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Applying for UK Universities (UCAS Application Portal)

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Similar to universities in the United States, institutions in the United Kingdom has an online application portal that can be used to apply to 5 different universities at once. Even though it is not as advanced as the Common Application Portal in the United States, this application portal is very convenient to use when applying for universities in the UK. Known as UCAS, this acronym stands for Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, and you can probably use this application portal to apply to any institution located in the United Kingdom. Not limited to undergraduate programs, you can apply for graduate programs, internships, and even gap years at this application portal. Available to all prospective applicants, many international students and local residents gain a place at one of the 391 UK institutions by using the UCAS Application Portal.

Various Options at UCAS

Unlike previous portals that we have looked at, UCAS offers you up to 16 different options for your future career, and numerous financial aid awards are also offered at UCAS Admissions Portal. However, these reasons were not why you are here since you are still interested in applying for institutions in the UK. The answer to your question is simple since you just select on the educational options ranging from undergraduate and conservatoires to postgraduate programs and teacher training. After selecting your option, you just need to sign in at the UCAS Application Portal and start your application by logging in to your registered account. All these steps might become confusing if you don’t have the right resources at hand, and to provide you with the right resources, I have created a video guide that explains step-by-step the application process for Cambridge University.

Helpful Video Guides

Even though it is not related to the application procedure for UK universities, I just thought that it would be helpful to include another video guide that explains some of the cheapest colleges in the United States.
This video guide contains the application procedure of the University of Cambridge, and I used the UCAS Application Portal to apply. As always stay safe, and don’t forget to visit our homepage.