offers a low cost of attendance to anyone who are interested in learning, so be sure to visit the link down below if you are interested in attending one of the cheapest colleges in Wyoming State.

For LCCC’s Office of Financial Aid, Click Here.

7. Eastern Wyoming College

As the last institution in our list, Eastern Wyoming College is a small university that is dedicated to service. Committed to the best interest of its students, EWC provides a small classroom in which students can interact with each other but also with their professors by name. When you have trouble with your classes, you can always ask your professor knowing that even the faculty at EWC cares about your welfare and about your ultimate success. Not only is it a quality education, but it is affordable as well due to its low cost of attendance that is offered to anyone who applies to EWC.

For Eastern Wyoming College’s Office of Financial Aid, Click Here.

Before we end, please remember that the cost of attendance will go up by a small amount each year due to inflation. As always, good luck with your college search, and please share this information with your friends if you have found this helpful.

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