Applying for SAF Scholarship

SAF Scholarship 2020

Being one of the most prestigious scholarships in the entire country, SAF Scholarship stands for a noble purpose to achieve a greater end. As a small country, Singapore has established a mandatory military service similar to the establishment made in South Korea. In order to award military service members for their hard work and sacrifice, […]

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KOICA Scholarships

KOICA Scholarships 2020

Before introducing the specific details regarding KOICA Scholarships, we need to know what KOICA stands for, and it stands for Korea International Cooperation Agency. Currently, KOICA is offering Master’s Degree scholarships for applicants in developing countries. If you have already gone through college and received your bachelor’s degree, you are eligible for this scholarship; however, […]

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How to Become a US Permanent Resident

How to Become a Permanent Resident in the United States

In the United States, US Permanent Residents receive most of the same benefits received by US Citizens. Permanent Residents applies for a job without any concern at all since they don’t have to worry about their citizenship status. For Permanent Residents, Green Card is provided to prove their status, and it gives the holder the […]

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