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7 Best Universities in Norway for International Students


Located at the tip of the northern regions of Europe, Norway is a vast and rich landscape full of lush mountains and healthy spaces to walk and hike in. Norway is definitely one of the more valuable and favorable countries when it comes to the great outdoors. As students, having a healthy environment to take up international studies can be of great benefit in terms of letting out some steam when the load from school turns out to be stressful.

There are a lot of things to love about Norway, such as its openness and familiarity with the English language. The citizens themselves also love the outdoors, and undertake numerous activities such as skiing or hiking. Moreover, Norway is also known for its good healthcare system, since it is affordable and easily accessible. Though the weather is unlike other tropical countries, Norway does have its warm days. In this article, we will be looking at the best universities in Norway for international students.

How many international students study in Norway?

Being part of the northern region of Europe, Norway is ultimately located close to a lot of neighboring European countries. This means that many international students from neighboring countries have access to Norway’s universities, should they choose to study in Norway. In the year 2018, the estimated number of international students studying in Norway had reached to about 14,000 international students. This number was obtained by combining both exchange students and international degree students, since Norway also offers classes for students looking to stay for only one or two semesters as exchange students.

What is the most prestigious university in Norway?

Norway has its fair share of prestigious and quality universities, especially since it has a good and stable economy, as well as a quality educational system that is run by its own government. According to the World University Rankings, the highest ranked university in Norway is the University of Oslo. It was at the 135th place back in 2019, making it the most prestigious university in Norway.

Best Universities in Norway for International Students

1. University of Oslo

The University of Oslo was established in the year 1811, making it one of the oldest universities in Oslo. In its almost 200-year existence, the University of Oslo is the best university in Norway for international students, with a student population of around 28,000, and an academic staff of around 6,000. The University of Oslo is also ranked high in world university rankings, with its best ranking reaching 58th best in the world. Originally, the university was known as the Universitetet, or “The University,” since it was the first and only university when it was established.

2. Norwegian University of Science and Technology

International students who are looking for a university that has adequate and quality research facilities for science-related and engineering courses may opt to choose the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Currently, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology is the largest university in Norway, surpassing the University of Oslo with a total student population of 41,000. Students who choose to study here can also choose other courses such as psychology, social sciences, architecture, and many others.

3. University of Bergen

Since its founding in the year 1946, the University of Bergen has been providing its students with education in the fields of fine arts, music, design, humanities, law, medicine, psychology, and social sciences. Thus, this top university in Norway is better in terms of courses that are not focused on science, technology, and research. The University of Bergen is located in Bergen, Norway, and has a student population of 17,000. The Bergen city, itself, is also a good avenue for education and research.

4. The Arctic University of Norway

The Arctic University of Norway is another awesome university in Norway for international students. The university was established in 1968, and is located in Tromso, Norway. It offers courses in the fields of science, technology, fishery science, linguistics, and many others. There are good quality and modern research facilities in this university, making it a good choice for students who plan on conducting their own studies and research fields in order to obtain their chosen degrees.

5. Norwegian University of Life Sciences

The Norwegian University of Life Sciences was founded in 1859. Though its student population is relatively low as compared to other Norwegian universities, with a total of only 5,700, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences is still one of the best higher education institutions in Norway, especially in terms of courses related to science, technology, chemistry, and other related fields. The university itself also has many agreements with other universities around the world for exchange programs.

6. University of Nord

Located in Bodo, Nordland, Norway, the University of Nord, a top university in Norway, has been in existence since 2016. It succeeded older universities, or predecessors, namely, the University of Nordland, Nesna University College, and Nord-Trondelag University College. It offers students choices in the fields of bioscience, education and arts, nursing and health sciences, business, as well as other post-graduate degrees. Some of its post-graduate degrees are also taught in English.

7. University of Stavanger

The final institution on our list of best universities in Norway for international students is the University of Stavanger. With a student population of around 10,000, the University of Stavanger is located in Stavanger, Norway. It was established in the year 2005, and has been organized in 3 faculties. It is currently one of the best universities in Norway when it comes to research, publication, and academic staff. Students who want to focus on having their work related to science and technology published may opt to choose to go to the University of Stavanger.

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